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Terrence Jones speaks

After his disappointing performance in Bloomington yesterday, Terrence Jones took to Twitter this evening to deliver a message to the Big Blue Nation. I’ll let his words speak for themselves:

jonestweet1 jonestweet2

There you go.

Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.

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  1. Louisville
    7:32 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink


  2. bigbluedude
    7:33 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    talk is cheap! sack up for a change!

  3. I am
    7:34 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink


  4. I am
    7:35 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    wrong 🙁

  5. Proud UK Fan
    7:35 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Everybody fails. I want to see how this team picks themselves up and so far I am still proud. We are UK.

  6. lurking with intent to loom
    7:37 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Sack up for a change? What does that mean exactly? That Jones has not manned up at all this year? Get a grip Fool!

  7. Jarvis Redwine
    7:39 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Anyone can have an off night. TJ will be back stronger than ever.

  8. Gilchrist on D
    7:39 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    He should not take games off and pout is all I know. Play hard every play like Kidd-Gilly.

  9. SuperTroy
    7:43 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    A player with incredible talent and a super-high ceiling. He can light a fire under him now with a ton of motivation to become the player he can be. I am rooting for him bigtime. He could be player of the year if he really wants to be…but he can be a leader on a once-in-a-lifetime team if he wants to be as well. We believe in you Terrence. We know you’ll come back in a big way. In fact, do it against U of L and we’ll REALLY be behind ya.

  10. E Cat
    7:47 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Terence had a rough game, but he will be fine. And a word of caution to those who bash these young guys: In 98 I recall Allen Edwards struggled late in the year. He had a lack of focus. Found out later his mother was dying of cancer. You never know what might be affecting these young players. So let’s lend support.

  11. Randy Anderson
    7:48 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Funny when they win everybody’s a true fan but when they dont everybody come’s on here putting them down.I live in Indiana but I am a true blue fan win or loose.

  12. BlueFins
    7:48 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Bring it Terrance! You’ve got a little game at the end of the month against a bunch of *itches. Take care of them the way you should.

  13. 44 Stitched
    7:49 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Jones is still my favorite player on the team.

  14. mashburnfan1
    7:49 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    12}agree and it’s not the off night that bothers me. It is the not caring attitude that bothers me. Shoulda been cheering on his mates, the same mates that were trying to make up for his lack of effort on the court. Don’t compound it by not even cheering your teammates on, that is sad and at this point I do not forgive him for that. This team has a chance to do special things and I don’t want the selfishness that T Jones is showing to hurt those chances.

  15. Ddt
    7:50 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Go cats

    I feel sry for who ever is guardin tj next

  16. BBN
    7:52 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    #19: It is about making the effort like the rest of his teammates did last night, win or lose. That is the bottom line. Terrence didn’t have a bad game, he took the night off and let his team down. He should keep his mouth shut and play ball.

  17. blitzedanddazed
    7:55 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Terence –Please no talk–No gestures–Just play and kick some ass.

  18. Justin G.
    7:58 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Look, everyone needs to chill on this game, and Terrence’s performance. UK, had a ton of things go wrong in that game, and still they fought back and lost by a last second 3-pointer.

  19. Greg
    7:58 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Go Big Blue

  20. bosshogg24
    7:59 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    You ask players to give you 25 or 30 minutes once or twice a week and they want to take half of that time off or don’t come to play at all.Uk has 2 players like that. The real All-American is Gilchrist!

  21. kentuckyjoe
    7:59 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    We love you TJ. Don’t worry ’bout anything. We are so lucky to have you. Better times are coming.

  22. Holler Baller
    8:01 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    I support Terrance and the team and have no doubt they will learn from this, but as a former teacher he’s got to work on his grammar skills! Still have my reservations for final 4 weekend.

  23. Hero
    8:04 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Agree with #12, #22 and #24. Everyone has an off night but to give up, give no effort and not support your team, that’s just being a bad team mate. I also noticed on that steal he got, then the bucket…he stood there for a bit…doing “his” thing.

    I really, really wish the young man would let his actions on the court determine his reputation and value. Not his word or action outside of the game.

    It was almost to me like he was waiting for the “greatest play ever” on Saturday…and he was going to make it. It never came and I think when he realized what he was doing, the game was over and/or Coach Cal had benched him.

    Just play ball man…do what you know, not what you think people want to see or hear…just play ball like I know you can!!

  24. Grayinrichmond
    8:05 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Still behind you TJ. Now refocus and forget about yesterday!

  25. Cowboy
    8:06 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Does everyone forget that this kid is probably 20 years old?

    Does anyone want the list of stupid crap I did when I was 20? I bet YOURS is equally as long..

    He had a bad game / screwed up / took the night off / was sick….whatever.. your thing. Get it together and show what the kind of person / player you are going to be.

  26. nolablue
    8:11 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    As long as he kills the Dirty Birds, I’ll work on forgetting that game.
    Still, Christ, IU fans are at LEAST as uppity/annoying. They
    yammer like shrikes on crack. SHUT UP, A’READY. YOU

  27. Wildcat Kyle
    8:12 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    This loss will only help us. We r after the big trophy. Tom Crean looked like he had the runs after that 3 went in. He couldnt believe it either. IU fans can live off of this win for years.

  28. catcrawler
    8:16 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Jones is a poet and he didn’t know it.

  29. Robby
    8:19 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    He quit on his teammates during a game. Tough to forgive that. Actions speak louder than words. Jones has to earn my respect again. He lost it last year and regained it back in the off season. My temper after losing last night has cooled but quitting on his team last night is difficult to take. Missing free throws, turning the ball over and missing a defensive assignment is forgivable. Pouting like a baby, quitting on his teammates and the Big Blue Nation is a tough pill to swallow. He is going to have to get after it for the rest of the season in order to win some of the Cats fans back in his corner.

