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Taxpayers helped buy Richie Farmer’s backyard basketball court, and more…

Richie Farmer’s run as Kentucky’s Commissioner of Agriculture is one the Unforgettable hopes everyone forgets. But unfortunately for him, with new details now out in the open, no one will be forgetting Farmer’s sleazy eight-year tenure in office.

State Auditor Adam Edelen released the findings of a special examination into Farmer’s administration on Monday and the discovery is jam-packed with shady business. There are stories of fraud and corruption from top to bottom, including questionable spending and using state resources for personal benefit. A lot of the misconduct is pretty common in cases like these — such as signing off on time and travel work forms when no work was done and hooking friends and family members up with jobs — but there are a few instances where Farmer’s actions just leave us dumbfounded.

Farmer reportedly ordered state employees to drive him in state vehicles while he hunted, and in one case, he shot a deer from the state-issued vehicle and instructed the employee to bag it for him. For those of you interested in one day becoming Commissioner of Agriculture, that is not part of the job duties. In fact, it’s exactly what you shouldn’t do while in state office.

State employees would often do work around Farmer’s home, including mowing his lawn, chauffeuring his dog, moving a gun safe from his garage to his basement, and constructing a basketball court in his backyard. The project used $900 worth of free concrete from a local vendor and labor work from the state.

Farmer also took four laptops purchased by the department, which were intended to be upgrades for other staff members, and hung a 60-inch television valued at over $2,000 in his personal office. The state paid $60 to expedite ship the brackets so the TV could be mounted on the wall in Farmer’s office in time for the NCAA Tournament.

I could go on and on and on with the findings from the State Auditor, but I think what has been shared here is enough to disappoint everyone. If you’d like to continue reading where your taxes went under Farmer’s administration, there are plenty more stories of family gifts, luxurious hotel stays, and an extravagant conference with your money in the full report.

It’s a sad ending to the story of a one-time Kentucky hero.

Auditor Says Richie Farmer Misused State Resources

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

120 Comments for Taxpayers helped buy Richie Farmer’s backyard basketball court, and more…

  1. Section 133
    10:49 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    He ‘spose to be governor!!!

  2. FloydtheBarber
    10:49 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Oh Richie, Richie, Richie………..Stop by the shop sometime and I’ll trim that
    wooly worm napping on your lip.

  3. jjjj
    10:50 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Anyone who ever had any dealings with Richie either in school or in the years afterwards (like on the barnstorming tours) cannot be surprised. He’s a rotten human being. I’m ashamed that he’s a Wildcat and a Republican. He brings dishonor to both by association.

    10:51 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    this dude is the redneck, white rick james.
    “bag that deer for me! i’m richie farmer b*tch”

  5. DB11
    10:52 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    I still laugh when i’m at gas pumps

  6. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy
    10:52 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    One thing to remember, ALL politicians are corrupt. It’s impossible to get into that position and keep it if one is not so.

    One would be wise to remember that.

  7. Richie Farmer
    10:56 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Buy Kentucky proud…

  8. Ciggy
    10:59 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    F*ck it, i still dig richie. And I agree, he very well might be the white rick james

  9. Bubba
    11:00 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” = hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  10. woody long
    11:01 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Farmer thought since he was a “basketball legend” he could do whatever he wanted. He ripped off tax payers, many of them small town folks that loved him. I think the tax payers spoke loud and clear this past election.

    As a kid I was a big fan of Farmer’s. Now I think he’s a scumbag. If anything, please shave that bad porn star mustache. It may work for Ron Jeremy, but please.

  11. Every Kentuckian
    11:01 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    What a piece of crap and a shame to our state. This overshadows his legacy at UK. Once beloved should now be one of the most hated players in school history.

  12. road_warri0r
    11:02 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    This is pennys compared to the gazillions Obama has funneled to his friends and supporters and the votes he has bought, oh, I forgot its alright for democrats to steal you blind, but republicans taking advantage of a company perk is prosecution worthy, makes perfect sense.

  13. Stan
    11:04 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Clearly not qualified for the job and got it on his U.K. name. Couldn’t get elected as dog catcher now. Nice going Richie, I hope it was worth the fall.

  14. Troll
    11:04 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    One can’t really blame Richie, it’s clearly what we can expect to happen after a George Bush presidency ruined America

  15. hadabellyfull
    11:04 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    pull his jersey from the rafters!!!

  16. your mom
    11:06 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    string him up!

