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#TeamJennifer’s Monday News and Views


The game on Saturday was what it was. Kentucky played poorly throughout the first 40 minutes, picked up significantly in the final 20 and left us with some takeaways going forward (see below). So while the action on the field may have been forgettable in the long run, what took place afterwards will not be. A bonafide movement began Saturday as we saw the creation of #TeamJennifer. During our post game radio show, Jennifer (pictured in the cold group above) called in and suggested that she was tired of dealing with a phenomenon that was prevalent throughout Commonwealth Stadium. She said that during a key third down on defense, she stood up to make noise, only to be told by an older gentlemen behind her to sit down. She said that she wanted to cheer because her team needed the support, only to have the man say that he could not see and he had “paid for this seat.” The call began a movement as those who support fans having a right to stand and cheer took the cause of #TeamJennifer, while those who think fans should settle down and let those behind them see were given the moniker #TeamSitDown. I am firmly in the #TeamJennifer camp. Football games are supposed to be fun and if that means standing and yelling support, then that is what we do. But the battle lines have now been drawn and we as a fanbase need to decide what we are. So via the poll on the right, the hashtags on Twitter and Facebook, let us know what you are…is it #TeamJennifer or #TeamSitDown. You decide and an age-old battle can hopefully lead to a consensus as to proper etiquette going forward.

To the news and/or views:

THREE FOOTBALL TAKEAWAYS: The game has been dissected by everyone and most of you saw it yourselves, so there is little else to discuss. For me however, there are three takeaways going forward from the Central Michigan game:

1. Morgan Newton’s Toughness

The jury is still out for me on Newton’s overall abilities as a quarterback. I still think he throws a great deep ball and has more pocket presence than most are giving him credit for. However a few poor decisions were made on his part and there were some huge throws that he simply missed, most notably the one to LaRod King in the end zone. But on Saturday, we saw a trait from Newton that was very promising and could pay huge dividends in the future. On the game-cllnching drive, Newton showed an ability to break tackles and make TOUGH runs for big first downs. He is not a Wildcat quarterback (no matter how much some fans hope to make him one) but his ability to take hits and keep running could give him the ability to successfully run planned QB draws for big first downs.

2. Trevathan’d

The general reaction to the Pam Ward ESPNU experience was not very positive and threatened to make #TeamShannontheDude a potential trending topic on Twitter. But she did create a phrase that may last, after noting that hard hits from LB Danny Trevathan cause ball carriers to feel as if they have been “Trevathan’d.” Just as we now appreciate Randall Cobb even more after we realize what he has done since leaving, I think the same will happen with Danny next season. He now leads the SEC in tackles with 26 (Winston Guy by the way is second with 23), and the UK defense is as dependent on him as any team is with one player in America. His decision to return to UK has made UK’s defense competitive and he continues to produce All-American level performances week after week.

3. The Call to Remember

I will freely admit that I did not like the call to go for the touchdown on the 1 yard line up seven late. I thought a field goal put the game away and it seemed to me that Joker was unduly influenced by outside factors (like the crowd’s chants) in making the rather odd decision. But, regardless of whether I would have made it, the decision worked and UK won the game by 14. While a negative ramification of that call had Newton been tackled would have been universal scrutiny, a positive ramification is the confidence it engendered amongst his team. Joker showed his offense that he believed in them in a key spot and trusted them to get a big yard when it mattered most. The players praised him afterwards for it and that confidence will be positive moving forward.

LOUISVILLE GAME: And now we move to the next one, as the Louisville week is finally here. This game may have lost some luster to fans since the beginning of the season, as neither team has looked good and Louisville found a way to lay a complete egg against Florida International (hey at least it is an “International” school). But it is still a huge rivalry and beating the Cards never gets old. A win gets Kentucky its fifth straight in the series and puts the Cats still on target to make a sixth straight bowl game. A loss makes the season much more difficult and gets the fanbase likely up in arms. It is thus a HUGE week for Joker and the Cats. UL has shown little ability to move the ball on offense and their defense has been their (relative) strength. From what I have seen, UK has a better overall defense and a slightly worse overall offense…although if Kentucky can play as it did in the 4th quarter, I would say UK’s offense would be slightly better. The Cats are at home and a 7.5 point favorite, meaning a win is expected. The Cats really need it and with a three-game stretch coming up in which wins will be nearly impossible (Florida, at LSU, at South Carolina), smacking the dirty Cards down one more time is imperative.