  30. dude
    8:19 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Jones is ok he just should have shown some effort in a big time game. Im cool with a bad night or bad nights but he looked like he was asleep. He was a possible player of the year. Take accountability. Thats what being a man is.

  31. DK
    8:22 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Sooooooo….why didnt he take twitter to explain the reason why he quit?

  32. Ice Man
    8:25 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Don’t ever leave your wingman. Jones

  33. RidgeRunner
    8:26 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Very ashamed and disappointed in Jones. Never will look at him in the same light. Quit on our team in a game and pouted, then went to twitter with this crap.

  34. Get Off Their Backs
    8:27 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Leave them alone. Get off their backs. It’s simple. This team will be great. This was just a single game. Do you all forget so quickly? We lost so many times on the road last year but the team kept improving and getting better. That will happen again this year except we will take it a step further. We will win the national championship this year. Nothing else matters. Leave the players alone. They are working very, very hard. Support the team. Keep your eyes on the goal and don’t let the little stuff (like 1 game) get to you so much.

  35. Vick
    8:27 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    It’s like when you pick a pit bull. You dont ever take the one that has been seen on it’s back. You just know it ain’t got it. Jones just went belly up in the litter.

  36. Line 4
    8:27 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink


  37. George Carlin
    8:27 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    So if TJ doesn’t forget nothing, does that mean he forgets everything?

  38. TJonesisachump
    8:28 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    TJones is a embarassment to our program of late. 1) The flexing/posturing does nothing but assign the “punk” label to our program. Come on dude… you just dunked on a shooting guard who weighs 50lbs less than you… is a flex and screm really necessary? 2)His late night vehicle accident last month could have really caused some controversy for the program… its obvious he wasn’t focused on the NEXT day’s game 3) His Indiana “my tampon fell out” performance… enough said, you saw it, I saw it. 4)His grammer on Twitter speaks volume… god help us if his thought-process flows as smooth as his words. Jones IS a Chump on all levels!

  39. jesse
    8:29 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Same old Terrance…he will have good games against weak competition and then get pushed around likes a little bit$ch in the big games..mark it down Louisville will have a field day on him..he’s still doesn’t get mature for NBA..loser cry baby

  40. Rixter
    8:29 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    ypuguys all feel like TJ let you down last night? You know who TJ hurt last night? He hurt TJ. I think he now has to work his way back into the Lottery…..

  41. Get Off Their Backs
    8:30 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    And second… his so-called bad grammar is on Twitter. You know… the place where you only have so many words to get your point across. Not too many people use correct grammar on Twitter. Good lord. Get off of him. He had a bad night? Have you ever had a bad night? That’s what I thought.

  42. Culver
    8:30 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    I can’t believe Calipari let’s ANY of his players have twitter accounts. Heck, I can’t believe any college coach, in any sport, allows their players to have twitter accounts. Just asking for trouble…like getting on Facebook drunk. Never ends well! Jones is immature, even for a soph in college. I think he wants to be a bully on the court, but it’s just not his nature. Example, him taking the time to pick the ref up in the IU game(Classy move). If that ref had been knocked down in the Cincy/Xavier game, he’d probably have gotten a foot in the gut and had his wallet jacked!

  43. twitter
    8:32 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    why address this on twitter. Do it on the court. its the only way. You sound like you had xavier write this for you.

  44. RidgeRunner
    8:32 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    —and we can hang title 8 this season & Jones will never be looked at the same for me. He had a chance to take responsibility for no effort / pouting & didn’t. Very ashamed.

    Wow….this is unbeleivable.

  45. Culver
    8:33 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Jones kinda reminds me of Thad from Blue Mountain State for some reason!

  46. RidgeRunner
    8:36 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Would some of you please wake up and get off his “he had a bad game crap”.
    A bad game is a few rebounds, effort, no pouting, and a willingness to try.
    He pouted with no effort. There is a difference. geeze. For the first time in my memory we have a quitter on this team who wants to play when he wants to play.

    I’m pissed.

  47. twitter
    8:38 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Train wreck starting for him. Get rid of the twitter account and go to the gym.

  48. Roggensak
    8:38 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Everyone has off days. These kids are not robots, they have bad days too.

    GO CATS!!!

  49. Roggensak
    8:40 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    61. Wow, never heard you speak of the team like that before. Obviously you have never had a bad day. get over yourself.

  50. Rupp
    8:41 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    You young guys are so fragile these days. Can’t take the heat, stay outta the kitchen

  51. Roggensak
    8:42 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink


  52. c1doc
    8:42 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    I hate to lose any game but Jones and the team will bounce back! Everybody including Jordan, Bird and Magic have off nights!

  53. Katdaddy
    8:42 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Give me some 4 stars that can hit free throws, defend the 3 line and can play 40mins of basketball!

  54. doubting thomas
    8:43 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    the ugly truth is 61 is right. I never saw a quitter before saturday.

  55. RidgeRunner
    8:43 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    I was all set to let bygonrs be bygones if he took some responsibility. The twitter bull crap was my answer.

  56. Roggensak
    8:46 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Ridge, He may have quit, I’m not saying he had a bad game I’m saying he may of had a bad day in general… Bad news told to him that day or something affecting him. because he wasn’t playing at all.

  57. Dickie V
    8:47 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    All Americans don’t make excuses, its about redemption baby! Diaper Dandies cry sometimes baby with a capitol C!