  17. jjjjj
    11:07 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    12, You don’t get it. We expect Democrats to act that way, but Republicans are supposed to be better than that. When Reps act like Dems, we’re screwed.

  18. MainStreetCat
    11:07 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Clay County politics as usual.

  19. Tobias Funke
    11:09 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Who was the last republican to leave his office in KY and not immediately be recognized as a fraud, cheat, liar and general asshole? Richie should be in jaill, along with Gov. Ernie.

  20. EKU memory
    11:10 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    I was a huge Richie Farmer fan from his H.S. days through his days as a Cat. He was one of my idols. When I went to college, that changed. I went home with a girl one night who was a bit of a ho. Just after i hit it, i noticed that the bid Bud Light banner that was on her living room wall was signed by Richie. She said that he came home with her a week before and stayed up doing coke with her. I couldn’t believe it. Before that, i always thought he was squeaky clean before that.

  21. littlebrother
    11:16 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    lol Republicans and their “fiscal conservatism”

  22. Bubba
    11:17 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    I would really love to know what I said that could not be posted. Seriously. Starting to wonder if the uofl fans might be onto something with you Matt and your little site.

  23. SexnNursinHomes
    11:17 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    20- off topic, but do you still have that ho’s number?

    Richie probably paid illegal aliens 2 bucks an hour to shine his shoes.

  24. RUSerious?
    11:18 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    19 . . . just delete “republican” and insert “politician.” Be honest, they (R’s and D’s) don’t take low paying government jobs for anything but the fringe benefits.

  25. eloy
    11:19 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    #6 wins the grand prize. Politics is a corrupt system that swallows equal amounts Rep and Dem. 99% are corrupt and it’s foolish to support their lying, greedy, selfish ways. Support the good ones, the honest ones.

    And on that note, vote for RON PAUL.

  26. jpay
    11:19 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    12 and 17 you are both Moral Minority douche bags….. Go strap a dog to a car….

  27. Bubba
    11:19 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    What? Can’t say “Vince Foster?” So we can’t say dead guys names on this site anymore?

  28. RUSerious?
    11:20 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Bubba – is that the guy Clinton had killed?

  29. lol
    11:21 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    .3 why are you ashamed? he acts EXACTLY like every republican i know! ever heard of dick cheney and haliburton? Why do you think they got all the contracts? richie just didnt have the blue blood connections to pull off his scam like most republicans do. And if david williams picked him for a running mate, whats that say about williams and the rest of the repubs that endorsed that ticket! And wait u til his wifes testimony is released! WOW!

  30. miggles
    11:24 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    C’mon guys. Richie didn’t do the things he did because he’s a Republican or an entitled former UK basketball player. He did the things he did because he’s a dumbass. I know he’s a politician, but you can’t blame “politics” for his actions. Labels don’t define the man. Actions do.

  31. That Guy
    11:24 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    #27 – Educate yourself, bro. I’d rather have a president that has strap’d a dog to the top of a car than a president who had Fido for dinner. I bet Barry would tell ya that it tastes like chicken anyway.

  32. UK Joe
    11:26 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    I’m with you #15. Lets take his jersey out of the rafters. Has any other former UK player in the hall of fame ever later brought such shame to UK.

  33. Chicago Chris
    11:26 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    I just showed this to Rod Blagojevich and he was shocked and outraged.

    11:26 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    This is politics as usual in eastern Kentucky.

  35. Wildcatsteeler
    11:28 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Just typical good ole boy Republican politics.

  36. bluesince66
    11:28 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    #12 Just taking advantage of some company perks, really? Having an employee drive you around while you hunt from the road, first time I’ve heard of that perk.

  37. Karen Sypher's hospital garbage
    11:29 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    “UK Joe” – Is pitino’s name in the rafters?

    Ole Richie has quite a bit of work to do to be as bad of a man as pitino is/was. Maybe, just maybe, that is wear ole Richie learned to be a shady character.

  38. Chicago Chris
    11:30 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    #30 Calling him a “dumbass” is giving him too much credit, like he did this because he was too ignorant to realize it was wrong.

  39. jp123
    11:30 am April 30, 2012 Permalink


  40. Ready 5
    11:31 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    And to think this idiot could have been governor one day. How scary is that. Imbecile.

  41. Chicago Chris
    11:33 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    I do agree that if he is convicted, it’s worth discussing jersey removal. He stole from the citizens of Kentucky repeatedly.

