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The Ball is Starting to Roll for UNC

Have you ever heard of the book “The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference?” I have not read it, but the book has been sitting on my shelf for over a year now. When the ball finally started rolling and the media began to really pay attention to the UNC academic scandal, the first thing that came to my mind was the description of the book that has been collecting dust in my living room. “The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.” The recent release of Julius Peppers’ transcript was without question the tipping point in this entire fiasco, which started out as a mere blip on the radar. The story has caught momentum and finally people who we want to hear discussing it are discussing it. As much as I love Gregg Doyel, I have been waiting for a week now to hear what someone more closely tied to the University of North Carolina has to say. Today, the Chancellor spoke. A letter was sent from the Chancellor to the Carolina Trustees, Faculty and Staff. 

Holden Thorp, the Chancellor, went into detail about the “breaches of academic integrity” that occurred at North Carolina To read the entire letter, click here. The letter outlines many of the steps UNC plans to take, including but no limited to the following:

– Former Governor James G. Martin agrees to lead continuing review of courses (this might very well be the biggest step)

As part of our ongoing review of academic irregularities disclosed in May in our review of courses in African and Afro-American Studies, we have been reviewing the extent to which irregularities may have occurred prior to 2007. In consultation with our Board of Trustees and UNC President Tom Ross, we have asked James G. Martin, former N.C. governor and a former professor at Davidson College, to lead an independent review of any additional academic irregularities that may have occurred. Governor Martin’s expanded review will be assisted by Virchow, Krause & Company, LLP, a national management consulting firm with extensive experience in academic performance audit procedures and controls. Members of the Board of Trustees, President Ross and I all believe that this is an important step in rebuilding the confidence that you deserve to have in our academic integrity. This review will begin immediately.

– Appointment of Hunter Rawlings to examine the role of athletics in the life of the University

– Changes in the academic support program for student athletes

We are implementing plans now to:

Reorganize the Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes and Hire a New Leader. The College has, for several months, been engaged in the process of reorganizing the Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes, and has launched a national search for a new director. Steve Matson, dean of the Graduate School, is chairing the search. The new director will report solely to the College of Arts and Sciences and will have the authority to manage the program’s budget. Harold Woodard, associate dean and director of the Center for Student Success and Academic Counseling, will serve as interim director of the Academic Support Program for Student Athletes. Collectively, these changes provide the opportunity to move forward with a fresh perspective.

Expand Academic Advising. Like all students at Carolina, each student-athlete is assigned a primary academic advisor through the College’s Academic Advising Program. The College will strengthen the role of the advisors by adding two new positions to monitor and oversee academic advising for student-athletes.

Coordinate and Clarify the Relationship between Academic Advising and the Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes. We are making it unequivocally clear that the College of Arts and Sciences is in charge of Academic Advising and the Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes. The College will enhance its training and supervision of academic advisors and academic counselors to strengthen their distinct, but complementary, roles and responsibilities.

Expand the Summer Bridge Program. The College is expanding its successful summer residential academic support program to incorporate student-athletes who may need help with their personal and academic transition from high school to the University.

Strengthen Faculty Involvement in Athletics. We are strengthening relationships among the Faculty Advisory Committee of the Academic Support Program, the Faculty Athletics Committee and the faculty representative to the ACC/NCAA. Professor Joy Renner, the new chair of the Faculty Athletics Committee, spent the summer meeting with members of her committee, the administration and Athletics Department to discuss how the committee can better ensure academic integrity and full integration of student-athletes into the life of the University. To meet the complex challenges associated with balancing academic and athletic excellence, it’s essential that faculty be visibly engaged in relevant policies and practices.

It took entirely too long, but on the surface at least, it would appear that the ball is definitely rolling now in the further investigation of the UNC academic scandal.

Article written by Ally Tucker

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27 Comments for The Ball is Starting to Roll for UNC

  1. tltaworl
    6:06 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    So thats good and all, but when are they going to be taking the banners down 🙂

  2. Trey Chin
    6:07 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    Tarnished Heels

  3. zack3
    6:09 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    Will the NCAA launch an investigation?

  4. Lisa in the Burg
    6:11 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    GoodBless Sandy Bell!

  5. Will Totten
    6:20 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    “Breaches of Academic Integrity”. I think they spelled “Create fluff classes so that our premier athletes in revenue-driven sports can spend less time doing homework and more time practicing, while still maintaining the NCAA-required course load to remain eligible” wrong. Probably just a typo. Not to mention the whole deal with the Football team and agents.

  6. BlueMark
    6:25 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    None of this will matter unless the NCAA gets off its arse and does its job. Whatever that really means. I have two words for Emmert and UNC: Strict. Liability.

    Funny how all the UNC fans have been saying that it is UK that will have to vacate wins and pull down banners while their own house was on fire.

  7. plowboy
    6:32 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    As much as I would like to see justice done, I don’t believe the great NCAA and it’s glorious leader will do anything. They are so corrupt they will look the other way. If this were Kentucky they would be going for the death penalty. Everyone knows that tobacco road is off limits to them. They will do the same thing they did at Duke and the Corey Magette (spelling ?) nothing. they will take the high road like they did at Penn State and just hold their nose when they pass tobacco raod.

  8. UKBlue
    6:43 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    This is now like trying to put out a fire that has already burned everything down. UNC is in damage control because they know they are getting ready to get popped.

  9. Wild Turkey 101
    6:46 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    Always good to see North Carolina squirm. Somebody wake up the NCAA.

  10. danville B
    6:48 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    PLAY FANTASY FOOTBALL UK FANS!!!Kentucky [email protected] fantasy football league on ESPN. Welcome all UK fans

  11. Stephen
    6:50 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    It seems like this is more the type of case that an accreditation agency would be interested in as opposed to the Penn State case. I don’t understand why they wait so long to get involved. Do they not have the authority to start an investigation?