  58. Wildkatss
    8:49 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    I can’t get over so many of you…how bitter you all are. Have you hated Jones from day one and are using this as am opportunity to bash him? Yes…he had a real bad night and his youth ( he’s 19 years old) showed. Does he need to grow up…yes. But all of you perfect people need to realize that the rest of the world needs to learn through their mistakes. If this is what KY fans are becoming it is a sad state of affairs

  59. Plankers Are...
    8:50 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    TJ the quitter goes on the twitter, opens his mouth and removes all doubt.

  60. doubting thomas
    8:50 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Im telling you it was Pete Sampras esque. Good player yes. All american not even close. Im done with him.

  61. Roggensak
    8:51 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Thanks guy! I read your comments all of the time… Us true blue fans need to stick together because we have too many trolls on these comment sections at the moment. (Kicking us while we’re down) GO BIG BLUE!!!

  62. fresh prince of adair
    8:52 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    why people feel something other than slight disappointment for last night is beyond me…some of you all are the worst kind of idiots. you’re idiots combined with tons of confidence which is poisonous and contagious. it’s december and jones is a pre season all american….im thankful to have him and i appreciate every bit of terrence jones; all his ups and all his downs. lets root for these guys and repay the effort they give with constant belief in them. thats all they need….the stage and magnifying glass are large and the pressure is felt, they dont need fans giving them anything but support

    ps. i wish some of you all could constantly pretend like high school recruits are reading these comments. if you have that in mind and still feel the need to say dumb stuff such as “he quit…” then use a hollow point rather than a FMJ and save your family from your negativity

  63. doubting thomas
    8:52 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    yeah screw this. I’ll tune in ksr on friday. Until then, it’s a blackout for me

  64. Inside Your Mind
    8:57 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Can the players just stay off of twitter? Nothing good can come of statements like that. TJ just needs to shut up and play like he’s capable of playing. Prove people wrong on the court.

  65. Wildkatss
    8:59 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Amen #78 – #79 – #81!!!!!

    Go BIG BLUE!!!!!

  66. Wildkatss
    8:59 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Amen #78 – #79 – #81!!!!!

    Go BIG BLUE!!!!!

  67. Flippy23
    8:59 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Redemption is bred from acts, not words……next chance is 12/31…….

  68. fresh prince of adair
    9:00 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    why would he even get the impression that he has haters? why would he think that only part of the bbn support him? those of you contributing towards making us look bad accomplish nothing other than making us look bad….you dont teach anyone lessons and you motivate no one, you just come off as ignorant and bitter. you make the rest of us look bad plain and simple.

    i want our players to think/know that there is nothing they can do that will turn us against them. that’s the sort of relationship that breeds success.

  69. Mark Wilson
    9:00 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink


  70. Darius
    9:03 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    I’m about to be let out of my cage. Time to RISE.

  71. Jarweed
    9:03 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Do people not understand that Twitter/Facebook lingo among basketball players is always grammatically incorrect. You idiots.

  72. gcat4496
    9:04 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Make us proud against UL & SEC league & Tournament.

  73. I Love Uranus
    9:06 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Did TJ not have to take English 101? It looks like my two year old typed out that tweet.

  74. Another Perspective
    9:09 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    What happened to KSR’s promise that they were going to delete the negative stupidity on here? Does that only matter if the negativity is aimed at KSR?

  75. Jarweed
    9:11 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Enough of this. It stinks in here. Tards have poisoned the board…. Hey TJ we got your back. Pay these haters no mind. They’re Loserville trolls.

  76. Katdaddy
    9:11 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Can someone please tell me why our defense hasn’t made adjustments on guarding the 3 line? Three years same problem!

  77. Salem Cat
    9:11 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Are we still talking about the IU game. Who gives a rats ass. Let’s move on.

  78. not #1 in the polls
    9:13 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    I am saddened that most of the people who have posted on here call themselves members of BBN. Hating on Jones, calling him names…it’s pathetic. Grow up. Without Jones we would not have a chance at #8.

  79. Luvdacats
    9:13 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    I am sure you think you had a bad night. And it is obvious you did. But I thInk most people watching saw that you quit. Did not even cheer on your team mates. No one is down in the team. They are down on you actions. And your actions spoken more than words. Maybe TJ should watch a replay. I feel bad more for the team mates. But if course there could be some unknown reason for you quiting. Time will tell.

  80. Katdaddy
    9:14 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    I do!

  81. make-a-swish foundation
    9:17 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Do all these complainers think anything good will come of them bashing our players on the internet? I hope yall are happy. Word gets around and the players obviously keep abreast of online chatter. BBN is great when we support our players, but when you old bitter racists start running your mouth, you are a detriment to our program. Jones now knows that everyone is on his back. Trust me, that’s not going to help anything. These players need support from our fans

  82. loublue2
    9:17 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    To the ignoramus’ that are criticizing Terrance, SHUT UP. For those who understand, and empathize, thanks.

  83. fresh prince of adair
    9:19 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    79- vertical, not laterally….it’ll probably work best in a hot bath

  84. gcat4496
    9:22 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Again, most bashers are trolls.

  85. GA Wildcat
    9:38 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    pouting + lack of effort = Non-lottery pick

  86. stevie
    9:38 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Again, most bashers are trolls.

    ———And, most blind people must be dumb. Jones was either paid or he is the biggest joke to ever play on a populance. His performance was so disgusting that I am even turned against Cal for defending him.

  87. Truth
    9:40 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    If Coach Cal had a set, he would have suspended Jones a long time ago. The guy has major issues on and off the court. But Cal does not have the testicular fortitude to do anything about it. Almost no other coaches would let Jones punnk the team and the coach. Maybe Cal will locate his sack one day. It’s likely in his wife’s purse.

    Why delete the truth?

  88. Blue-Haze
    9:41 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    There are very few UK fans posting here so don’t get too serious in your thoughts of what you read.

