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Sypher Jury Still Has No Verdict; Four Plus Hours of Deliberations Complete


We are approaching the lunch hour here on Thursday and the jury for the Karen Sypher still has no verdict. At this point, the deliberations have been going for over four hours and as of yet, no resolution. The jury is debating six charges, three counts of extortion, two of lying to the FBI and one retalation claim, all of which contain potential jail time. However it seems as if there is some split on the jury pool, as they have not only not come to a decision, but have asked for lunch to be ordered.

This isnt a huge surprise to me after watching most of the trial. The case is not a slam-dunk as some have assumed and the combination of a good defense attorney, a mediocre performance by the US Attorney’s office, a set of people who all have serious holes to their story and a very unsympathetic Defendant combines to make this a case where doubt and disagreement could certainly exist. I have thought since the early days of the trial that we were likely headed to a split decision, with Sypher potentially convicted on some charges and acquitted on the others. The lying to the FBI charges seem stronger than the extortion charges and the Defense has successfully made this a more complex case to the jurors than it probably was to the general public.

Most lawyers believe that the longer it goes in a jury deliberation, the better for the Defense. That is probably true generally, but in an individual case, you just never know. We may find out this afternoon. Stay tuned.

Article written by Matt Jones