BASKETBALL RECRUITING: Basketball has taken a slight back seat in the past two weeks, as football has gotten going and Calipari has been in the Dominican Republic. However the contact period has begun for recruiting, leading Kenny Payne to travel around America doing “in-home” visits and Calipari to participate from overseas (likely via Skype or some other form of technology). When Calipari returns this week, he is scheduled to three more, including a trip to see Perry Ellis on the 16th. Most still expect no early commitments, although that could change after the mega-Midnigh Madness edition in a few weeks. Expect a great deal of UK recruiting interviews/tidbits over the next 2 weeks as Cal shifts from Dominican mode to “getting a Top 5 class in 2012” mode.

CALIPARI GETS HIS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ON: In case you weren’t following the action in Argentina, Calipari guided the Dominican Republic to a 3rd place finish in the FIBA Americas Tournament, the best ever for the island nation. The Dominican had never finished higher than 6th and his accomplishment has drawn high praise from international basketball folks across the world. Unfortunately the tournament only qualified the top 2 for the Olympics, but by coming in 3rd, Calipari qualified the Dominican for the “Last Chance” qualifier next year, right before the London Olympics. It was a showcase of how good Calipari is at the actual Xs and Os of basketball (contrary to his critics…you know who you are) and was a tremendous outreach for UK basketball across South America. Congrats to Calipari and the Dominican team for doing what one would have never thought possible…making UK fans root for, and genuinely like, two Cards and a Gator.

Tomorrow we get back to the radio show by talking about the Central Michigan game, Pam Ward and #TeamJennifer. If you have not yet, make sure and SUBSCRIBE TO THE KSR RADIO SHOW PODCAST, so you can get the show downloaded directly to you every day. Beginning next week, the Post Game show will also be part of that feed as well. It is the #1 college sports podcast in America and is one of the top ten most downloaded daily sports radio shows on iTunes. If you aren’t listening, I hope you will start. More later today….

Article written by Matt Jones

110 Comments for #TeamJennifer’s Monday News and Views

  1. seth
    11:13 pm September 11, 2011 Permalink

    please quite covering uk football!!!!

  2. Legggooo
    11:18 pm September 11, 2011 Permalink

    The problem is that the ushers would probably kick you out if you refused to sit down.

  3. BlueFins
    11:18 pm September 11, 2011 Permalink

    Put me down for #TeamJennifer. But that probably brings up a few more “Teams”. How about #TeamBoo, #TeamI’mGonnaNeedMoreMakers, #TeamWishIHadn’tPaidForTheseTickets, and sure to come #TeamFireJoker.

  4. Red Bird
    11:18 pm September 11, 2011 Permalink

    I would like to point out and not sure how many would agree that despite a really bad crowd, the student section deal was a hit, it was packed. The music was AWESOME and not the usual crap they play and the video before hand is going to get the crowd amped for big games, watch and see.

  5. sexy in lexy
    11:25 pm September 11, 2011 Permalink

    More analysis on this needs to be done as there are many types of standers, and a one type in particular needs to be criticized…

    For a few years, I have had someone in front of me stand up in the middle of half the plays. There’s a pass, the ball floats in the air, he stands up (everyone in front of him are seated), and I miss the result if I don’t jolt upwards within 0.2 seconds. If he wants to stand before the play starts, like Jennifer, great because I love doing that too. If Clemonade is half-way through an 80-yard touchdown run, sure, stand up and go crazy. But don’t pop up with every bubble screen pass. Don’t stand up as the field goal attempt sails through the air. Don’t leap up on every run to the outside.

  6. Cats
    11:32 pm September 11, 2011 Permalink


  7. rolly
    11:38 pm September 11, 2011 Permalink

    I agree with sexy in lexy — the question is not so easy. 3rd down on defense – teamjennifer. 1st down on offense — teamsitdown. ETC But always teamberespectful. A couple of times my trips to CWS have been ruined by rude and obnoxious fans — most recently by incessant screaming at Hartline about how much he sucked.

  8. Jason
    11:38 pm September 11, 2011 Permalink

    UK’s defense “slightly” better than UL’s?! Wow. UL’s defense is absurdly terrible. Their back 7 is the worst i have seen in years, and incredibly inexperienced. On the other end, UK’s pass defense is top 10-15 in the entire country, and we have an all american linebacker (and all SEC player this year with Guy, and Burden). To say our defense is only “slightly” better than UL’s terrible gang……wow.