  89. BleedingBlue
    9:42 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    -38 I agree wholeheartedly.

  90. kentuckygentleman
    9:44 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    He had a bad game people, get over it and stop whining! I guarantee you each of us have down more things than we can count on both hands that is worse since we were 20, I know I have! Take a pill.

  91. kentuckygentleman
    9:45 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    meant to say “done” more things, see we all make mistakes 🙂

  92. stevie
    9:45 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Do all these complainers think anything good will come of them bashing our players on the internet? I

    —————-I’m not looking for good. I am simply looking to expose this losing POS for what he is. Give me Gilchrist and others who give 110% every game–every game. If Jones were any kind of man, there is no way in h-ll that he totals 4 points, 6 turnovers, and 1 rebound when the team needed him so badly. This is not what superstars do. Anyone that says otherwis needs a lobotomy–including Cal.

  93. Me
    9:45 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Hahaha, you remove my post calling out Matt and ksr for not removing negative posts about Jones (the player).

    A little thin skinned, Matt?

  94. JQ
    9:45 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Jones, is nothing but a SPOILED ASS kid!

  95. BlueTexan
    9:46 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink


    NO haters in the BBN. Loserville trolls. So pleased you chose the Cats…and stayed with us this year. You’re loved and valued…your myriad of supporters/fans haven’t left you and won’t! Have a great week and focus…you’ll do fine.

  96. bmt22033
    9:51 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    I’ve seen several people say things like “I feel sorry for Chattanooga” or “I feel sorry for whoever has to guard Jones in this next game”. What does it really prove if they beat Chattanooga by 100 points? No one can really doubt that TJ has the *ability* to be a monster. We’ve seen it many times. Besides, if he didn’t, there’d be no talk of him being a lottery pick. The problem, IMHO, is the big variance between his “good” games and his “bad” games. Of course, he’s going to have bad games. He’s human. His shots aren’t falling, he’s picking up fouls (perhaps due to bad calls), etc., etc. But the one thing that he always has control over is his *EFFORT*. And against Indiana, it just seemed to be very lacking. We’ll never know why and there could well have been something wrong. But in the NBA, you can’t expect to perform like that and last very long because there’s always somebody gunning for your position. With all that said, it was a road loss in an extremely hostile environment in early December. He’s got plenty of time to make up for it when it matters most…like March.

  97. Hoops Malone
    9:53 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Hey TJ… Shut up and play basketball.

    If you don’t want the “haters to hate”, then nut up. BBN didn’t let your teammates and Coach Cal down…you did.

  98. BigBllue22
    9:59 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Why does Cal alaways refuse to do what is right? Jones needs to be benched for a couple games. Rick did it with Earl Calrk against us. No way Coach K, Bob Knight or even Roy Williams would let a punk like Jones run the show. Who is in charge, Jones or Cal? The answer appears to be Jones. Sack up Cal!

  99. stevie
    9:59 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    A sophomore who totals 4 points; 6 turnovers; and, one rebound (a sophomore who claims to be one of the 3 best college players in America) in UK’s first away game of the season is not elite. Why in the h-ll would fans of the BBN encourage this kind of bull-sh-t? None of us are against Jones, but he embarrassed us and himself. I have defended him numerous times( with my own intergity), but his performance in the Indiana game raises many questions. Serious questions. I cannot recall another player of his statue performing so poorly. Why? And, I’m serious, why?

  100. Linebeard
    9:59 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    This guy completely quit on his team and disgraced the UK jersey just yesterday. Today he’s on twitter complaining about his haters. He’s got some growing up to do. Sucks the season relies on this kid. Let’s cross our fingers he feels like playing against UL.

  101. make-a-swish foundation
    10:01 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Stevie — Can’t wait to read your exposee on what a POS Jones is. Why don’t you go write for the Herald Leader. That’s just your opinion after all. Why don’t you trust other knowledgable basketball fans to draw their own conclusions? We don’t need your input, so keep stop beating it. You aren’t doing anyone any good.

  102. Linebeard
    10:01 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink


  103. Wow
    10:02 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    You would need a translater to listen in on a conversation between Jones and Eric Bledsoe

  104. really?
    10:02 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Some of you people show why BBN has a bad reputation sometimes. First he is a kid. Second, you dont know what is going on behind the scenes. Third, To attack one of our own players like that is unbelievable no matter how he played. You dont think he knows he played bad? You do not know the pressure these kids are under and some of you look at them like they are machines. 99% of people on here could not make it a day in there shoes. Terrence is a good kid, he has given us a lot. To turn so quickly on a KID is pathetic. Sure we were let down by him in this game. But it is a GAME and these are kids who have given everything for us to enjoy UK hoops. If you want to bash a kid then your just a piece of shit who needs to get a life

  105. Reality
    10:06 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    If Jones played for uofl, almost every uk fan would be calling him the biggest pung [email protected] and thug in college basketball. That is a fact.

  106. Reality
    10:06 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Punk not pung.

  107. JQ
    10:07 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    98 ur so RIGHT!

  108. SMH
    10:08 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    How did he get through freshman year without passing Eng101?

  109. 98UKGrad
    10:09 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    That is truly embarrassing for any college student.

  110. Carl
    10:09 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Looks like the loserville trolls have moved to KSR because the CJ won’t let them hide behind alias’s anymore.
    TJ…keep your head up !!
    GO CATS !

  111. KY Dave
    10:10 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Well said #38! It’s one issue after another with Jones this year.

