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Thanks, Urb

There has been major fallout concerning whether his grace, Tim Tebow, should have even been in the game when Taylor Wyndham went Bill Goldberg to Tebow’s Disco Inferno on Saturday night. The sides seem split over Coach Urban Meyer’s decision, as some think Tebow should have been dining on bad men’s souls on the sideline with an Erin Andrews-powered palm branch fan, while others think he was fine to be in the game, what with the requisite Heisman stat padding that was yet to be done. Whatever side you’re on, I can safely say that the only thing I have to tell Urban Meyer is, “Thanks, Coach.”

Now that we know that Tebow’s likely to be alright, it’s safe to talk about just how good that hit felt to watch. I wish no harm on anyone, and the lineman’s knee cracking against Tebow’s noggin was an unfortunate happening that caused many of the ill effects after the hit. That said, for a generation of people who remember nothing but Florida owning us on the football field, this was one highlight they can look back on differently. As Wyndham channeled his inner Bobby Boucher and prepared to lay the cleanest hit anybody’s ever seen on the chosen one, the few seconds where everybody but Tebow could see the train coming will forever be etched into my mind as the one time Kentucky got one over on Florida. Call it schadenfreude, or whatever you want to call it, but I’ll call it one moment when Tebow was mortal and it was one of our blue-clad warriors that made him that way. As it turns out, the evil Gators may not even suffer, as Tebow correctly prophesied this injury months ago and had the schedule makers insert a bye week accordingly. Tebow always wins. Well, not always.  

Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.