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The BP oil cap’s Friday News and Views


Happy Friday, fine KSR readers and welcome to your first oil leak-free overnight post since April 20th’s tribute to Ajani Williams.  At that time, Marquis Teague still hadn’t picked a college, Cavs fans were wearing LeBron jersies to playoff games and not burning them in the streets, Terrence Jones hadn’t picked Washington yet and Louisville had just gotten a name for its new stadium.  But, most importantly (though we didn’t realize it at the time), oil was not pouring into the Gulf of Mexico faster than flaming Dr. Pepper’s down Billy Gillispie’s esophagus.  It’s been 85 long days since that post and anywhere between 6-9 million gallons of oil have dumped into the Gulf of Mexico, making Florida homeowners like yours truly fear that the beaches, once an attractive asset, would join jorts, nudie bars next to elementary schools, hanging chads and a million and one other embarrassments as the next Sunshine State punchline.  Fortunately for all citizens of Earth, BP was finally able to stop the oil flow Thursday with a sophisticated “BP oil cap”, which I always thought could be purchased at pretty much every rest stop in America for $7.99.  It’s right next to the doberman pincher lighters and the Alabama cassette, if you don’t believe me.  Anyway, if I understand this correctly, this BP oil cap is going to stop the oil from leaking forev…wait, not forever.  Just for up to 48 hours?  Oh.  What a waste.  I should have dedicated this to Phoebe Cates or John Daly’s pants.

Now onto some UK news….

 – The big news of the day came from’s Jeff Goodman who, in ranking his updated players in the class of 2011, said that top-ranked Anthony Davis currently has Kentucky as his favorite.  This, of course, was according to “sources” and no one seems to think that his recruitment is anywhere close to being finished.  However, it’s exactly the type of thing UK fans live for in these slow summer months.  It also offers another chance for me to look like a fool after declaring multiple times that, though UK will likely have more #1 classes, none will ever surpass Cal’s first in terms of talent.  It appears that 2011 has that shot.

 – With all of the buzz surrounding Davis following his stellar performance at the Peach Jam, the current #1 player in the country, Michael Gilchrist, had something to say about some calling Davis the #1 player in 2011.  Gilchrist, already a UK commit and a player believed to be the best high schooler in the country as a junior, tweeted out “Shout out to Anthony Davis, a lot of people think I would be mad that he’s number 1 but I’m happy for him for real! ”  Sounds like those two would have trouble co-existing in college.

 – Tucked away this afternon in a lot of random basketball notes was a potentially large football story.  The always well-dressed Chip Cosby tweeted out that he was hearing rumors of 2-3 defensive players being ineligible this season.  While it’s still too early to tell if anyone is actually going to be ineligible, it did signal (rather early too) that we’re hitting the part of the season where the bad news, if there is any, will start to break.  Whether it’s grades or injuries or fights or dismissals or whatever, it seems that this is the time of year when these things creep up.  But, on the bright side, these things have been few and far between (relatively speaking) at UK in the last several years and with summer school still a few weeks away, this all could just end up being nothing.

 – As noted below, John Wall found a way to turn what could have been a disaster of a game (4-19 shooting) into a gem of a performance (21 points, 10 assists, 7 rebounds, 3 turnovers).  While not the perfect basketball game, it does summarize a bit what it is that the Wizards love so much about their top pick. The Wizards have found their leader and have been reassured that he is the guy to build their franchis around.  As CBS’ Ken Berger tweeted out Thursday night, the Wizards “couldn’t be happier” with Wall’s demeanor and that they love that there is no “diva factor” with him.  If that team doesn’t turn into a winner, it won’t be because #2 didn’t do everything in his power to make it happen.

 – A note that might not have made major waves today, but is certainly important, was Rob Mullens leaving UK to become the athletic director at Oregon.  While it’s fantastic for Mullens personally, no doubt, let’s not underestimate what it says about the leadership of Mitch Barnhart, who celebrated his 8th anniversary at UK on Thursday.  He’s turning UK into a strong all-around athletic program and has not only put a number of promising and successful coaches in place, he’s also helpd lead a staff that is being hired and recruited by schools all over the nation.  That is a tremendous reflection on Mitch and the job he’s done at UK.

 – It’s being reported that former Wildcat Rex Chapman is one of the candidates for the New Orleans Hornets general manager position.  Chapman is currently the vice president of player personnel for the Denver Nuggets, a job he’s held since 2006.

 – On September 18, Rajon Rondo will host a one-on-one tournament at Alcatraz as a part of his Red Bull sponsorship.  The goal of the tournament is for Red Bull to enter the Guiness Book of World Records for the largest one-on-one tournament ever held inside a penitentiary.  The previous record was held by the University of Tennessee, who held their annual alumni game at a prison.

 – On Thursday, the Rockets signed Luis Scola, which will have an impact on the playing time of both Patrick Patterson and Chuck Hayes.  However, I’m not dumb enough to ever bet against those two so I’m not declaring him ahead of them on the depth chart.  We’ll just say it will affect their playing time.  In some way,

 – In case you missed it, North Carolina’s AD announced that the NCAA was investigating their football team.  I’m sure the nation will be captivated by an actual investigation.  Or, they won’t care until there is another rumor tossed in this direction.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned throughout this big Friday as Matt continues to recap his Vegas trip and we do our best to bring you UK recruiting news in the most ridiculous manner.  See you in a few….

Article written by Thomas Beisner