  42. tomas
    11:39 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    richie… dude. that’s weaksauce

  43. Real Cats Fan
    11:40 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Until we all get smart and stop voting for the hucksters in either party, this is what we will get. They just take turns milking us for all that they can, and then pointing the finger at the other party. They laugh all the way to the bank while we take side, left or right, and rant and rave at the other party. Wise up folks, it is the biggest scam in American history. Until we get smart enough to bring a third party into power that is not beheld to all of the special interests, this is what we will get. Be brave, be smart, and vote for an independent candidate. I don’t care if we elect Mickey Mouse, it can’t get any worse than these clowns.

    11:43 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    I bet most of you jack legs believe everything you read. HL running loose with the facts. Everything is either reportedly, alleged, speculation or third party heresay. And any talk of jersey removal just proves you’re total idiot!

  45. 朝青龍
    11:44 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Amen, Real Cats Fan.

  46. Bluesbrother
    11:49 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Drew…you’re corrupt to the core because you’re a flaming liberal and stirring the sh*t on a site we all come to for sports. What’s your intent for this site? Farmer is a dumbass, all politicians are corrupt. I never hear you ‘reporting’ on Democrats? You appear corrupt in your intentions with this stupid post that is in keeping with your agenda. Most people are too stupid to know anything of fact much less vote but voting for liberals as gotten the country into the sh*thole we’re in today. The corruption of the “so-called” conservatives is criminal and they need to be kicked to the curb. You, I believe, sit back and laugh without regard to the damage you do and are thus pathetic. The answer to this country’s problems are not aligned with ANY political party and until the American people stop allowing themselves to be defined (and divided) as either Rep or Dem, there is no hope. You do nothing but flame your corrupt political ideology while using this site to do so. Be careful what you wish for because you may just get it. All politicians should be kicked out of office and we should start over. Anyone who blindly sings any political party song is ignorant.

  47. shameful
    11:51 am April 30, 2012 Permalink


    Now’s a good time to mention that waste and fraud isn’t party-centric. See below for appropriate education:

  48. 2020
    11:53 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    I heard years ago through friends in Frankfort that Richie only worked 2 days a month and played golf virtually every day.

    24) Ag Commissioner job pays $108,720 salary + gold plated benefits (insurance and pension) + state vehicle. That’s right, Richie will continue to earn money from the state with very nice pension and healthcare.

  49. GGman
    11:54 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Is Reetchie gonna start tonight.

  50. Chicago Chris
    11:54 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    #46 Soo…. wait, you’re non-partisan, you just hate “flaming liberals?”

  51. wow
    11:55 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Republicans lmao

  52. TheProfessor
    11:55 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Take his jersey down from the rafters at Rupp, and throw this hick in jail!!!!

  53. Chicago Chris
    11:56 am April 30, 2012 Permalink

    I agree with this comment in the article linked here: “This is what happens when people start fawning over you from the time you’re in 7th grade and you don’t have to do any of your own work. How stupid does the state of Kentucky look for electing this guy? His only qualifications for public office was a nice jump shot.”

    I’m a massive UK fan, but the voters take a bit of responsibility here.

  54. REAL BLY
    12:04 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    This isn’t left vs. right politics….this is a former UK hero STEALING from every citizen in KY! He should be put on trial and jailed!!!

  55. scoretowin9
    12:05 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Now the question will be: Do you think they will put Richie in……….jail?!

  56. UKChillfan
    12:12 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    So many people on this site are full of it. I would be classified by many on here as a liberal democrat but I hate this because of what it does to UK not to any political party. We are the BBN and when someone’s actions, be they Rep, Dem, independent, liberal or conservative, home grown boy or foreign, reflect badly on UK it hurts us all. So I don’t give a crap about Richie’s politics, I only hate it that UK and the Commonwealth will be viewed in a bad light. All this other stuff on here about Rep and Dem and where Drew stands make no difference to me. I love UK and want everyone to be a positive influence on the nation I love, Big Blue Nation. Some of you on here have not been a positve influence concerning this terrible situation.

  57. BigBlue
    12:18 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Republican or Democrat…does not matter..Farmer is a disgrace. He should pay for abusing his power.

  58. jcam1980
    12:19 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    54 Exactly right, he is a piece of garbage.

  59. Sammydog
    12:21 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Richie Farmer is corrupt and immoral. He always has been. Politicians like this should be sent to jail if they committed crimes. Making them pay for their arrogance is the only way to rid ourselves of these types.