  112. IAukfan
    10:12 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    We call ourselves big blue nation and here we are ripping on a kid who is 8 games into his second season, yes expectations are high and so is the ceiling but we shouldn’t be tearing down one of best players after a bad game in a very hostile environment, one Jones himself didn’t see last year, also Jones didn’t lose the game Kentucky as a team did. Stand behind our team instead of thrashing like a bunch of duke and kansas fans

  113. Coop2thahoop
    10:12 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    I am assuming most of the people on here bashing Jones are not UK fans. If you are, then you are an embarrassment to not only the BBN but to yourself as welll. I’m not a fan of some of our players antics on the floor either. But those actions don’t warrant some of the comments you people post. I’ll bet every person that bashed jones on this post cheered their asses off when he two handed one on top of UNC last week. Not to mention while he was carrying us the 1st half in the UNC game. The kid had a bad day…it happens. We still could of won the game, but it just didnt go our way. We will gain more from the IU game then they will. He will be fine as this team will be fine too going forward.

  114. RealityCheck
    10:13 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Wanna bet he’s got an A+ in English class?

  115. Mike
    10:14 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Some of you people really need to get a life. You call yourselves real Cats fans and then you throw 1 of our players under the bus the 1st time we lose. It was a freaking non-conference game in Dec, and frankly I’m happy we lost; the team will learn a lot more from this than if Watford’s shot had not went in, and now T Jones has all the more reason to get back in the gym and work harder to prove all his haters wrong. Sure, I’m not crazy about all the posing he does after he makes a good play, and I was as disappointed as anyone by his performance against IU, but he’s a 20 year old kid that still has a lot of growing up to do. I spent most of my time at that age blowing rails and going to strip clubs, so cut the kid some slack. He didn’t molest a child, he had a bad game, and none of you have any idea what could be going on in his personal life. Its times like this that our players need us the most, but many of you would rather sit on your high-horse in judgment instead. Thank God UK’s fans are all so perfect. lol

  116. ForeverBlue
    10:14 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Keep your heads up Wildcats. Keep fighting. And we true fans will always have your backs.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  117. EnglishTeacher
    10:16 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    This was from a college student? An 8 year old has better grammar. Geez..

  118. 24ukrules
    10:17 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Just keep working hard TJ. We got your back. Don’t listen to some of our fans that think every game should be a W. We’ll take some lumps but I know you will come back strong!!!

  119. Cal'sGut
    10:20 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    117) Cal doesnt require his players to go to class. Read all about it here:…?pagewanted=all…nd-derrick-rose

  120. BBN
    10:28 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Time to blow out XYZ!!

  121. Bob Loblaw
    10:30 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    I’m glad to see Coach Cal sat him when he was a hinderence to the team. I’m sure this will be fixed. This is Cal’s problem and not TJ’s.

  122. stevie
    10:31 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Some of you people show why BBN has a bad reputation sometimes. First he is a kid. Second, you dont know what is going on behind the scenes.
    ——————Jones is not a kid; he is a young man. Many people his age must make career or life altering decisions, and some much do so in the blink of an eye. And it doesn’t matter what goes on behind the scene, we must always pull our own weight–just the way it is. A college BB player (especially one who is receiving a free education in the safe confines of an university), is no different than a young man in a foxhole, and anyone who says differently is an idiot. To perform as poorly, and as selfishly, as Jones did in the Indiana game, denotes major problems. And, defending, his irresponsible actions is not the same as defending UK.

  123. Bob Loblaw
    10:32 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    OTH, when did 20 years become a kid? I wasn’t a kid when I was 20. I was 100% responsible for my actions.

  124. stevie
    10:32 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Stevie – Can’t wait to read your exposee on what a POS Jones is. Why don’t you go write for the Herald Leader. That’s just your opinion after all. Why don’t you trust other knowledgable basketball fans to draw their own conclusions? We don’t need your input, so keep stop beating it. You aren’t doing anyone any good.


    That’s all we have is our own opinion. That’s all yours are. If you are truly an UK fan I support you. I really do. Something is going on with Jones; look at his behavior against ODU; late night with Poole; and the Indiana game. He came back to grow and improve. Last year’s Jones was much better. Wouldn’t it be a b-tch if Jones’s behavior was to cost us? Something is wrong with him.

  125. Bob Loblaw
    10:34 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    It’s like calling a 12 year old a baby.

  126. stevie
    10:40 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Just keep working hard TJ. We got your back. Don’t listen to some of our fans that think every game should be a W. We’ll take some lumps but I know you will come back strong!!!
    I’m not concerned about someone having Jone’s back; my concern is Jones having his teammates backs. And, it’s not about W’s; I agree with you. It is about effort, and carrying one’s own weight. The Indiana game was a joke for Jones.

  127. Jim
    10:44 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Please shut down these comment sections! I watched the game twice and Jones did not quit.

    Give the kid a break.

  128. stevie
    10:49 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    The fact of the matter is that I can’t stand this losing POS–Jones. He blames everyone but his own drug-induced self. UK won’t win it this year with Jones in the lineup. It could; it very well could. But, Jones will ensure that this doesn’t happen. Don’t dare defend him when he sabotages it.

  129. Culver
    11:00 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    104) Jones is a sophomore in college, far from being a “kid”. An immature young adult, yes! But far from being a “kid”. When was the last time you saw a 6’9, 250 lb “kid”? LOL!

  130. stevie
    11:02 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    I want everyone to u/s one thing: I support UK with all my heart. Anything or anyone who might cause harm to UK is my enemy. I don’t expect all UK fans to support my views, but I always welcome a fellow Wildcat fan.

  131. CalmDownMike
    11:05 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    First, you lost all credibility when you said you were happy UK lost. Sure, a young team can grow from a tough loss but you seem to be the only “real” UK fan that’s happy about it. UK fans are smart and can see the difference between a player having a bad night and whatever you call what Jones did Saturday. Absolutely no effort on either side of the floor and moping around like an 8 year old child. And then instead of owning up to that horrible performance he does what all immature athletes seem to do, he goes on twitter to address his “haters” UK fans don’t hate you Terrance! We were disappointed because we see how great you can be and if any non UK fan criticizes you, those haters will be the first to defend you.