  9. BPsycho
    11:49 pm September 11, 2011 Permalink

    “genuinely” is sush a strong word…

  10. Hot UK Girl (Matt Fan)
    11:53 pm September 11, 2011 Permalink

    I was at Saturday’s game and I am firmly in the TeamJennifer category. However, there are people who stand at random times, and people who stand just to talk/socialize with each other. It made it really difficult to see when everyone is sitting except for the 4 people in front of me who are just talking to each other, or when they getting up and going into the concession area every 5 minutes. I am probably obnoxious to those around me with my loud cheering and jumping up on 3rd down D to cheer, so I don’t know a good compromise to the problem. I came there to watch the game and I want to “see” what is going on. I also came there to cheer loudly for my team where they might actually be able to hear me. It’s a connundrum…

  11. UKGoBigBlue
    11:54 pm September 11, 2011 Permalink

    UK needs to put all the Teamsitdowns in their own special sections in Commonwealth & Rupp; maybe UK can get AARP to sponsor this section. They can add inserts where they can hook up their oxygen, have quick access to bath rooms for all the prostate bladder control issues, and ear plugs so the Teamsitdowns can’t hear Waka Flocka blasting thru the new speakers. Keep all the old people together !

    If you aren’t TeamJennifer and are part of Teamsitdown, then you are the problem & not the future solution. The old fans/alumni/people with money; we love your support, we really love your money, but we really hate your grumpiness. If you’re too old to stand up during the game, then you’re too old to go to the games; stay home on your couch or Lazy Boy.

    There isn’t much point building a new Rupp just so we can transfer all the old people with money from the old Rupp to the new Rupp; that’s just moving the deck chairs or the wheel chairs. Just because you’re old, have been a fan since Lincoln was President, or have tons of money to spend on the best seats, mean you have the right to be the party poopers. UK really needs to address this issue.

  12. Tim
    11:55 pm September 11, 2011 Permalink

    Same problem as the “blue hairs” at rupp! If you want to sit down to watch, stay home & watch it on tv! Our fans need to be up & rocking to support Big Blue! I am teamjennifer!

  13. BigBlueSkyDog
    11:57 pm September 11, 2011 Permalink

    #Team Jennifer. If this codger wants an unobstructed view, he can stand up like Jennifer or watch the game from another seat he paid for; his sofa. What would they say to you in Bryant-Denny or the Swamp if you told them to sit down?

  14. tdky
    12:00 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Seth, shut the heck up. TeamJennifer for me.

  15. cathy
    12:06 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    #TeamJennifer all the way. We need to rock Commonwealth Stadium. Our team needs our support..RISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. cathy
    12:09 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    #TeamJennifer all the way. We need to rock Commonwealth Stadium. Our team needs our cheers and support!!!!!!

  17. cathy
    12:20 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    #TeamJennifer all the way. We need to rock Commonwealth Stadium!!!

  18. greasy pan
    12:23 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    How much sausage and gravy do those boyfriends eat? Round beards…

  19. SouthBeachWildcat
    1:00 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    #5 and 7 I agree! I love to stand and cheer……………but am smart enough to know that if I am the only one in my section doing it………….then its prob time to sit down

  20. secretagent0014
    1:02 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    #TeamJennifer for sure.

  21. Red Bird
    1:05 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    LMAO @ people saying don’t stand up at random times. Go the hell home. If you’re that close to someone standing, chances are they paid just as much as you did to be in there. Get over yourself and stand up. #TeamJennifer.

  22. realist mike
    1:22 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    110% agree with UKgoBigBlue. even as i watch basketball games on tv, and we are behind or surging ahead, i hate how quite it seems, and to see all the “golf clapping” in the lower sections. i hate Duke with a passion, but it is cool to see their student section jumping the whole time vs. our “blue hairs sitting on their hands

  23. Cousins Fake Teeth
    1:28 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    What I hate is we had 3rd row seats to a basketball game, and it really bugs me when people stand up there. I paid good money to get the seats to watch the game, yet I cant see the game from my seats because people insist on standing up. Its rather annoying when I miss a play because people want to jump up in front of you and block your view.

  24. el homrbe juan
    1:32 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    solution: team jennifer sits in one section, while team sitdown sits in another. its a win-win.

  25. Pin the Tail on the Beez
    1:48 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Had a friend get kicked out of the WKU game in Nashville bc a UK fan went and got security involved when she wouldn’t sit down in the 3rd quarter. #TeamJennifer

  26. Dave
    1:54 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Attending a football game is a participatory activity. Fans are expected to cheer, stand, jump up and down, and be a little obnoxious and intimidating to the visiting team. I’ve been to many UK games (’82 grad) and although I don’t always like to have to stand up during “meaningless” plays, I’d never gripe about other fans doing so. So #TeamJennifer gets my vote. Maybe this Saturday they can play Ludacris’ “Stand Up” on the new sound system and see what happens.