  60. Kdsmith10000
    12:22 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    First off, I’m from Clay Country and grew up during his glory years there. My neighbors where his family and my brothers where friends of his. Richie was never clean and innocent but most of his deeds were well hidden due to his b-ball legacy and what he meant to the county. As far as him being a dirty politician thats not a big surprise because all politicians from Clay County of his era where dirty, its in his DNA. No matter Democratic or Republican.

  61. Purple Nurple
    12:24 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    It seem this KY boy really RAPED the state. who wrote this article? its pretty clear you are a sad sack of stale chips with nothing better to do than embellish upon this NON story. Im starting to wonder whether this group of bloggers has become papparazzi with no real ties to the sports world or insider info on UK sports.. this is just flat out weak writing.

  62. Axe Cop
    12:26 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    All I know is he needs a reality show, or needed one at least. How entertaining would it be to watch him shoot deer from a state-issued vehicle?

  63. Bluesbrother
    12:26 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    #50…I’m conservative first and to hell with political parties. Liberalism takes from producers and gives to non-producers so politicians can get a vote and to continue the corruption. If you allow yourself to be “defined” by someone else that couldn’t care less about you, who’s the fool? Unlike most all Democrats, as a conservative, I am perfectly willing to kick any scumbag politician to the curb regardless of the ignorance of their party affiliation. Our country is on the brink and all we can do it point fingers along party lines? This is about “us, the American people” and not a bunch of corrupt politicians. Liberalism is a disease on the human soul that sucks the life out of all hope for anything better. Liberalism has never provided anything of value to the world. Look at Europe, it’s liberal socialism doing what it does best…failing. Whatever party label you want to lay on them, the underlying ideology is liberalism…and they’re all bankrupt. That spells currency collapse. As a citizen, what are you doing about the problems here? Do you continue to believe the lies from politicians or are you willing to vote your corrupt politician out like I am? Your choice. Whatever all of us have been doing…it’s not working. Can’t blame others forever. How you you vote? Are you too lazy to pay attention? Have you ever had an original thought? We are either capable of self-governance or not but continuing to believe this notion that liberalism/socialism is the answer will get you financial ruin. Job producers will move capital offshore or leave this country entirely and all liberals will be left looking for someone to foot the bill. It’s a sinking ship and when American sinks the rest of the freaking world is screwed.

  64. Matt Jonesy
    12:28 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    If Richie was a Democrat, I wouldn’t let these facts be posted on the site.

  65. lalablue
    12:33 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    #46 Why kill the messenger? This is news and the fact that Farmer is a former Wildcat can’t be ignored. Drew is probably the least political person who ever was! Don’t think he has a hidden agenda but do you? You seem to be negative in all your posts.

  66. Bco
    12:35 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    I went to one of his and Williams political stops in east ky (out of curiosity mainly) when Williams was running for gov….richie was so blowed out of his mind he could barely talk at the podium. Everyone in the room was laughing at him.

    I grew up not far from him and he’s well reknownd in this area for being a grade A prick.

  67. mgcat
    12:35 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    First off, this is behavior beneath a former Cat, let alone one of the legendary Unforgettables. However, the amount of funds squandered on Richie-boy’s behalf are a pittance compared to how and where Frankfort throws millions upon millions of dollars every day.

    More and more Kentucky politics resembles the sleaze and corruption illustrated on “Justified”… we just need an army of Raylen Givens’ to root out all the rats.

  68. Brandon
    12:47 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    How is it the greatest nation in the world can be,so stupid to have only two parties and limit itself to there agendas? Farmer has done terrible things, however it goes both ways, I am not blind enough, or ignorant enough to think either party is a bunch of saints, we are all corrupt one way or another. This country is long overdue a slew of new parties, with new agendas to give this country back to the working man. Don’t think our founders meant for the country to be ruled By the same rich old/young men/women who do nothing more than sit there families and friends up for life as so many suffer, bring America back to its people stand together and great things can be accomplished. United we stand, but divided we fall……

  69. RichieFarmer'sMustache
    12:48 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    I’m ashamed to be on this man’s face. I hope he shaves me before he goes to the slammer.

  70. I'm really not joking around
    12:51 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Somebody should take a tire iron to Reechie. Seriously. Beat him half to death and leave him laying. As an example to future politicians. The people in this state and country need to start taking a stand.

