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Terrence Jones Is Ready

Lost amid the controversy of BLEEP-gate this week was the very real concern that Calipari was partially correct – and that perhaps Terrence Jones has been a little too selfish for the teams sake.  At times Jones has seemed out of control, at times not productive and at times not fully comfortable in the offense (at leas the passing portion of it.)  However unlike some, I don’t believe this is entirely on his ‘overinflated ego,’ but more on him not yet having adapted to the way to play college ball.

In high school, Terrence (and many star freshmen,) could do whatever they wanted and still score – the talent discrepency was so high.  TJ is just taking a little longer to adjust to the college level than some, and there is nothing wrong with that.  But – at least according to him – he looks ready to turn the page against South Carolina.

Per Terrence Jones twitter:

TerrenceJones1: Walking to my room wondering why it can’t be Saturday already.

—I think it’s fairly obvious that Terrence (and the team,) is looking forward to a chance for redemption against South Carolina tomorrow.

TerrenceJones1: About to attempt to shock a whole lot of people.

—I will assume that TJ is talking about his ‘haters.’  While his performance in Maui made Jones a household name, he has since seen a dip in his hype, more questions being asked about his readiness for the next level – and of course BLEEP-gate.  Jones being ready to ‘shock a whole lot of people,’ has to make you excited for Saturday.

TerrenceJones1: An arrogant man is a fool. A confident man knows he must listen 2 the teacher and take direction to be come his best.

—I think it’s fairly clear what we’re going to interpret this one to be.  Jones is trying to become his best – and the way to do that is by being coachable.

TerrenceJones1: Everybody hates chris

—Clearly talking about Chris Warren, former shooting guard for the South Carolina gamecocks, and not the UPN show about Chris Rocks childhood – though now that I’m reading about it, that show sounds pretty awesome.

T Jones is ready, are you?

Go Cats.

Article written by Will Lentz

42 Comments for Terrence Jones Is Ready

  1. Poole_The_Unready
    1:08 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink


  2. I Shoot 4s
    1:09 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    Terrence is ready for a triple double. He had such sweet passes in the Maui, he just needs to learn to find the open man when he gets double-teamed. When he does, this team will look great on offense. Though for this team to be great, they have to be a defensive team first. Trust in Cal!!!

  3. slicky ricky
    1:09 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    2nd but i would rather be 15th

  4. scott
    1:11 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    chris warren was from ole miss

  5. Winston Bennett
    1:12 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    Where’d he get the watch?

  6. UK
    1:16 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    Chris warren still plays and he plays for Ole Miss.

  7. Gman
    1:19 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    Sounds like a young man who is maturing and doing his best to understand not only what it means to truly play as a team but also what it means to BE a young man.

  8. Chris Warren
    1:20 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    I play for Ole Miss now and I’m scoring over 18 points per game. Leggo

  9. Will Lentz
    1:20 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    I was talking about the Chris Warren that played for South Carolina in the early 2000’s. You probably don’t remember him because he wasn’t very good. Also – wasn’t being serious thinking that tweet was actually about him.

    Here’s his bio.

  10. enes
    1:21 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    The real enes says: TJ will be fine he is just going thru some freshman adjustment. Beware the fake enes!

  11. Betterblue
    1:24 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    I assume by his statement about how he’s going to shock a whole lot of people he means that he is going to pass the ball. At least I hope it’s that and not that he’s changed his mind and going to play for Washington.

  12. Scared to be a fan
    1:25 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    10 – “super fan”!

  13. Doubting Thomas
    1:31 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    I believe this young man has gotten the message. I can’t wait to see him play on Saturday. He will shock us all with his understanding of what is expected of him by Coach Cal. GO CATS!

  14. SoCalCat
    1:33 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    Other than the colorful language that is likely heard on most rap albums (I’m guessing here), the main message that was intertwined about being selfish seems to have latched on. Cali-rap-pery hit the mark!

