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Super Blue Dude TAKES THE LEAD

The KSR Choose or Lose game continues on successfully. As we progress on, the game will change a bit and accomodation will be made for players who entered late and we will have an official “Chase for the Championship”….all of which will excite the fans. So keep playing, and remember there are CASH prizes and the honor of a BLOG POST for each winner (And hey MAC, you need to write me if you want to post….dont let the honor pass you by). Week 4 Games are below as well. You have until Friday….DO IT! Here are the overall standings:

SuperBlueDude 36
Paladin 34
Matt Jones 33
Mr. Mujumdar 33
gutter2D 33
Gerry Dinardo 33
Corporate Autocrat 33
Ricky Bobby 32
Intern 32
My Dixie Wrecked 32
Nathan Rice 31
D.Williams 31
Ethan 31
Drunk Irishman 31
Rob Gidel 30
MaconVolfan 30
Keyser Soze 30
Mike Jones 30
MMfiji 30
Palmerjr 30
Walls 29
Payne 29
matt57 29
Turkey Hunter 29
JLove 28
Kentapolis 28
Phil Shelley 28
WillK 28
Mosley 28
Captain Morgan 27
CaliCatFan 27
wildctky 27
wayne 26
NewWildcat Order 26
KevinL 26
kenman07 26
keith 24
wes 23

For those who have only played 2 weeks:

mac 23
nepalibabu 23
jsgorocks 22
David Shuman 22
Duncan Cavanah 20
jayhovah 20
T.Walters 20
JasontheKid 20
Rich 19
mattcat73 18
Aaron 16
gwblak 13

Everyone else has only played one week. The games for this week:

Northwestern at Nevada
Minnesota at Purdue
Tulsa at Navy
Washington St at STanford
Arizona St at Cal
UCLA at Washington
UCONN at Indiana
C. Michigan at E. Michigan
Air Force at Wyoming
Boston College at NC State
Alabama at Arkansas
Wake Forest at Ole Miss
South Florida at Kansas
Mississippi St at UAB
Notre Dame at Michigan St
Oklahoma St at Houston


Kentucky vs Florida

Article written by Matt Jones