  132. Cotton Nash
    11:05 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Terrence Jones deserves much better from the Cat fans. Makes me ashamed to see this man pass up on millions to come back another year for us and then see Cat fans rip him when he has a questionable game. I remember many big games in the tourney last year where Terrence played his heart out to seal wins for us going down the stretch. I have NO problem with Jones. He’s da man!!!I do have a problem wif some of Cal’s game coaching. Cal is gonna have to keep Anthony Davis in these games. Give him help with his defencive assignment (double team this Zeller like he did the older Zeller bro) on a star player,..or let someone else guard that player,..or use a zone. Do whatever it takes,..just keep Davis out of foul trouble. It can be done if you address the best way to do it. Without Davis getting 30 minutes or so, we are very vulnerable against any good team. It’s Cal’s job to keep him on the floor,..and it can be done many ways. I love Terrence, and he deserves much more love from the fans and not nearly so much grief for one half assed performance. More power to you, Terrence!!!!!!!!!!! No way should Cal have left Teague the entire first half to put our backs to the wall in the first place. After the second & third missed 1 foot shot,..he should have been benched. We should have blown them out the first half if not for Teague constant mistakes over and over and over. Poor coaching. Teague’s play gave the Hoosiers the momentum & confidence that they could win this game. Cal could have nipped that in the bud, by simply putting Teague on the bench when it was obviously he couldn’t do anything right. We were very lucky (thanks to 5 quick points by Lamb) we weren’t down 12 to 15 points at the half due to Teagues comedy of errors. Sure,..he had a grea 2nd half,..but that was AFTER the fact he already had put our backs to the wall the first half.

  133. mike
    11:10 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    I wonder if he writes like this when he takes a test or turns in papers for school. God, I hope not.

  134. YouKnowImRight
    11:15 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    Bad games are acceptable but bad effort is not acceptable. It don’t matter if ur playin for the miami heat, the duke blue devils, the Kentucky wildcats, or in a middle school scrimmage game- you still need to put forth effort. In my opinion, miller should start for jones next game to send a message. We play UT-chattanooga, so it won’t make a difference anyway

  135. Dave
    11:21 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    I only have one thing to say to Mr. Jones GROW UP!!!

  136. not #1 in the polls
    11:33 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    okay after reading the comments since my earlier one I feel much better…90% of these posts are clearly by Louisville losers who are sitting in their mama’s basement with nothing better to do. Little cousin never fails to provide us with humor at their expense!

  137. BBN
    11:40 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    No ones perfect he will be back

  138. Mike
    11:54 pm December 11, 2011 Permalink

    131. Seriously dude, you think I lose all credibility because I think a loss might actually benefit this team more in the long run than a win would have yesterday? Thats pretty dumb. I was cheering my *ss off yesterday for us to win and I was just as heartbroken as everyone else when Watford’s shot went in, but I also know enough about sports to know that sometimes a loss is just what a team needs sometimes to get them to refocus and play harder. Case in point is the SEC Championship Game in ’96; most UK fans believe that we would not have won the national championship that year had we beaten Miss St in the finals of the SEC touney. And for those of you that love to go online to argue over semantics and grammar, you guys need to grow up just as much as T Jones it would appear. You know d*mn well what I mean, he’s still maturing and not really an adult yet. This is not the 1940’s or 50’s, in today’s world we have something called “extended adolescence”, not everyone is a full-grown man at 18 anymore. Are you aware that the part of our brain that understands consequences isn’t even fully developed until age 25? I doubt it, but I digress. Sorry people, didn’t mean to turn this into a psychology lesson.

  139. Mike
    12:03 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    See there, I used the word “sometimes” twice in 1 sentence when I shouldn’t have. Have at it guys, that makes me a moron in someone’s world, I just know it. lol

  140. Grown Up
    12:12 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    When will this morons get it….we DO NOT like you for you. WE LIKE YOU BECAUSE YOU PLAY WELL. Now quit whining and act like you give a s*!t when Cody Zeller is eating your lunch.

  141. Luvdacats
    12:23 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    This is UK. BBN rules. TJ quit for some reason. His demeanor is unacceptable. That was embarrassing watching him. It’s one thing to play your arse off and have a bad game. But that display was not acceptable. This is not bashing. This is fact.

  142. Uglymuffin
    12:31 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    He says he don’t forget nothing? He just forgot how to play ball, compete, and be a man….smh.

  143. kingrex
    12:55 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Mike, I agree with what you said about the maturation level at 20 and the lack of development. I am seriously worried there is something else going on with Jones. The 2 am wreck, fleeing the scene and now this bizarre game. It just does not feel right. I also do not think the players should have access to Twitter. It is not helpful.

  144. road_warri0r
    1:22 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    So many here are sticking up for TJ which would be commendable if his actions were worthy of the backing , however if / when TJ appologizes to the fans, and becomes a team player, then reconsideraton can be given. Until that point, sitting alongside Coach Cal will be the best place for him. TJ’s attitude has no place amongst true Blue players. MKG or DM should give TJ a GOOD talking to, and the ultimatum to shape or ship out, we DONT need pouting losers. Let another kid who will be PROUD of the blue uniform take his place, 6’9″, 250 with NO brain or heart or team pride, only arrogance.

  145. jetblue
    3:31 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    TJ. Act like a man, play hard and stop pouting like a child when things aren’t going your way.

    Win lose or draw we’ll be proud of you. As it is now it’s hard to support a selfish baby.

