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Sweat may miss the rest of the season to focus on academics

Joker Phillips addressed DeMarcus Sweat’s absence from the depth chart during his Monday press conference today, saying he pulled his freshman wide receiver to focus on academics.  Sweat won’t play this week against Samford and may sit out the remainder of the season.

“I’m looking forward to the future of the program and DeMarcus,” Joker said of the kid’s future. “I’m looking out for his long-term interests.”


Article written by Drew Franklin

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32 Comments for Sweat may miss the rest of the season to focus on academics

  1. macsauce13
    12:30 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    Any clue what that means? Weird.

  2. sean
    12:33 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    did joker just recruit a bunch of dumbasses, its seems hes always having someone miss a game or season because of acedemics

  3. lsh74
    12:34 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    1. Maybe because he is failing? Joker wants him to understand the importance of staying academically eligible early in his career. Not like he was a game changer on this years squad anyways(who is?) Props to Joker here

  4. Linda Taylor
    12:38 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    Good news, bad news. Hopefully the young man will buckle down on his academics and still be here for the new regime. He has talent.

  5. I Have A Bridge To Sell You
    12:42 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    This sounds like fertilizer.

  6. PutThatOnDeAndrewLiggins
    12:42 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    It’s going to be really sad to see him miss the end of such a successful season. He might even miss the bowl game…wait. Nevermind.

  7. MemphisCat
    12:45 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    I’m glad Joker is still looking out for the Student-Athlete, you get your education and you play football, get your grades and come back next year and play again. If he played and failed out at the end of the semester, he goes on probation or transfers to a JC never to be heard from again.

  8. UK Fan
    12:46 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    f*&k him.

  9. ChiddarCheddar
    12:51 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    Starting to see why other team’s fans can’t stand ours. We have a couple hundred idiots that never stop yapping.

  10. RUPPS_rhetoric
    12:53 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    9. ChiddarCheddar) Amen, we have some morons in the #BBN. Very annoyed that they misrepresent the decent 99% of the fanbase.

  11. Dee Sanders
    12:55 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    7 – at least somebody understands. If you have been watching the cats play at all this season its i,possible not to notice Sweat. Kid will be a really good college football player if he keeps developing. Joker doesn’t want him to fail out at the end of the semester, he wants him to stay eligible for the Spring. Good move by Joker. #8 – f*@ck you. I’d love to see your transcript from college.

  12. Ted Nugent
    1:02 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    What season i thought football season was already over … TED FOR PREZ !!!!!

  13. rick
    1:06 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    This kid is going to be good so thanks Joker for caring.

  14. RYNO
    1:13 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    Listening to the podcast, matt doesn’t do a very good job of hiding his disdain for petrino. It’s obvious from his show and the posts he tells his writers to put out that he doesn’t like petrino. I guess matt is just barnie’s yes-man just like ryan is matt’s.

    Matt: I hate petrino because he is a jerk an eats babies. What do you think ryan?
    Ryan: well matt, petrino is a jerk and eats babies.
    Matt: that’s exactly right
    Ryan: yes sir!

  15. derekabney
    1:14 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    Very classy move by Joker…He will always be a fan of the Cats!

  16. bluesince66
    1:17 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    Glad Joker is taking care of this kid. Would have been real easy to not do anything and let the kid fail.

  17. LeRoy
    1:19 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    I’ve met Sweat a couple of times. Definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer!

  18. Ashley Judd
    1:34 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    Now he will have time to loofah my stretchmarks.

  19. Champ
    1:38 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    18 i do admit i LOLed on at that one

  20. petey
    1:38 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    lol at 18). plus now he will have more time to sell drugs to the basketball players!

  21. bluefan
    1:40 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    Probably a good move by Joker. Players First, right?

  22. Hey, hay, hey
    1:44 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    #14. Just in case you missed this post:

    Anyone bother to do any research at all on Bobby Petrino? I’ll save you the trouble. In 4 seasons at Louisville, he brought in 32 3-star recruits (Nice job by the way, getting a Brohm to go to Louisville.). Steve Kragthorpe had 31 in 3 seasons. Of the 32, 15 were in the 4th year that Bobby Petrino was at Louisville. From that final class, 21 of those recruits never played football at Louisville. Only 1 even ended up playing Division 1 football. Seeing a trend? He was at Louisville for 4 years, same as Arkansas. Left a mess at both places.

  23. Kevin C.
    1:46 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    Damn…this sure doesn’t help our chances at a bowl game. Oh wait….

  24. Amen
    1:55 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    9) I couldn’t agree more, all of the idiots are out in force recently. That aside – NEWS FLASH – WE ARE NOT GETTING BOBBY PETRINO… give up on it! Mitch would be not be doing what’s best for the kids and caving to the fan base if he hires this guy. I wouldn’t want my son to play for him and I am not just talking about his time in Arkansas. He lacks fundamental respect (look at what he said about us while at UL), he jumps around from job to job and has left EVERY place in shambles and then when we get to his time at Arkansas, not only did he hook up with an EMPLOYEE, he lied to police and the administration in doing do. HE IS NOTHING LIKE CAL, Cal has never shown any kind of behavior like that in the past… so please stop the comparisons there. I am also getting tired of people saying that they won’t support the program if this doesn’t happen… you know what… GOOD… DON’T! Start following UL. I’ve talked to people on the sidelines during the game and I’ve heard that some of these fans (probably ones like 8)do nothing but cuss out the players and coaches from kickoff to the end of the game and I am tired of the most ignorant part of our fan base also being the loudest. I wouldn’t want my kids to hear that nonsense all of the time and believe me, it hurts recruiting. All of that being said, I will sit back and support whoever is hired, even if it is Petrino, but for God’s sake people, will you quit with the prepubescent insults, threats and ultimatums and say something constructive or interesting for once?

  25. ChicagoCat
    2:05 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    Huge class move by Joker here. Shows he really cares about the kids and about the program. Some coaches would use this dead-man-walking time to position themselves for other jobs or try and audition their coaching chops the last few games to sell themselves to their next program. Instead, Joker takes one of his best athletes and says go focus on your future. Big ups, Joker.

  26. ndo
    2:07 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    #22…I’ll save you the trouble 11 wins in 2004 and & 12 in 2006. So with these 3* players he wins double digit games a year. Heres a news flash for you, unless we get Nick Saban we will continue to get 3 and 4* players. UK is not a destination for the 5*s with our facilities and might not ever be. So if a guy can win lots of games with lesser rated recruits that EXACTLY what uk football needs. Hes not a saint but uk football isn’t looking for a pastor, we’re looking for a FB coach.

  27. Scout
    2:21 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    Sweat is upset that Joker will not be back. I can see him transferring.

  28. Dolfan66r
    2:34 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    Joker is not a saint either. His recruiting of a friends son was heavy handed and bordered on harassment.

  29. Hey, hay, hey
    2:37 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    The point is, though ndo, he brings in no one and leaves land mines. Let’s collectively count the good teams he beat in 2004 and 2006….I know….right? Dead silence………

    Let’s see, Wake Forest in the Orange Bowl? There’s a monumental win right there over a major power.

  30. ChiddarCheddar
    2:51 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    24) couldn’t agree more. Kudos.

  31. Tej
    3:17 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    #24 has said what the best part of the UK fan base believes. There are good coaches out there without the baggage Petrino brings. The AD will make the decision about a coach. Let him do his job.

  32. paducahfan
    4:06 pm November 12, 2012 Permalink

    With this team, it’s always something. How about some kids who are good enough students to stay eligible AND understand the game well enough to be competitive?