  27. Calipari'sInYourEar
    2:26 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    It’s quite embarrassing to be a part of a fan base that even acknowledges that it has enough fans in the #lazyass group to signify it’s discussion.

    You know who you are. If you want to watch football or basketball live, be prepared to stand at times.

    If you want to sit, go watch tennis.

    It’s that easy.

  28. experienced
    2:32 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I think Mitch Barnhart has established this program as a cash cow. However, I do believe that this program can sustain its profitability if it moves the student section around the entire court like Cam Indoor. I refuse to believe that there is not a couple thousand people that would gladly buy up the tickets of the blue hairs who stopped coming because they got moved a few rows pack to make room for noise and intimidation.

    In this case I think both parties are wrong and right. Both have the right to enjoy the game they want to. They payed, most likely, the same amount of money. If Jennifer wants to stand up on third down and cheer on our Cats (what I’d personally do) then hell let her. If the old man wants to sit down on third down well let him. If it becomes an issue move one party or the other to one of the other 12,000 open seats. I can’t believe some genius didn’t think of that one. But anyways, that’s my two cents.

  29. Calipari'sInYourEar
    2:34 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    To those #ConfusedLazyAsses who prefer to sit in the seat that you “paid for” remember that you didn’t just pay for a seat. You paid for an opportunity to be a part of a group of people who also have designated spots.

    If you want to sit uninterrupted stay at home or wait your turn for front row seats.

    We should have a section designated for the fat, the lazy, the complainers, and the handicapped. Then they can find something to bitch about there and it won’t disturb the 95% who came to watch the game among others.

  30. Calipari'sInYourEar
    4:37 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I rethought my comment in #29 and realize that it wouldn’t be fair to the handicapped to put the complainers in a section with them, as many of the handicapped would stand if they could.

    They’d stand all damn game if they could.

  31. gobgblue37
    4:56 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    If you think Loserville’s O is better than the Cats, you are frigging drunk or blind or both! GBB!

  32. GoCats2
    5:51 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I cant believe this is a debate for real fans. I have had this argument many many times AT RUPP!

  33. Unbelievable
    6:31 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I can’t believe this is even being discussed. You’re at a freakin’ football game, stand up and cheer. No wonder we have such a miserable environment in CWS when we’re discussing whether or not we should stand at a football game. Stand your butt up and cheer THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE GAME. I go to high school football games where the crowd never sits down. Obviously, we have a lot to learn from them.


  34. Team Jennifer
    6:56 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    No one sits on 3rd down at a Ravens game, ever. Our fans need to learn that we can help our defense. It’s like some folks have no clue about football because not standing and screaming on every third down is not acceptable. The team needs our help… It’s the least we can do.

  35. BBN
    7:04 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Joker has asked the fans to come early and be loud. The players turn to the crowd and wave their hands to stand and cheer. RISE!!! #Team Jennifer for sure.

  36. SexnNursinHomes
    7:06 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Although I like looking at 90 year old women naked and also love seeing the yelling and screaming for UK sports from the younger crowd. I will not fall into one of those dumb Twighlight teams. I hate Twilight, I think it’s full of gay vampires and will not subject myself to a “team”. Jennifer is on her own.


  37. ukcat1
    7:37 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    What is the evidence that you can make more noise and root harder standing than sitting? When the 6′ guys stand up in front of the 5′ me. I sure do not see anything I want to see.

  38. Love the cats
    7:38 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I stand at Commonwealth and I stand at Rupp Arena. I will support my cats always! #TeamJennifer#TeamJennifer#TeamJennifer

  39. Brew Crew
    7:49 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    This isn’t a question is it? This is pathetic.

    STAND UP (no, I’m not just quoting DMB songs here).

    If you want to sit down, stay at home. Your couch seat is far more comfortable than bleachers, and your view will be far better.

    I was in the student section, and everyone around our group was yelling at others to sit down – in the lower level student area. Not to mention students started filtering out late 1st quarter (and continued to leave throughout the game). It was pathetic.

  40. WildcatNation
    7:53 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Could we pose this question to Joker, Coach Cal, Mitch Barnhart and a few players? I would love to hear their response. I stand proudly with #TeamJennifer.