  146. prpcat
    3:36 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    no haters here you’re family T.J. pick yourself up, move on turn the page

  147. Catsfando
    4:47 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Am I upset about the loss? Sure am. Do I blame Jones for the loss? No, he was never in the game, mentally, physically, or any other way. Cal’s coaching leaves one to wonder sometimes, such as playing Teague so much in the 1st half when the young man was so tight he could not hit a layup. All of us had to be waiting for our poor free throw shooting to catch up with us. I recorded the game and replayed it several times and the difference in the game is still one lousy stinking point. Do you know how many calls, or bounces of the ball going the other way it takes to make us a winner? Look, we want to say we played bad right? We shoot 56% are even on the boards, one less turnover, one less block, shoot the same amount of free throws, by reading the stats there’s no way we should have lost this game. We do all this with a half a game played timidly by Davis due to foul problems and almost nothing from our pre – season All American Jones. Boy do we have a hell of a team or what. My only complaint, and it’s really more bewilderment, is what is wrong with Terrance? Is he really so selfish and immature that he’s willing to quit on himself, his team mates, his coach, his school, and the whole Big Blue Nation? Not only that, is he so silly to watch future dollars fly out the window due to his lack of effort? The NBA is not going to make a lottery pick out of someone who can’t “bring it” every night. I’m not talking about wins and losses, people pay to see the effort. It is a first for me and I go back to the days of Nash and the Runts, to see a player in a UK uniform just quit and then sit and pout on the bench like a little baby with no caring about the game or his team mates. If Rupp had been coach, or even Joe B. that crap would have never flown. No player is above the team and all you fans should know that. I would have even been ok with some kind of angry outburst showing some fire and grit rather than the whipped puppy attitude. I know times have changed and you’re allowed to use the “he’s just a kid” excuse to cover young adults for any way they act or anything they do these days until the age of 25. Unless,of course, you’re a young man or woman serving in the armed forces somewhere in the desert clinging to your gun at the tender age of 18. Then you are a grown up. You know when Jones signs his Pro contract next summer they won’t think he’s a kid then either, he’ll be all grown up. Go Cats!!!

  148. danny
    5:07 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Sorry TJ but the fans are not going to let you select which games you want to contribute. At 6′- 9″ and 255 lbs. your team needs you in the paint, rebounding, wanting the ball, blocking out, setting picks, you know basic fundamental basketball. If you have no more drive than what you showed to the whole nation on Sat. maybe you should transfer…. Every player that comes to KENTUCKY knows what is expected, give your all every game and that is the very reason some will not consider KENTUCKY !!!

  149. Hoss
    5:47 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Jones is an emotional and mentally fragile teenager. Like a baby in your arms-fragile. Nothing wrong with that as that is just how he is. I have a 4-y/o daughter that is the exact same way while her slightly older sister will make it a point NOT to let anyone see her cry.

    Kid gloves are necessary b/c he hasn’t the mental wherewithal or maturity to endure true criticism for his own actions. Call it youth, call it being sheltered, call it immaturity, give it a name; it is what it is.

    I like the kid and hope he does well, but he’d better grow some thicker skin and I mean in a serious hurry. This kinda Tweet-my-problems-like-an-attention-starved-woman crap is exactly what can bring teams down.

  150. Hoops Malone
    6:30 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Cal – please shut down this fool’s twitter account.

  151. RidgeRunner
    7:06 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I’ve slept on it.

    IU game = not important
    Jones = Pathetic, takes no responsibility in quitting on his team with a tweet such as that crap above. Never will see him in the same light. I’m a beleiver in EFFORT even if you are sucking the place up on any given night.

  152. crackerhillbilly
    7:22 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Ditto 147! For those of us old enough to remember those Cats teams, a kid pulling a “Jones” would be picking splinters from his ass until he got his head out of it. Instead, we get self-serving twitter noise. Put down your frickin’ iPhone and let your work on the court do the tweating. You have a chance to be a kid-millionaire, so fan sympathy is pretty damn low. Time to grow up, like it or not.

  153. all the other kids
    7:38 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    TJ, didn’t Cal tell you that the fans don’t matter? What we think doesn’t matter? It’s all about you!! Cal keeps saying dumb %$^* like that, and amazingly, we have a huge poser on the team. Shut up, and play. Rod Rhodes all over again. Geez. This team is really starting to get un-likable, from the top down.

  154. UHY
    8:16 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Grow up Terrence!

  155. Real Cats Fan
    8:20 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I certainly hope Terrence is not reading these comments, but if he is, let me just say this: Don’t look at this as the fans trying to single you out to pick on you, Terrence. EVERYONE who is a fan of UK basketball wants to see you succeed, but they get frustrated when they see you straying off the path. Just focus on playing hard, tune out the noise, and above all, support your teammates on the court. With your talent, if you focus on that, the rest will fall into place. And change that twitter pic – it’s great that you were on the cover of SI, but putting that out there makes you look a bit self-involved.

    Keep in mind, fellow UK fans, that this kid played very unselfishly towards the end of last year, relegating the spotlight to Brandon and Jorts much of the time. If he focuses on playing like that, I predict a lottery pick awaits. I don’t know what was bothering him, but I hope he gets it straight soon. The team needs him.

  156. nolablue
    8:30 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Remember it was TJ that Coach was yelling at last year about what a SELFISH ************ he was.
    Has TJ changed a whole lot since that event? I don’t see why one isn’t considred a “member of BBN” because
    we see things about a player that run contrary to the very values of sporstmanship and what it is to be a TEAM mate. He isn’t learning some
    very fundamental HUMAN SKILLS, and that is an ONGOING problem, NOT just a problem in the IU game. He needs to correct these
    things, and if he’s only surrounded by “YES MEN” he’s going to have problems in life that are MUCH worse than losing to IU and “having
    haters”. I personally am so weary of the way he acts. He does NOT represent UK well, he is NOT a good ambassador for our state.
    He’s STILL a SELFISH ************ and he needs to spend 100% less time dishing out “threats” on Twitter, and 100% more time
    applying himself to what Coach is trying to teach him.