  15. Diaper Candy
    1:37 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    I’m not a huge fan of Ruth’s Chris either but it’s quite a leap to assert that everyone hates it.

  16. Betterblue
    1:37 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    There are still people thinking the previous post was actually Jerry Tipton. There are still people debating on BTI’s Rants post from this morning. God, will it never end?

  17. What?
    1:37 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    I hope come Saturday he tears the dang place down!! I want the CATS to rip USC apart and lay a 20+ point ass kicking on them!!

    Come out strong fellas!!! Show what you are made of…not just TJ!!

  18. deer boss
    1:41 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    11…Actually he was referring to a weekend out with Will Hill laying the shocker (2 in the pink 1 in the stink for you jobbers still confused about notjerrytipton)to a bunch of classy gals.

  19. willdcat1
    1:44 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    new photo of T. Jones. pls – getting tired of that one…

  20. Ottocat
    1:45 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    Will – you blew it by posting a reply. Don’t be so sensitive and let your good work speak for itself.

  21. steve
    1:48 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    agreed #19. That picture pisses me off and I’m tired of seeing it.

  22. Al's IndiCats
    1:51 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    All that was needed was a little “Chat” with Coach. Now rip the twine in SC like Pitino on Sypher’s fishnet stockings.

  23. UK Selfish
    1:51 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    It’s not just Jones. NOBODY passes the ball to JON HOOD when he’s open. They drive but won’t kick out to the open shooter. Coach Cal should run the dog shit out of them until they learn to pass to the open man.

  24. kentuckyjoe
    1:53 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    There is no one that ‘hates’ Terrence Jones. fergettaboutit.

  25. The Real Chirs Warren
    1:58 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    Will Lentz…for you to say that I was not any good is absurd. Let me ask you this, how many Mexican League Championships have you won? I’m waiting…..that’s what I thought. Enjoy writing your little blog articles while I enjoy free VIP at all the clubs in Puerta Vallerta.

    Karsreb (Croatian for Hater!)

  26. old-school
    2:06 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    TJ is a kid. He’s an amazing talent and will likely be great basketball but his mental and emotional maturity is lagging behind his physical skills.

    That’s more often than not true of most phenom freshmen and is yet another reason why the idea of winning with Freshmen is a longshot at best.

    TJ (and the UK program as a whole) would have been much-better served if he could ahve come in as a Freshmen and play behind a guy like Patrick Patterson. The intangibles he could have picked up from PP Patterson would be priceless.

    TJ would still have been able to log 15 plus minuets a game, get his name out there as a star to watch, but without all the pressure of the offense running through him.

    Our current coach’s insistence on getting 5-star high school recruits and throwing them on the court and expecting us to win the big games is not only unwise- but unrealistic.

  27. CatInAshland
    2:07 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    -23 Selfish is not the only reason they DON’T pass to Hood….

  28. HoodBlows
    2:10 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    @23 That’s because Hood is possibly the worst shooter on the team and is the last person you want taking a shot. There are players at the Lexington YMCA with more skill and ability than Hood.

  29. Latin League Prez.
    2:11 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    Yeah but 25, how many under 5’5″ latin leagues have you played for and won the prestious MVLP award? (Most Valuable Little Person). Uh huh just what we all thought

  30. wtf
    2:15 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    26. What other option did he have?

  31. Turkish_prison_blues
    2:16 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    Lets go TJ we know you can do it

  32. old-school
    2:19 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    28 – wrong. Hood’s confidence has been shot since he arrived at UK
    I remember watching him at the Derby City classic and he was as athletic as just about anyone on the floor. He’s got a good shot and you don’t go from being Mr. Basketball in Kentucky to being a reserve at the Lex. YMCA overnight. You’re oversimplifying!

    Hood needs some extended playing time. Not 3 minutes here or 4 minutes at the end of a game. Most players are much more productive when they know they’re going to be allowed to miss a shot and not be yanked. Hood needs to play in 7-8 minute stretches – work up a sweat and get into the flow of the game. He shoudl ahve been afforded that opportunity against the Coppin States and Missisippi Valley Staet’s on the schedule – but even then Cal pretty much relied on a six-man rotation.