  41. Nick Papageorgio
    7:57 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Shouldn’t it be #teamseatdown?

  42. Pink Panther
    7:59 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    36 – Chillout. This has nothing to do with twilight #TeamJennifer

  43. SexnNursinHomes
    8:04 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    42- yeah it does. If it weren’t for those two Twightlight flapjackers, there would be none of this #teamwhatver.

    -Let the fans yell
    -Old people take your nappy time medicine before the game
    -Problem solved

  44. BlueInMI
    8:05 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I’m with #TeamJennifer. If you want to sit and watch the game then stay home. Ridiculous that at a football game you get in trouble for standing and rooting the team on!!!

  45. josh dublin
    8:07 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    ITS A FOOTBALL GAME, DAMN RIGHT IM STANDING UP!!! Its nt a broadway show. If u wanna stay seated,,WATCH IT AT HOME. The question is “Why are you sitting down??????” My game questions are,,,wheres the running back and wideout screens? Whats to become of our special teams return play? Dropped passes and all that, i kn. Cobb and locke had a chance every kickoff to take one back. I dnt feel we got that now. A nice bubble screen or screen to clemons could easily go for sum good yards on all this blitzing! Got your back jennifer. RISE!!!!!!! All in all, i think we will still hv a good year.

  46. UKfootballgirl
    8:08 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I am #TeamJennifer all the way! This is football people, not golf or tennis. If you want to be lazy and sit the whole game find a boring sport where that is expected!

  47. CaseofMondays
    8:24 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    #TeamJennifer all the way! I hate being told to sit down and usually refuse saying, “watch the game at home!!!”

  48. Kwildcat
    8:27 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    We just need to show up and play football next weekend against the filthy cards…then MAYBE we won’t have to read a thread on Jennifer v/the Codger drama. Gimme a break Jen. Give us some football we can be proud of on both sides of the ball and the sideline calls, then MAYBE we can enjoy being together in CWS as BBN. Has it come to this Matt???????????

  49. Kidnut
    8:33 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Stand up on 3rd downs when the team is on defense…if possible stand up on all downs while the team is on defense.

  50. Standuporgohome
    8:36 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Stand the whole damn time (or at least most of the time)and if you don’t like it, then go the heck home. Bleh to you sit downers. Those standing and cheering paid for their ticket too.

  51. bung
    8:42 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I would like to whine about being told to hush at the movies.

  52. Pissedoffukfan
    8:52 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I was at Georgia game last year and got kicked out because I was standing to much! I would understand if it was the whole game but we were on defense the entire first quarter and I got kicked out five min. Into the game because I refused to sit after being told I had to sit! Everyone around me was making a social event of the game and not cheering at all! It was so stupid! When I watch other games like LSU I get pissed!! #teamjennifer

  53. ukcat1
    8:56 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    You have dissed old, short and handicapped people. Why will no one tell me the physiology of how you yell louder standing than sitting? Stand when appropriate not just to because you are drunk and obnoxious. If you are lucky you will get old too someday!

  54. Mark
    8:57 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I was at Georgia game last year and got kicked out because I was standing to much! I would understand if it was the whole game but we were on defense the entire first quarter and I got kicked out five min. Into the game because I refused to sit after being told I had to sit! Everyone around me was making a social event of the game and not cheering at all! It was so stupid! When I watch other games like LSU I get pissed!!! #teamjennifer

  55. Scout
    9:01 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    @23: You are part of the problem, and I, too, have lower arena seats in Rupp and had great seats in Memorial. I’m with the Cameron Crazy faction. Unfortunately, the best seats in Rupp are reserved for those who are only there for business, politics, or to “be seen.” The whole bottom seating in Rupp should be for students–it’s their team and they DO cheer. The most ridiculous seats in Rupp are the on-court seats. They have Barnhart and $ written all over them. Can you imagine if Demarcus had plowed into Grandma or somebody’s two year old? Don’t EVER tell me to sit down during a football or basketball game. I might strangle you with your Brooks Brothers tie.

  56. Bob
    9:02 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Jennifer forgot to mention that the old man behind her was a paraplegic. Dumb broad.

  57. EDub
    9:02 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I was watching the Michigan vs Notre Dame game Saturday night, and could not help but wish our stadium was as lively as the The Big House. My gosh, what an awesome environment. EVERY person in that stadium was on their feet, giving their team all the support they could give. I know, it was a big rivalry game, but still! TeamSitDown needs to understand, buying a ticket isn’t enough. If you want to sit on your arse and watch the game, stay at home, they are all on TV for the most part.