  71. MoneyForNothingChicksForFree
    12:53 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Should this guy go to jail for this? I mean what could a punishment be to fit his crime? There is no way he would pay back those funds, so why not make him serve time

  72. travyork
    12:53 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Richie Farmer= real life Kenny Powers. It sounds like his time in office was like a eastbound and down. He needs his own show.

  73. Tony
    12:53 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    What Farmer did has nothing with his Party. Richie is probably about as politically educated as some of the people on here. He got elected because his name is Richie Farmer, and he did what he did because his name is Richie Farmer.

  74. lol
    12:59 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    73. Maybe so, but who were the dumbasses that voted for him?

  75. Bluesbrother
    12:59 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    #65…Unlike most, I have come to believe, most people don’t follow politics or the “real” state of our nation. I’m sorry if I come across as negative but very little time to mince words. I just hope there are some fair-minded people left. I have heard Matt Jones call Drew a bigger liberal than himself so that makes him “out there”, IMO. I love what Matt and Drew are doing with regard to this Sports Site but I would prefer that they stop with mixing their view of politics and something all of us enjoy, that being UK Sports. If this continues, I believe people will go elsewhere for their news, except for the liberals maybe. Too bad. We’re all Americans who simply want something better and politicians are there to take it from us. Heard it said, “If you 25 and not liberal, there’s something wrong with your heart but if you’re 35 and not conservative, there’s something wrong with your head.” I was liberal once, when I was much younger.

  76. Mt. Washington Mike
    1:00 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Farmer should have taken lessons from the masters of deception… Give millions to green energy. Then when they go bankrupt they kick you a bunch back before closing the doors.

  77. Simple
    1:02 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    I also laugh every time I pump gas. Good times.

  78. Tony
    1:07 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    74 The people who voted for him, and the people who are now bitching about it, are one in the same. Im pretty sure that he picked up on the Republican docket because he didnt have to run against anybody in the primary. What I’m saying is this-he had no business ever being elected in the first place. He got elected because he is Richie Farmer, and he was running for an office that was relatively unknown. To be fair, he probably made the office a lot more money than he spent. Not saying that justifies it by any means.

  79. lambinated
    1:10 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    gotta love how some of the people in this thread are so morally bankrupt that they flock to the defense of a corrupt embezzler just because he happens to share the same political party. he is stealing YOUR taxpayer money and you try to deflect blame or start crying about obama? those of you making excuses for him should be ashamed of yourselves and do the republican party as much harm as he has done with his crimes.

  80. Crackerhillbilly
    1:18 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Richie’s misdeeds are minor league compared to the man who actually became our Lt. Governor last election. Anyone from Jefferson County with half a brain (that does exclude a lot of Cards fans) hopes that Abramson NEVER becomes governor. He can run a corrupt administration full of cronies and suck-ups at the professional level.

  81. chstrckwl
    1:22 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    “I’m sorry if I come across as negative but [I have] very little time to mince words.”

    …says the guy who’s written a thousand words over the course of three posts.

  82. lalablue
    1:34 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Don’t know when Matt said Drew was more liberal but do know Strew didn’t even know who David Williams is, don’t think he’s real concerned with politics. Kate Upton on the other hand….

  83. Liberalsrdumb
    1:44 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Anytime a republican screws up MJ publicizes the crap out of it. I guess it isn’t newsworthy when a dem screws up because it happens so often.

  84. bluesince66
    1:44 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    #75 Someone twist your arm and make you read this post? You knew it was going to get political, so why even click on it? See you are part of the problem with this country your views are the correct ones because you’re smarter than everyone else and know what’s best for them. You see I used to be about as nonpolitical as they get then some dumbass went and started two wars. One by lying to us and now his vice president is very rich, hum isn’t Cheney the one that really pressed the Iraq war, Haliburtons not making any money from that are they? So now that I have a son going back to Afganastan for a second time and has already been to Iraq twice, yes I did get a little political. As far as your trickle down economics it’s worked great since Reagan started it, why do you think we’re in this shape? If you make so much money you feel you need to hide it, I really don’t know what to say.

  85. UKBlue
    1:45 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Richie has got some serious mental issues; his next issue is how many years in prison is he going to get.

  86. rainman
    1:54 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    One more reason to NOT recruit Repulican azz holes!!

  87. This is shocking?
    1:55 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    You guys squabbling about politics is hilarious–it’s a moot point. Political affiliation has nothing to do w this. Accept the fact that some actions are simply 100% related to the reality that the person is a jackass. Don’t over think it–Richie didn’t.