  157. Paducahfan
    8:45 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Why play when you don’t get to flex?

  158. road_warri0r
    9:35 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    It reminds me of parents who make excuses for a kid who acts up and excusing the childs behavior while never admitting there is a problem. The parent who punishes the misbehaving child shows much more love than those who overlook it or place the blame on others. I believe many well meaning BBN fans need to grow up and stop making excuses for unacceptable behavior.

  159. REALbbn
    10:15 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    I really hope future recruits don’t read ksr. I hate to say it, but the passion that bbn brings that makes us so great actually does the exact opposite when we lose. If people on here are true UK fans I’m embarassed. It was one loss. In December. We will forget this even happened when we cut down the nets in early April. Stay positive and remember, at least we aren’t Louisville.

  160. MountainCat
    10:21 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    what a whiney ass bitch.

  161. Heretic
    10:23 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    To all of the true Ballers who don’t take a game off and out like a girl on the Bench. UK will be ok.

  162. lldjr
    10:32 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Looks like someone has been skipping English class.

  163. wow153
    10:41 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Seriously #153? You dislike this team from the top down? Do every real fan a favor and think back a few years and recall playing in the NIT. I hope that you are a u of l, because that is the only logical excuse for such an idiotic comment. Wow

  164. golfcat22
    10:54 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    all we ask for is effort. stop pouting and standing around.

  165. seriouslythough
    11:03 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Actually 163, I think the only logical explanation is that #153 accidentally slipped and fell into a cryogenic freezing chamber as a result of celebrating our 1998 win over Utah in his laboratory. He was thawed and came to right as the game started Saturday. He is still shocked that Tubby is no longer with us.

  166. George Jones
    11:35 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    The truth is Jones doesn’t have to do anything during school, he gets a free ride, and doesn’t give two shits about anybody but himself. He stays out all night and is a no show during one of the biggest away games of the year. Guess what the tournament will not be at rup so performance away from Lexington will be crucial. Man up and quit being a baby.

  167. KyKid
    11:55 am December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Geez folks, cut the kid a break. I didnt like the way he played at all, and the lack of passion, etc. BUT – he is still a young kid. Anyone out there ever have a bad day? As a 20 yr old you dont know how to handle it as well. He will learn and will be back. Bank on it.

  168. Dave Ball
    4:11 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    lighten up Francis…TJones had a bad game…so what…better to have it in December than in March…guarantee you by the time the NCAA’s roll around, this will be a blip on the TJones radar…he will be back with a vendetta like attitude…and UK will win because of it..

  169. Heretic
    4:14 pm December 12, 2011 Permalink

    Catfando, I’m sure that you remember Rashaad Carruth.

    And no, I’m not comparing TJones to RC. lol

    I’ve seen quite a few UK players lay down on a given night. It happens.

    However, it doesn’t happen if he wants to get in the NBA Draft Lottery.

  170. jerry bouchet
    12:06 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Terrence’s NBA stock took a beating this wasn’t a bad day it was a total disaster. The thing that got me is the way he acted like he had no motivation and let me tell you. He had better be glad he didn’t go to the NBA last year because this game shows that he is totally unprepared. His best bet is stay another year after this one because a couple of games like that game and he will be back in Washington driving a cab.

  171. xWildcats
    3:22 am December 13, 2011 Permalink

    Jones had 4 points, and no rebounds. He’s the main reason we lost. He needs to start playing like he has played before and play aggressive. Also with Teague, if he can’t step up in the first half and play like he did in the second half, I’d rather him not play. The starting 5 should be Lamb, Miller, gillie, jones, and Davis. Even though jones played like crap, that rarely ever happens, now as for Teague he plays like he has never touched a basketball in his life, and that’s every game. Plus he makes multiple turnovers a game. I think he shouldn’t start for the next few games, then he would realize he needs to pick up his game to get his starting position back. Overall we are still the best team and will be getting #8 this year!

  172. JT
    12:31 am December 14, 2011 Permalink

    I find it odd that all these so-called UK fans would trash Jones for quitting, when they are so quick to quit supporting him after a bad game! Way to go BBN! Constructive criticism is one thing, these kids come to UK not only to play ball but to learn how to become men. This is a teaching moment … point out what he should do if he find himself having a similiar game down the road. Such as support your team, focus your frustrations on rebounding, blocking out, setting picks. We’ve got a long season ahead of us. And there will surely be games where we’ll be shorthanded either because of foul trouble, injury, disappearing acts, etc. The remaining guys have to win the game. Player-for-player we still should have won that game! Coach Cal needs to look at his Offensive scheme … you can’t run the Dribble Drive all game long! You have to run some fundamental plays (team ball, pick-n-rolls, screen plays, etc.)

  173. JT
    12:42 am December 14, 2011 Permalink

    Teague does indeed look lost. But I believe one of the reasons Teague struggles is we rely too much on the Dribble Drive offense. With the DD we’re asking a lot of a freshman PG to create offense on a consistent basis. With a more structured / fundamental offense the PG gets to practice knowing where everyone is “suppose” to be on the floor at all times. With the Dribble-Drive it’s designed to be organized chaos … and a freshman can easily get rattled if the defense is good enough to shut down lanes. At present, when the Cats have a bad game all we can do is blame the players for a lack of effort. The real issue is a lack of stuctured Offense for a PG to lead.