  58. Tokyo now Tampa Satchel
    9:05 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I attended UK from 89-94 and went to every single home game. Since I attended usually with my frat, we were relegated to the upper level, but we stood 80% of the time. Maybe because it was easier to poor bourbon behind people standing. I don’t really remember anyone asking me to sit, but there was the bourbon…

    My question is is this a new phenomenon at CWS? I mean it happened to me many times at Rupp, but I don’t remember it happening at football games. Also, I’d be interested in hearing if other schools are having similar discussions. If anyone attends/attended school other than UK, can you chime in on the atmosphere?

  59. bung
    9:10 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    make the entire stadium “standing room only”. It should fit in with the “I don’t smoke so I will fix it where you can’t either” crowd.

  60. Legggooo
    9:11 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Did anyone see the Michigan/Notre Dame game or the Texas/BYU game or either other big time school games? Even when the home team was losing, the entire crowd was standing up (all ages). If we want to be one of the big time programs, then we as fans need to act like it. Agree with 40 – need to pose this question to Joker, Mitch, and the players. This issue needs to be escalated beyond the internet and KSR since most of #teamsitdown don’t read or listen to it.

  61. bigcat76
    9:16 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I’m not a real savvy web guy, but it would be great to have a place to email a pic and a seat number of the clown who tells me to sit down during the game. Maybe that could become a Monday morning feature in KSR?

  62. BoggMan
    9:16 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    #TeamJennifer for sure. It seems like I am one of the only ones standing in my section (137) on third downs and I would love for someone to try and tell me to sit down. This is FOOTBALL, I dont understand how there could even be a #TeamSitDown…

  63. BigNate
    9:27 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I am all for #TeamJennifer, at the right time. However, I know the couple on the right in the picture and they are not the nicest people you would ever meet so I am guessing they hang out with people like them. The couple on the right can be obnoxious and snooty and the girl can be a flat out capital B. People sitting around them probably got tired of it and put them in their place.

  64. Old Man
    9:27 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I am fine standing as long as the person in front does not decide to stand on their seat or hold up a sign over their head where it is impossible to see. Stand up to participate in cheering for the team, but do not stand up just to be seen. There is a difference and I am not sure which one Jennifer falls in.
    I have sit behind people that just wanted to be the focus of attention when they stood up and not to support the team. Let’s make sure everyone can be part of the cheering but also be able to see the game. I can tell there is a difference in standing at age 60 for the entire game verses standing at age 20. However, count me in to stand and support the team as long as we are not just standing to try and get attention.

  65. SaggyWheels
    9:37 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Maybe the old guy was frustrated that we couldnt stop them on any 3rd downs?

  66. Lburg
    9:37 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I was attacked by an old man during the UK vs LSU game back around 1999 or 2000. It was the game where UK won. An old man behind me kept getting mad everytime I stood up, which was only on defensive 3rd downs and big offensive plays, he finally grabbed me by my shoulders and pushed me down. I came really close to punching him in the face but I am glad I didn’t. From now on why don’t all us TeamJenifers ask to switch places with whoever is behind us.

  67. bti sucks
    9:44 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I wish I could help, but I am about 600 miles away from Lexington. My family has tickets three rows behind the visiting bench. If you are reading this while surfing the internet on your dialup AOL service and hate it when all the kids with their baggy jeans and their rap music stand up around you, we’ll gladly switch seats with you.

  68. UKfootballgirl
    9:52 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    #57 is right. I watched that Michigan vs Notre Dame game and was thinking wow, I wish our crowd got like this. It made you want to be there. They were ALL into the game and getting their team pumped. We sposed to be SEC, lets act like it!

  69. Elizabeth Nichols
    10:11 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I’m the girl in the picture to the right (Elizabeth Nichols) and I really do not appreciate the comment from BigNate–you must not know me or my husband Kyle very well to say such rude comments! If you really feel that way I would prefer you say that to my face! Thanks and GO CATS!

  70. Mark
    10:18 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    For everyone who says they would like to see someone tell them to sit…what u gonna do when a officer says sit or leave? If you do what I did and continue to stand and got removed less than five min into game! I’m sorry I missed the sign that says you must stay seated except every now and then!! #teamsitdown you can have my seats I would rather watch it standing in a bar cheering with other true uk fans like #teamjennifer

  71. ACOTKY
    10:20 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    #TeamJennifer Standing up and cheering is part of sports especially football. I realize that people who stand the whole time can be annoying, but to me those that sit the whole time and whine and complain are even more annoying. The way I see it is if you don’t want someone standing in front of you shell out the big bucks so you can get the front row.