  88. Uk2k
    1:59 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    WTF is this on a sports blog? Franklin quit putting your stupid shit on KSR. You have no idea what your talking about.

  89. AlwaysKY
    2:08 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    If he was a Democrat no one would notice, look at Mrs BHO recent 1/2 a mil vacation to Europe

  90. them
    2:15 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Listen carefully……
    47 Years Ago….Amazing Prediction
    Do you remember the famous ABC radio news commentator Paul Harvey?
    Millions of Americans listened to his programs which were broadcast over
    1,200 radio stations nationwide.

    When you listen to it, remember the commentary was broadcast 47 years
    ago…. April 3, 1965.

    It’s short… less than 3 minutes.

  91. Bluesbrother
    2:21 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    #81…”not to mince words” = to speak directly without regard to the fragile sensibilities. It has nothing to do with the number of words…
    #75…See the comment on “original thought”. Spewing the liberal party line only stabs you in the back. Like I said, every politician should be kicked out of office. It’s not about Party, it’s about corruption. Open your mind. Sounds like your son continues to re-enlist. I firmly believe we bring all the troops home. Trickle down? Are you trying to offer commentary on Capitalism? You know the only system on the planet that has created the greatest economic engine to ever exist is capitalism, right? Is it perfect…no, but there’s none better. You have to blame Reagan and the “Trickle down” lie because you don’t think and believe corrupt political animals who tell you what to think. You’ve learned the script and repeat it on demand…sad. That way you don’t have to think for yourself. This country was at it’s best when both parties were dominated by conservative values. Liberalism will kill us all. With regard to money you mention. It’s not “hiding” it, it’s just not putting it at risk with an administration hell bent on destroying the economy in order to usher in socialism. It’s not paying tax into corruption. They’re all guilty of corruption and if we as voters continue to blindly and stupidly support the corruption, our children are screwed. Best of luck to you and your son.

  92. Drew Franklin's Tongue
    2:23 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Thanks for making Clay County look ridiculous, as always, Richie, you douchebag.

    Vote all the corrupt imbeciles from office. RON PAUL 2012. Obama is bad, Romney is worse.

    I LOL at all the comment making fun of Matt for his “demmicrat” agenda. You are 110% correct that you will NEVER see a negative article about a democrat on this website. I’ve been coming here since the Patterson/Lucas days, and I’ve yet to see one. Matt is getting close to 35… maybe he’ll grow up and see his liberal agenda as what it really is… garbage. I’m 28 years old and I have NEVER been liberal. Libertarian or bust.

  93. uk2k
    2:30 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Libertarian ideology is at the heart of conservatism.

  94. Tim
    2:38 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    There are a lot of simplistic morons, i.e., right-wingers, in this state who think they have all of the answers. They think they do, but they don’t.

  95. jpay1
    2:49 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Momma always said, “Stupid is as Stupid does”……

  96. JustDrillingHoles
    2:57 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    I’m sickened at all of these findings. I’m from Frankfort and know Richie fairly well. You can just tell from talking to the guy that he thinks he’s a God among men. Sickened? Yes. Surprised? No. Forget all the right-wing/left-wing b.s. and take it for what it is. He broke the law, robbed the people of Kentucky, and deserves to be put behind bars. Justice shall be served.

  97. Drew Franklin
    3:11 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    These comments are embarrassing for everyone.

  98. Cat's Balls
    3:13 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Richie, where you’re going those ball handling skills are going to come in handy.

  99. JS
    3:32 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    I always laugh when I see someone put up in a post,(that dirty republican or it figures he had to be a republican). I have come to learn that Republican or Democrat,all of them are corrupt. If they weren’t going in, they are going out. What gets me is most people out there really believe their party is the only one that’s fair, BS, THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT.

  100. Davis unibrow
    3:47 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Damn richie….

  101. Bluesbrother
    4:07 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    #94…Tim, if given the chance, I would be interested in hearing your ideas. You seem to think that “we” believe we have all the answers but don’t. Fair enough but I can’t help but notice that when someone can’t defend a particular position or opinion, especially liberals, they resort to “name calling”. Why is that? What you should do, as a citizen, is stand with fellow taxpaying, law-abiding citizens and tell “both” parties to do their damn job and obey the Constitution and stop spending our future away (too late for that). Their only strategy is to divide us (along party lines) and then kick our collective ass. If we let that happen then we are not “fit” for self-governance and I guess we’re all “simplistic morons”.