  12. Tom Baker
    7:14 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    I realize this is a douche move, but… How can you be unaware of a book/phrase as ubiquitous as “the tipping point” particularly if has been on your shelf for a year? But more importantly, how could you write about it as you have done here IF YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF IT?!?! The fact that you wrote that first sentence indicates you have heard of it. Geez.

    Sorry, but things like this drive me nuts,particularly when written by someone who I assume wants to be a writer. Had BTI done this, no problem, but for anyone else to do it…

  13. Coffee1
    7:51 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    What investigation? Nothing here says anything other than the Ex-Governor will lead a “review” of what happened. Reviews are great for determining failing points and improving controls going forward. This is not an investigation leading to punitive action should infractions or lack of ethics be found. In short, they are working to improve the situation and blowing right through being held accountable for past actions. The NCAA has thus far ruled it is not their job to correct this situation. UNC is so far free and clear and running with it.

  14. Rickenbacker
    8:09 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    Why only investigate before 2007?

  15. jill
    8:22 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    LOL. Yall gonna be next because Cal cheats LOL and Yall have to vacate championship LOL

  16. Duh!
    8:24 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    Gosh #15-You sound like a real Cretin. What compelling analysis you bring to the table. Go back to the rathole from whence you came. Now.

  17. BusterBrown
    8:26 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    Feels good to have all the negative attention, except that obnoxious cheap poll on cbs from anonymous coaches, directed elsewhere! even more so because its directed at a rival and the worldwide leader’s golden child. Chances are the punishments wont fit the crime and definitely not my hopes. The situation is simple to me: athletes took fake classes. Pervasive systemic academic fraud. If that doesnt fall into NCAA’s jurisdiction, wtf does? Should be open and closed case, vacate all seasons in which a player competed and took any of these classes.

    PS how do you have a book for a year and not hear of it, furthermore how can you not read such an interesting book but reference it in the first sentence?

    PSS i was right about shabazz. everyone was bummed, but i was relieved. you pay for liabilities.

  18. Coffee1
    8:34 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    Because they are free and clear thus far on the information after 2007. Without the data showing a continuation of unethical practices into the period after 2007, the pre 2007 data, standing on its own, may become lost in the NCAA’s statue of limitations. This reads, it may not matter what he finds so that is the information you let the 3rd part review. It is an investigation into the 2007-2012 time frame that opens the door for continuation to investigate further back than 4 years. Find something in 2007-2012, then you can follow the rope back. Find something in pre 2007 only, not so much.

  19. Yup!
    9:08 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    Sorry I cant get root for UNC to get punished. In two years for all we know, this could be us. The only person REALLY hurting from this is the fans. NCAA’s rules are petty, and although these rules broken ARENT petty… who knows what could come down the pike for UK. Nothing to do with Cal whatsoever. Just saying, I cant imagine the damage it would do to me as a fan if the last decade of basketball was taken away from me because of a rule violation. I sympathize with Tarheel fans if anything comes of this…

    However… if UNC get’s knocked down a few pegs… I wont really be angry. haha.

  20. whos moderating?
    9:13 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    stop. writing. like. this.

    also why block the comment from Devils Advocate?

  21. Smiley Pete
    10:10 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    Soooo you’ve never heard of a book that has been sitting on your shelf for over a year?

  22. Smiley Pete
    10:17 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    On another note, I can’t imagine why any school official or board member would make an independent review after the Penn St. review was used by the NCAA to hammer the school. Without getting into whether the school deserved it (or not), the independent review was used by the NCAA to bypass all procedures and any form of due process that the school was entitled to. It seems like schools would be best served to avoid independent reviews entirely or to keep them private now.

  23. Linda Taylor
    12:09 am August 17, 2012 Permalink

    I don’t see where all you guys are saying Ally was unaware of the book, she just said she had not read it, not that she was unaware of it. Busy moms don’t have a tremendous amount of time to read books, no matter how much they might want to. There are always a dozen things that needed to be done yesterday, but had to be shuffled back for more important priorities.

  24. ej
    1:59 am August 17, 2012 Permalink

    growing up i always wondered how all those players were traveling all the time and playing all the games while keeping pace with college level academics. Its simply to much to ask of athletes to balance playing ball and academics unless the person has a high IQ like demarcus cousins and carries a 4.37 gpa. UNC hasn’t done anything wrong if the players went to class and did what was required of them.i would rather take african studies than pool maintenance.

  25. Jim G.
    9:14 am August 17, 2012 Permalink

    This frightens me. It occurs at every university. And we all know the NCAA hates us, so they’re inevitable going to look closer at our stuff due to UNC’s idiocy.

  26. Beavis
    9:44 am August 17, 2012 Permalink

    I repeat,,,,anyone that thinks UK could get away with anything has rocks for brains. Emmert and his little band of degenerates would love to nail UK. In the mean time you see what has clearly been academic fraud for a period of over 10 years and not word out of the NCAA about an investigation of their own. Guess they slipped that folder right behind the one on Corey Maggette . Their selective enforcement of the rules has made them a joke.

  27. NothingWillHappen
    1:45 pm August 17, 2012 Permalink

    Notice that all of the stuff from UNC about reviews and changes is on the academic side of the University, with nothing about changes in athletics. This dovetails nicely with the comments in the ESPN article (on Roy’s reaction posted yesterday) about the NCAA viewing this as an academic breakdown and not a problem in the athletics department. All non-UNC fans need to just prepare for nothing to come of this, because nothing is going to come of this.