  72. siestakeycat
    10:29 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Elizabeth, I know you as well, and even though I wouldn’t be as harsh as BigNate, he does have a point about the attitude of you two. Every since the new job came through, the both of you have started acting like you were better than everyone. You’ve forgotten about your friends. Hey, do you remember that day right before Christmas last year when we saw out at Meijer’s? Need I say more? In short, your overall attitude and arrogance makes people not like you. It’s sad, because money has made you this way.

  73. SexnNursinHomes
    10:35 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    63,69, and 72- hahahaha

    This is a KSR historic moment here folks.

    Elizabeth, what’s up with that? money more important than your friends? I bet you’re eating at Whole Foods and buying clothes at Gucci drinking wine with your pinky finger out.

  74. bob
    10:42 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    You have the right to make as much noise as you can to support your team. You don’t have the right to obstruct everyone’s view behind you for the entire game.

    Stand up for crucial downs or spectacular plays, but other wise stay seated.

  75. Amy
    11:01 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Funny, I thought this was an article discussing the appropriateness of standing up during a football game, not questioning the character of those who just so happened to be included in the accompanying photograph of the article.

    I too, know Kyle and Elizabeth, and I quite frankly think that they are the furthest thing from stuck up. Both of them have wonderful hearts, and are kind people who don’t deserve receiving irrelevant posts about them on a SPORTS website.

    Accusing someone of forgetting about their friends via a website posting is quite ironic, don’t you think? I believe that a true FRIEND would confront their friends in person if they had a problem with them. It’s also cowardly, not to mention classless.

    I personally feel embarrassed that grown adults are acting this way. High schoolers on Facebook, fine, I expect this kind of immaturity and internet gossip. But ADULTS? My goodness, everyone should be ashamed of themselves.

    Anyway, back to the topic at hand, I’m #teamjennifer so long as it’s in the heat of the moment. You feel like your team needs an extra boost at a critical time? Rock on girl, stand up and cheer! Randomly jumping up 5,000 times during a game though is annoying. It’s all about the timing, then again there are always going to be those grumpy people who are going to be annoyed even if you stand up after a touchdown. The fan loyalty and energy is partially what makes college football so great.

    For the record, I’m also on #teamdontbashpeopleyouknowontheinternet

  76. nodramamama
    11:01 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I thought this was a blog about sports????

  77. arlie
    11:01 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I would like to whine about being told to hush at the movies, even though I hollered “down in front” once.

  78. Really?
    11:05 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Really BigNate? You know the couple on the right? Obviously not! I know them and would proudly stand up through an entire game with them cheering on the CATS!!!

  79. slappy
    11:07 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    If some of the people in the stands are opposed to making noise they should just stay home.

  80. Really?
    11:11 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Is this blog about standing up at UK games or a personal attack on an innocent UK fan? Just curious…. stay on topic people!!!

  81. Legggooo
    11:28 am September 12, 2011 Permalink


  82. Larry
    11:28 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    She is sexy.

  83. siestakeycat
    11:41 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    It’s just sad when money makes people do a 180 on their attitude. That day at Meijer’s I will never forget. Really uncalled for what was said that day.

  84. UKMathCat
    11:49 am September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I don’t understand why you would buy tickets to a game if you didn’t want to participate. The only reason that I went to the game Saturday was because I figured not many people would show up and I wanted to be there to cheer and fill up a seat in the stands to make us look better on TV–otherwise I would have just gone and watched it in a bar somewhere.

    If you want to sit and watch a game in silence (except for chatting with the person next to you or listening to the radio play by play with some headphones while eating peanuts) then, awesome, save yourself $31 and stay at home. Otherwise, get up and cheer!

    As for the people on this board claiming that people standing up don’t make any more noise than people sitting down — a)You project better while standing, b) I never see anyone sitting on their ass making any noise except for telling someone to sit down. It’s a football game! #teamjennifer

  85. SECFTW
    12:05 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I just noticed the difference in votes on the poll for #TeamJennifer, I voted team Jennifer but then thought “Is this cheering on third down when UK is on offense or defense?” I’m still on team jennifer if its while were on Defense lol. Go Big Blue!!

  86. drew
    12:07 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I cancelled my season tickets because the guy behind me told me repeatedly to sit down even when everyone in front of me was standing. I’m on #teamjennifer.

