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Take your pick: Cliff Alexander or Myles Turner

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With the July evaluation period looming for Calipari and his staff, its no secret they will begin to focus on specific guys to join the 2014 recruiting class. The power forward position is an interesting case because it appears Calipari may have three targets: Trey Lyles, Cliff Alexander, and the newcomer Myles Turner. Setting Trey Lyles aside for the moment, picture a situation where UK has the choice of Alexander or Turner. Which player would provide the biggest boost for the 2014-2015 squad? Let’s break it down.

Cliff Alexander          Myles Turner

6’9″ 240 lbs               6’11” 223 lbs



Alexander is a brute in the paint. He is looking to body defenders down to get to the rim, and his offensive game has taken great strides recently. Although his mid range game and post skills need development, Alexander has the great mix of strength and athleticism to find his way for a close bucket. Alexander’s great rebounding and positioning allows him to score on putback slams consistently, often with highlight reel tip slams. If Alexander gains touch with his back to the basket and a mid range shot, guarding him becomes a two man job.

Turner has a slighter frame than Alexander, but his jump shot gives him an advantage. The big man can smoothly drain shots from all over the court even though he occasionally falls in love with his jump shot instead of using his size to score in the paint. Regardless, a near seven footer with the threat of hitting three point shots is something any coach would take. Aside from the jumpshot, Turner has footwork beyond his years to make up for his slighter frame in the post.



Alexander has the mixture of muscle and speed to become an elite post defender. His athleticism allows him to block shots like some of the longer defenders in the recruiting class, but Alexander’s greatest strength on defense is his rebounding. He has a great IQ for positioning and has the powerful frame to keep his position at will. The greatest appeal of Alexander on defense is his great size because Alexander has the frame to avoid being backed down in the post like most of the young frontcourt players who are often slender.

Turner has that Anthony Davis type of wingspan and uses it well. He is one of the best shot blockers in the class, perhaps not on the level of Davis or Noel but still extremely skilled. Turner is really lacking in strength to defend in the post, but his IQ and timing on shot blocking have helped him make up for his slender body. If Turner focuses on the weight room before he lands on the college scene, he will be one of the elite defenders in the game.


Advantage: Myles Turner. In his meteoric rise in recruiting rankings, I have become a huge fan of Turner’s game. 6’10” and taller shot blockers, regardless of strength, have historically made massive impacts in college basketball, BBN knows this well. While Alexander’s strength and athleticism make him extremely intriguing, Turner’s ability to shoot from all over the floor is the most important factor to me. Turner and Karl Towns would make a frontcourt with unparalleled length while allowing great spacing with their excellent shooting. The Twin Tower lineup of 2012-2o13 could not stretch the floor on offense, but this new Twin Tower lineup would give opposing coaches nightmares on both ends of the floor.



Article written by Jay Hochstetler

I live the sad but addicting life of tracking where 15-18 year old gentleman are considering for their collegiate basketball careers. Follow me @JayHochKSR

10 Comments for Take your pick: Cliff Alexander or Myles Turner

  1. Bigblueyoda
    4:12 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    Alexander the Great!!!

  2. Deacon
    4:30 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    Alexander would be my pick. Towns doesn’t look like a banger, and we need someone to control the boards.

  3. Frew Drunklin
    4:58 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    Towns, Turner, Johnson, Booker, Mudiay will give us #10.

  4. NorthernKYcatfan
    5:30 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink


  5. snarkster
    5:40 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    Even though there’s a decent chance that at least one of Lee or DJohnson return for a sophomore year. While it’s certainly not a given, it would not shock me to see Cal put six (if not seven). underclassmen in next year’s draft.

    If you couple that with the fact that this is the final seasons for Polson and Hood, then you can pretty much expect another class of at least seven or eight rides given out to the 2014 class.

    You have Towns taking one ride, they clearly like Mudiay at the point and SJohnson at SF. If they can land those two to go with KTJ I’d still like to see them add two from among Booker, Vaughn, Perkins and Whitehead and two from among Alexander, Turner, Lyles, Victor, Okonoboh or even LeRon Black and maybe even a four-year kid like Shane Hall or Ryan Skovrenko.. Maybe sell Alexander or Lyles that if they come in with another big it will make it easier to use them on the wing (something both have talked about).

  6. Randy B
    5:43 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    I was just thinking as I was readiing that Turner sounds like a carbon copy of Townes, but I would take that every time. The object of the game is to score, and he could block, too. And who knows, Johnson could return? I think Frew Drunklin has it right up front, but not sure about the backcourt. Maybe Mudiay, but how about grades? Booker or Perkins could be the PG. Need another shooter at guard rather than a driver, which is what the #1 2-guard is. Can’t remember his name.

  7. Breaking
    5:47 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    Steve Jones ‏ @ SteveJones_CJ 26m
    Cliff Alexander plans to officially visit KU, UofL, Memphis, Zona. Not planning to visit UK, MSU officially because he’s already been there

  8. Parker
    6:55 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    With this class right now.. There will be plenty of openings. Why can’t we take me both. I’ve liked cliff for awhile.. Never really heard the other kid. Here comes YouTube.

  9. Let's not kid ourselves this is Bob
    9:32 pm July 7, 2013 Permalink

    This well written piece of scholarly gold is why I come to this magnificent site. I wonderous read for the Big Blue fanatic like myself who enjoys following the tremendous talent that will grace our program’s walls with trophies and banners in te forth coming years. If only the writers recieved such awards for their achievements, then KSR and young talent like the illustrious Jay Hochstetler would be national champions. Carry on my good man.

  10. Well, that's typical.
    12:44 pm July 8, 2013 Permalink

    Cliff Alexander becomes publicly regarded as a Louisville lean, KSR publishes a crap article about how they’d prefer Myles Turner anyway.