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The Beisner Fetus’ Friday News and Views


Buenos dias, sweet KSR readers, and welcome to this holiday Friday.  I’m assuming the majority of you are out of the office today since my company lets us have nearly zero days off and I found that I did not have to venture into the office today.  Hopefully you all have some good, quality family time in the plans this weekend or at least some sort of pro-UK activities planned (i.e. “Duck, Duck, Givens”, “Pin the Stache on the guard from Clay County) to celebrate the birth of America.  The 4th of July usually means a trek to Atlanta to visit the fam but, for the first time since I was like 10, I’ll be hanging out at the house taking part in the great American sport of couch-potatoing.  My brother and my dad are in town from Arizona which generally means, as my dad words it, an “excellent adventure” that involves the outdoors and physical exertion.  But, we’re really trying to stay away from that this year.  Ribs and relaxation.  That’s going to be the slogan for this weekend.

Well, that was pointless.  Sorry.  Here are couple of quick UK notes…

 – I have some very bad news for you.  Brace yourself.  If you went out this evening and shaved your head to join in Brad and John Calipari’s army of buzz cuts, you’ve been duped.  Coach originally said via Twitter that he buzzed his hair and then said later that it was just a joke, proving two things.  One, this guy is having the time of his life and, unlike someone that used to coach here, loves engaging with the fans.  Second, someone out there actually has worse photoshop skills than I do.

 – Meanwhile, that one guy that was our former coach forges on with his lawsuit and today’s development appears to be favorable from his side of the room.  The Herald-Leader is reporting that Billy Gillispie’s tax documents show he was an employee of the UK Athletics Association – the organization that he originally filed his lawsuit against in Texas.  The University, however, contends in their countersuit that Clyde was employed by the school and not the Athletics Association and used that point as the basis for their request of a venue move to Kentucky.  According to the paper, should UKAA be deemed as Gillispie’s employer, it widens the scope of his lawsuit and helps keep it in Texas.  A suit against the school, it can only be for breach of contract and must be held in Kentucky.  Man, we really need a lawyer on the site to explain it.

 – With a little bit of downtime finally on the UK basketball side of things, things are just starting to heat up on my summer guilty pleasure:  NBA summer league basketball.  A couple of former Cats will be taking part in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas starting on July 10.  Three former Cats will be taking part in the festivities (rosters for Dallas and Denver are not set yet):

Jodie Meeks, Milwaukee Bucks

Joe Crawford, New York Knicks

Erik Daniels, Memphis Grizzlies

Also, the Orlando Summer League kicks off this weekend and, although it’s void of former Cats, Maysville’s own Chris Lofton will be getting a shot with the Celtics.

 – As the final nail on the Xavier Henry coffin, it’s interesting to note that Carl Henry apologized to Kansas fans through Rivals.  Henry said he “jumped the gun” because of that now famous article in the Kansas City Star and said he felt the need to apologize because it was another opportunity to hear himself talk.  Or something.  You think Xavier is sitting somewhere thinking “Damn, I really chose a bad time to get dental work done.” and is just wishing that his pops would pipe down?  I mean, if Kanye can record a song with a wired jaw, you’d think that Xavier could speak for himself after a root canal or whatever.  Just saying…

 – Down in the land that gave us Flight of the Conchords, Darius Miller went for straight deuces across the board against France in Team USA’s 71-55 win.  Miller had 2 points (on 1-3 shooting), 2 boards, and 2 assists in 13 minutes of action.  That stinkin’ Seth Curry led the team in scoring again with 12.  Shelvin Mack was scoreless in 15 minutes.

 – In case you missed it, BTI actually came through in the clutch and did something decent for the site.  His live blog with Evan Daniels was outstanding and covered a lot of recruiting ground.  Be sure to scroll down and check it out.  

 – Ok, now onto what you’re really wondering about.  The inevitable delay in the announcement of the KSR Blogger Contest finalists.  As much as I’d like to heap the blame of this onto someone else, I’m going to fall on the sword here.  It’s my fault.  As we’ve told you, we got around 200 entries and I’ve taken on the task of narrowing those down to 20 (or so), which will then be taken before the elders for a selection of 12 finalists.  Unfortunately, I had a couple of emergency family situations that pulled me away from working my way through those and bumped back our time table a bit.  However, I promise you all that we’re going to get this handled as soon as we can and we will announce the finalists sometime next week.  The ones I’ve read have been very good and we’re going to have a good group of finalists.  Again, I apologize for the delay, although I’m not that sorry.  I put this together for “Who Wants to be a Blogger” nearly three years ago and Matt still hasn’t told me what he thought about it. (UPDATE:  After reading what I wrote, I am going to de-link it.  It is truly terrible).

Anyway, that’s it for now.  Stay tuned throughout the day if you’re still trooping your way through a work day.  If you’re getting an early start on the holiday, have a safe one.  See you in a few…

Article written by Thomas Beisner