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Tennessee commit trying to flip Ryan Flannigan

Ryan Flannigan

It’s been an interesting day for JUCO linebacker Ryan Flannigan. First, Rivals awarded him a 5.6 3-star ranking, which bumped Kentucky’s 2014 class up to #2 in the nation; and second, his teammate Kameel Jackson started a Twitter campaign to get him to flip from Kentucky to Tennessee. Jackson, a JUCO wide receiver committed to Tennessee, plays with Flannigan at Blinn Community College, and sent out these tweets earlier this afternoon:

A sampling of some of the tweets Tennessee fans have been sending Flannigan:

“bro Kentucky will always be UK.. UT has the best everything in the country. Join your boy @Kameeljackson4 aka Gramps”

“@RFlannigan5 me and @Kameeljackson4 trying to figure out why you’re not a Vol? This place is special not to mention 27-1 vs UK in last 28yrs”

So far, it looks like Ryan is staying true blue:

Ryan, a word of advice from my own mother: don’t trust anyone that willingly wears that much orange.

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14 Comments for Tennessee commit trying to flip Ryan Flannigan

  1. TDog
    7:40 pm June 17, 2013 Permalink

    Considering most people who wear orange are prison inmates I would stick with BBN.

  2. Brandon
    7:44 pm June 17, 2013 Permalink

    100,00? Sounds like he needs to stay in junior college and learn comma placing

  3. Blue Mist
    7:58 pm June 17, 2013 Permalink

    Insiders on the house of blue said a lot of our verbals are soft verbals. Supposedly, Stoops is pushing hard for soft verbals to create buzz around the program. Also, 4 or 5 of our commits are long shots to qualify and Denzl Ware has almost no shot. This is coming from the Rowland guy that helps run the site.

  4. Chaz
    8:02 pm June 17, 2013 Permalink

    It’s just beginning. UK has a target on the back now, so get used to the word “flip”. We’ll try to flip other commits and lots of good programs will try to flip all of our stellar 2014 class. Stay strong Drew Barker, remind your friends of why they committed UK in the first place.

  5. Just Great News
    8:07 pm June 17, 2013 Permalink

    On a better note about flipping. It’s just great to see ul flipped out of the College World Series. They got to play only 2 games & were the first team eliminated.Great news.

  6. Catlogic15
    8:08 pm June 17, 2013 Permalink

    #3. Understand what you’re saying, but if true a dangerous risk for Stoops to get “soft verbals” that most likely flip, plus a bunch of non-qualifiers. That makes much of what he’s accomplished fool’s gold. I’m going to take the wait-see position.

  7. gobgblu37
    8:19 pm June 17, 2013 Permalink

    3) Beware the troll, he is full of it. I’m a paying member of HOB on Rivals and I’ve never seen anyone mention that Stoops is pushing hard for soft verbals and JRowland has never said that Ware has no shot to qualify. This is kind of bs we will have to put with until NSD. No one outside the state of Ky believes we can pull it off.

  8. Blue Mist
    8:21 pm June 17, 2013 Permalink

    7) Not a troll at all. It was said, can’t help you missed it.

  9. Tampa Satchel
    8:25 pm June 17, 2013 Permalink

    8-Then find the article or comment section where you found it and quote it to prove your point, otherwise it is unsubstantiated hearsay.

  10. Gotta say it
    8:27 pm June 17, 2013 Permalink

    Just tell Flannigan they hate Irish in Tenn.

  11. They Feet
    8:35 pm June 17, 2013 Permalink

    Yeah Blue Mist, post a link to this article. I’d love to go read this for myself.

  12. Al/in/Indy
    9:07 pm June 17, 2013 Permalink

    Hey we’re not going to set the world on fire next season and I fully expect a 4 or 5 win season….if we can keep at least 70% to 75% OF THESE RECRUITS…..We’ll be among the better of the top half in the SEC…..MARK (Stoops) my word!!!!!!!!

  13. 2step
    9:50 pm June 17, 2013 Permalink

    LMAO! #VolNation… Come play in front of 100,00 plus, and maybe we’ll have the same coach next year, but don’t count on it, we’ve got expectations that nobody can accomplish here, and we don’t know why. Geez…

  14. Free Bradley Manning
    10:01 pm June 17, 2013 Permalink

    10. That’s stupid.