  102. BT
    4:09 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    I hope he gave The Monster Mash some kickbacks
    Because if not for Jamal Mashburn
    we would be saying Who is Richey Farmer?

  103. Dont trust State Pols
    5:34 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    While it may likely be true I have no faith in it because of politics. For years Democrats got away with this BS and nothing is said. They take back control and all of the sudden the other side are rats. The Dems are just better at hiding their corruption. And I dont trust the Republicans either.

  104. david fisher
    5:56 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    THIS STATE Dos,nt EVER INVESTIGATE DEM,S. VOTE FOR GAY RITHTS, ABOURTION, TAKE THE GUNS AWAY, AND LAY DOWN, IN THE END IT WILL BE SURVIVIAL OF THE fittest.This web site is left,hit delete once, But came back not this time.Matt make,s fun of a,ny conservitive on radio show My Name Is David Fisher 875-3986

  105. david fisher
    6:05 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Hope And Change,Were going down hill like A snow headed for HELL.

  106. david fisher
    6:12 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    I,ll bet 10 dollors angaint A donut hole i,ll get some calls.Change my mind,What An see how long you see me around.

  107. david fisher
    6:14 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    miss selleld wait.

  108. Beavis
    6:21 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Daughter has a friend whose parents were convicted of vote buying in Clay County,,,,got thirty years in prison. Obama administration gives Billions away to Nebraska and Louisiana to get their senators to vote for his health care legislation. Both cases are vote buying and the only difference is the amount of money involved. Politician’s response,,,thats how things get done in Washington. That my friends is why Washington has turned into the cesspool that it is today.

  109. Drew Franklin
    6:23 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Please stop.

  110. david fisher
    7:05 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink


  111. david fisher
    7:06 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink


  112. Rixter
    7:31 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    The audit also said Farmer “reportedly directed a staff member to fill Christmas baskets with items purchased by the department and donated by Kentucky Proud vendors for promotional purposes, then apparently gifted the baskets to family.”

    Really, Richie?
    I’ve never advocated vigilante violence, but I’d be willing to join a lynch mob in this case….

  113. BluesBrotherForPresident
    7:40 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Amen bro! You da onliest intelligent dude on dis blog.

  114. Harlanhick
    8:16 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    you can take the boy out of clay county but you can’t take the clay county out of the boy

  115. NotTheSlickistRick
    9:07 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Reading these comments make one wonder why the rest of the country thinks of Kentuckians as simple bumpkins.

  116. ukman54
    9:15 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    Exactly (nottheslickistrick) look at how y’all take up for the guy, but you hate on rondo for bumping a ref…. One of our former players spent the money you and I work for everyday for his pleasures, and you still have his back??? Thanks for the memories, but screw you seriously!!

  117. WestKyBlue
    9:30 pm April 30, 2012 Permalink

    So? I saw our Gov. sitting behind me at the SEC Tourney in N.O. I wanted ask him if the state picked up the tab, but I really figured it was Harrah’s…

  118. metalarmdad
    3:02 am May 1, 2012 Permalink

    I have been a Wildcat fan for 45 yrs and have seen the good and bad. As I read the comments on here about Mr. Farmer all i could do was laugh. We should not forget who was Mr Farmers’ coach when he was playing basketball at Kentucky. What you say, It was none other than “Slick Rick Pitino” the master of the Table in an eating place. The student follows in the steps of the teacher. Don’t judge Mr. Farmer playing career by what has happened to him now, it’s like I said he is only following in footsteps of one of his teachers and that teacher has been forgiven for a crime by his peers far greater than what Mr Farmers has done.

  119. TrueBlueCat
    1:15 pm May 1, 2012 Permalink

    “Farmer reportedly ordered state employees to drive him in state vehicles while he hunted, and in one case, he shot a deer from the state-issued vehicle and instructed the employee to bag it for him.” – O.K, i am not saying that its right, but that one is pretty funny. Overall, shame on you Richie. Now if you could please send a state employee over here to scrub this from my memory that would be great. Also, as a tax payer here in Kentucky I imagine we can come by to play on our basketball court anytime we like, right?

  120. not surprised
    8:47 pm May 1, 2012 Permalink

    Sounds like half the people on the Obama watch in D.C. If he changes party lines, he can porbably get a job on his staff