  87. Kyle Nichols
    12:09 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Eilzabeth, honey, don’t listen to these idiots. BigNate (Nate Johnson), you are a out-of-work bum, and the only reason why you don’t like us anymore is because I wouldn’t loan you money. Jbfwildcat (Jim Kramer), you are one to talk, now aren’t you? You have your daddy leave you a million bucks, and you promptly leave your wife and son and move to Florida. And the only reason why Elizabeth and I ever said anything to you that day last year was because YOU walked up to us with that skank girlfriend of yours and started the insults.

  88. sietsakeycat
    12:12 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Whatever, Kyle. I got your email, by the way. Anytime you want, buddy.

  89. phillipe
    12:29 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Carry on Jennifer, I’m on your team!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. cat fan
    12:56 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    The topic is team support. The name calling just shows how rude and ignorant some fans can be. These are the fans that boo their own team and yell sit down. #TeamJennifer all the way.

  91. Shelbyville's Finest
    12:58 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    You all are all idiots!!! Now stand up and freaking cheer on the CATS!!! Its UL week and you all are bickering like a bunch of middle school girls!!!

  92. toothless temp
    12:58 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I am a season ticket holder and firmly stand in the #TeamJennifer camp on 3rd Downs on Defense or Goal Line Stands. The crowd has an effect on the game and far to often the crowd at Commonwealth for these non-conference games does not get into the plays that matter.

    If you don’t think the kids react to the crowd you are ignorant.

    Now it’s been a different story the past few years for the SEC games but we constantly do not show up as a fan base for the non-conference games that are against what is perceived to be “small schools.” This is a problem with the overall fan base and also the start times of most of these games. As people have mentioned this is not just the case in football but basketball as well.

    Show up for all games!

  93. B-Rob 6
    12:59 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Prime example as to why Rupp Arena is the way it is these days. Too many blue hairs in the crowd that “paid for that seat” and all they wanna do is sit and casually watch the game without every making so much as a whisper. Terrible for the atmosphere, terrible for the game. Get some luxury suites so we can stuff these geezers in those and lets the real fans stand and cheer when they please.

  94. shelbycardsfan
    1:03 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Kyle and Elizabeth (actually…very kind and caring friends), I think you should switch to the UofL side! People would be much nicer there! : )

  95. 4uk
    1:14 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I roll with #TeamJennifer. Commonwealth Stadium should a place where no one wants to come play. We need to support our team. Go Cats, beat those dirty cards.

  96. siestakeycat
    1:31 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Yeah, that way, they could be a traitor to all of their friends!

  97. bluemania
    1:46 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Without a doubt#TeamJennifer. Don’t even bother to call yourself a fan if you can’t stand up and cheer your team when they need you.#TeamJennifer!!!!!

  98. wildcat nation
    2:04 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I heard Jennifer on KSR this morning. Mark Krebs agreed that is is important for the fans to stand, cheer and support their team. Are you listening cat fans???#TeamJennifer#TeamJennifer#TeamJennifer..debate over

  99. Dini
    2:39 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    2 of the people joining #TeamJennifer on here actually had tickets and attended the game.

  100. Calipari'sInYourEar
    3:01 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    I’ve never seen someone called out in public who didn’t deserve it. Just sayin’

    BTW, I’m on Team #DramaQueens

  101. ivan
    3:15 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    #TeamJennifer absolutely!….

  102. Bledsoe's Biceps
    3:35 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Dang. The comments on this one turned into a bad TV show. Ya might want to take the personal drama offline children. #TeamJerrySpringer

  103. Born Blue/Die Blue
    4:49 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Been watching UK 48 yrs.

    If you are not going to stand, sell your ticket(s) to someone that will, and be grumpy at home.

  104. BigNate
    5:32 pm September 12, 2011 Permalink

    Guess you now know how all your boys feel Kyle. She a Super B that only cares about money. She is fake and you turning out just like her.

  105. Ron Fowler
    10:24 am September 13, 2011 Permalink

    I think most would rather stand, but maybe we could have 1 section for sitters only

  106. BiGCuZ
    10:33 am September 13, 2011 Permalink

    I would like to thank both the women in the picture for making my recruiting trip memorable. #freaks

  107. Ron Fowler
    10:41 am September 13, 2011 Permalink

    I sure most want to stand, especially during dramatic moments. Why not have a ‘no standing’ section for the whiners?

  108. Hartline
    12:34 pm September 13, 2011 Permalink

    They are so right, this IS hilarious

  109. bbn
    1:15 pm September 13, 2011 Permalink

    #TeamJennifer without a doubt. I am now and will always be a true fan.

  110. BigNate
    10:21 pm September 13, 2011 Permalink

    By the way, Kyle, ol’ Elizabeth just LOVES anal! So tight!