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TAMU Has Changed Its Relationship Status To ‘Single’


Because the last Aggie to go to the SEC worked out splendidly…

Or maybe ‘in an open relationship’ would be better.  Either way, reports out of College Station are that Texas A&M has officially notified the Big 12 that they will begin the process of ‘exploring its conference options.‘  This means the Aggies could ultimately decide to stick with the Big 12 but at this point that seems unlikely.  A&M has made too much noise to send this letter and not follow through, even if the SEC for some reason doesn’t grab them up.

A&M’s official statement:

“As I have indicated previously, we are working very deliberately to act in the best long-term interests of both Texas A&M and the State of Texas. This truly is a 100-year decision,” said Loftin. “While we understand the desire of all parties to quickly reach a resolution, these are extremely complex issues that we are addressing methodically.”

“Ultimately, we are seeking to generate greater visibility nationwide for Texas A&M and our championship-caliber student-athletes, as well as secure the necessary and stable financial resources to support our athletic and academic programs,” Loftin added. “As a public university, Texas A&M owes it to the state’s taxpayers to maximize our assets and generate additional revenues both now and well into the future.”

Mike Slive and the SEC likely have a plan in place for this turn of events.  It may involve sending an invitation over the course of the month, it may require TAMU finding a dance partner first, or maybe the SEC will just fave a big middle finger to Texas and pass on the aggies altogether.

Either way, we do know one thing for certain.  In seven days football will officially be back and we can all stop caring about TAMU for the time being.

Thank God.

Article written by Will Lentz

9 Comments for TAMU Has Changed Its Relationship Status To ‘Single’

  1. catcrawler
    6:26 pm August 25, 2011 Permalink

    They need us more than we need them :))

  2. boozer93
    7:33 pm August 25, 2011 Permalink

    I care you jackwagon…..Gig’em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. catinsc
    7:35 pm August 25, 2011 Permalink

    How about “it’s complicated.”

  4. BleedingBlueInTexas
    8:26 pm August 25, 2011 Permalink

    As a resident of College Station, Texas, the home of Texas A&M University, I just jizzed in my pants. The thought of seeing my Big Blue in Reed Arena is too much too overwhelming.

    There is a God and He loves Big Blue!

  5. manbearpig
    8:55 pm August 25, 2011 Permalink

    Shouldn’t it be more of an open relationship?? TAMU will be in the SEC its just waiting on a dance partner. Too big of a market to pass up and SEC wants to he the first mover in the superconferencr race

  6. ZCG
    8:40 am August 26, 2011 Permalink

    TAMU will also push the SEC women’s basketball into the top spot.

  7. The Dude
    11:49 am August 26, 2011 Permalink

    I live in Texas, and this would be AWESOME. Gig em!

  8. golfcat22
    2:51 pm August 26, 2011 Permalink

    GO AWAY A&M. You’re the fat ugly girl at the dance. We don’t need you. “It’s a 100 yr decision”… to be in the cellar of the SEC. This “super conference” thing is killing me. It cheapens rivalries and the whole landscape of college sports. Tradition is for sale.

  9. Tokyo now Tampa Satchel
    6:39 am August 27, 2011 Permalink

    The SEC will not say a word or even hint at an invitation until TAMU has completely and legally separated from the Big 12. As you may know, the Big 12 recently signed a billion dollar TV contract and if TAMU leaves, that could give reason to void the contract, which also could result in a lawsuit against the SEC from tampering.

    The SEC’s earlier snub of TAMU was clearly a move to distance themselves from TAMU until they have cleared all legal hurdles of separation. Once they have, they will be offered an invitation and I imagine another school will be waiting to join with them (Missouri or V-Tech?).