    There’s a lot of pressure on a kid like Hood. That’s magnified when he takes the court knowing he’s got two minutes to make an impression and fearful that one mistake will put him back on the bench.

    Just as it’s true in baseball that pinch-hitting is the hardest part of the game – so too is asking a kid to hit the court after sitting for 20 minutes and expect him to excel in two minutes.

    For the Cats to have any hopes of advancing – they really need Hood to be productive – Cal just has to give him a fair chance to do so.

    And yes – that means his teammates MUST pass him the ball. (I’ve noticed that as well)

  33. Ronnie's Root
    2:31 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    Jon Hood can shoot. Coach says he’s “Lights out” in practice. The problem is he gets 40 minutes per game in practice and about 4 minutes per game in season play. NOBODY (even Reggie Miller) could get comfortable with only four minutes. Hood can shoot, but he’s never been given a fair chance. And when he’s in there, the others don’t even look his way. The way I see it, is give the kid a chance. Let him shoot more often. If he hits, he’ll play and if not, then he needs to sit with Vargas on the bench.

  34. MK30
    2:44 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    I’m ready to see T-Rex(which I like to call Jones) do some work saturday. Go Big Blue!

  35. Buzzard
    3:05 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    #26 I agree Jones is an amazing talent. But I don’t agree that he has ‘mental’ or ’emotional’
    issues. He’s a kid. Actually, I think he’s shown a lot of maturity by not getting upset when he
    has been taken out of the starting line up, or even when Coach chewed him a new a$$ hole. I think he may
    be a little confused. But he doesn’t talk back or cop an attitude. Coach tells him he should be the best player in the nation and dominate. And that’s what he’s been trying to do. Sure it would be easier on him if Patterson were still here and he could come off the bench. Or maybe that’s why he’s here now. He wants to get playing time this year. And play in the NBA next year. That’s what all the great player want to do now.

  36. tmac
    3:05 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    I do not see what the big deal is over the cursing, I have found articles all over the internet about it. How can you not think this doesnt go on everywhere?? If you truly believe this then you are either sheltered, never played a sport in college, or both. I played football in college and trust me this goes on everywhere, hell it even happened on my high school football and basketball teams. THe only difference is Calipari was caught on camera. To think it hasnt happened numerous times this season is absurd, this is just the first time he was captured on national tv

  37. old-school
    3:45 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    35 – I’m not suggestion TJ has any mental or emotional “issues” just that he – like 99 percent of other kids his age -lacks mental and emotional maturity – that’s to be expected and it’s something only time, season and experience can remedy.

    I wasn’t criticizing the kid – if anythign – I’m trying to deflect any criticism off him and remind people that he’s a kid.

  38. Jessica
    5:03 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    The only two shooters we have that get to play adequate minutes are Lamb and Knight. And when they’re cold (see Knight vs Alabama), we lose. Hood can shoot and needs more minutes to prove that. He’s also athletic enough to get to the lane and draw contact and he’s a good free throw shooter. But when he’s in the game, Jones NEVER looks his way and that makes me sick. Jones is talented, but he’s selfish.

  39. bung
    6:33 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    Let Hood play more…let the selfishness end….utilize all 5 on the floor (except Ligs shooting). Hood would have some 20 and 10’s. Play 6’7″ Hood down low more instead of Eloy, as well as on the wing. Let me have tickets to Rupp. Free Enes.

  40. Unemployed
    10:26 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    Ever oversleep on a work day? Ever walk in late for shift and the boss singles you out in front of everyone, calls you a selfish mof***** for all to hear. Would it still not matter?

  41. billybob
    11:21 pm January 21, 2011 Permalink

    Coach Cal needs to settle down a notch or two or he’s going to have a coronary.

  42. Coach Cal
    3:44 pm January 22, 2011 Permalink

    Find a new picture…