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Sunday Night UK Coaching Search Update


It has been a big day in the UK Coaching search, as new teams have had jobs come open and the number of UK Candidates have narrowed quickly. At this point, the best way to look at the situation is to break it down systematically, so lets get to it:

1. UK Now Has Four Primary Targets

After speaking with sources today, it looks like Kentucky has narrowed its list down to three head coaches and one coordinator. Mark Stoops, the Defensive Coordinator at Florida State, Mike MacIntyre, the head coach at San Jose State and Sonny Dykes, the head coach at Louisiana Tech are the three certainties on the list and from my conversations, I believe that all three have been interviewed. The fourth is likely Gary Andersen of Utah State, although I have not been able to get anyone to confirm to me that he is number four. The three head coaches all employ exciting offensive packages, while Stoops is considered one of the best coordinators in America and has one of the best defenses in the nation. If these are the final four (and I assume they are, unless we are wrong about Andersen and someone else takes slot four), then your next coach likely comes from this group.

2. What Happened to the Other Names?

Butch Jones was at one time the potential favorite for this job and may very well have been Kentucky’s first choice. Meetings between Jones and Kentucky took place on at least two occasions, but a source tells KSR that Jones has found himself a candidate for the Tennessee job and believes he could be hired in Knoxville. He thus is unwilling to commit to Kentucky at this point and thus for now at least, he is not on the final four list. It showcases the state of the college football coaching searches nationwide that a candidate who just a few days ago had some UK fans complaining about his pedigree, could now end up the coach of one of the sport’s traditional powers. It is a tough market out there. The other candidate who seems to have not made the final group is Kliff Kingsbury. I know at one point he was considered for the job, although I have been unable to confirm whether he ended up getting an interview in the process or not.

3. So Who Are the Favorites?

In my view, the two favorites at this point are Mike MacIntyre and Mark Stoops. A source tells KSR that both impressed the Kentucky folks with their vision for the program and both jumped up the lists after the conversations. I have been unable to figure out which of the two is the current “leader”, but the timeframe of the actual decision (more on that in a bit) could end up answering that question.

4. So Tell Me About this Mike MacIntyre fella.

I freely admit that when I first heard MacIntyre’s name, I had almost zero reason to be excited. The notion of getting the coach of San Jose State seemed to me a letdown and when I heard that at one point he was working at Shoneys, it seemed his candidacy was doomed from the start. But then I went and learned a bit about him and now I am more impressed. MacIntyre comes from a pedigree of coaching and his father spent most of his career in the SEC. He has connections to two people that Mitch Barnhart trusts (Bill Parcells and David Cutcliffe) and both highly recommend him. Mike was at Ole Miss for a number of years, where he was known as a tremendous recruiter, famously bringing Patrick Willis onto campus. He was the Defensive Coordinator at Duke and in 2009, was named National Coordinator of the Year. He then got the job at San Jose State, where he took over a program that may have been the worst in Division I. They were hit by scholarship limitations and had zero interest/facilities and literally, $0 for a recruiting budget. He built this program from a 1-11 season to this year, where they have gone 10-2. That includes a win over Sonny Dykes and a 20-17 loss to a Stanford team that is headed to the Rose Bowl. He now has San Jose State in the Top 25 and the Sporting News called his program development there “astonishing.”

5. So What About Mark Stoops?

Stoops may be the hottest coordinator available right now in college football and I am still slightly surprised he has genuine interest in Kentucky. He has been mentioned as a coaching candidate at Auburn and he still has one game left in the ACC Title game at Florida State. He went to Arizona as the Defensive Coordinator with his brother Mike and had decent success, but then left to take over at Florida State with Jimbo Fisher. Since there, his defense has been continually improving and this year was first in America going into the Florida game last week. He is considered a bright young college football mind and one Arizona reporter who covered him in Tuscon said he was a much better fit for a head coaching job than his brother Mike. He is of course Bob Stoops brother and virtually everyone believes that he will leave Tallahassee for a head coaching job this year.

6. Are there any new factors in the head coaching search?

There is one big new factor, and that is that there are a number of other jobs now open. In many ways, the search has fallen not in the best way imaginable for UK. They expected Auburn, Tennessee and Arkansas to go after big names and they have…BUT it looks as if many have turned them down. Thus Tennessee at least has dipped down into the pool that UK has been targeting, at least with Butch Jones. Plus, jobs came open today that are in the Kentucky-level of jobs, NC State, California, Colorado and Purdue to name a few. If Kentucky is able to get a coach they want, the extra three weeks to beat these schools to the punch may be the difference. Because there are now so many more suitors, I think UK has stepped up their timetable and you may see a move quickly.

7. When Will Kentucky Make their first offer?

I was told this afternoon that Kentucky had yet to offer its coaching job to anyone…but this may change VERY quickly. A source tells KSR that there was extensive movement in the search today and that a big reason for this is the plethora of openings at these other schools. I would be surprised if we didn’t hear of an offer from UK very soon to one of its top targets. MacIntyre is apparently being pursued by Colorado and California, Stoops by Auburn, Dykes by Purdue and others are likely to emerge as well. Kentucky likely has to move very soon. This could affect the person hired as well, especially since Stoops has the ACC Championship Game this week. It may very well be hard for him to accept the job with that game looming, meaning that a hiring this week could mean MacIntyre, whose season is over.

8. Should Fans be happy with these Candidates?

That is really up to each individual fan, but I would say this. The current list of four includes one of the hottest coordinators in America and maybe the three hottest mid-major level coaches. For Kentucky, a school that may have the hardest job in the SEC (outside of Vandy) to get any one of those coaches, is probably a pretty good accomplishment. Many were disappointed when Butch Jones’s name came up and now he might end up the hire at Tennessee. If Tennessee ends up hiring Jones, that tells you just how hard the current market is for Kentucky to compete against. Those against the hires from Day One are either (a) hung up on Petrino or (b) somewhat unrealistic about UK’s position. If you are in the (A) group, I understand your feeling but at some point you have to move on. Mitch Barnhart is not going to hire Petrino and it looks like no one else nationwide is eager to either. You can let that ruin your fandom or not, but it doesnt change the circumstances. For those in the second group, I would encourage you to read up on MacIntyre/Stoops especially and give them a chance if they are the hires. I think both have the makeup of guys who could do well here and coming in with fan support would be of huge benefit.

We could know our new coach in the next 48 hours, so stay tuned. We will be discussing this all morning on radio and on the site. Until then….

Article written by Matt Jones

255 Comments for Sunday Night UK Coaching Search Update

  1. jimmy dinklewinker
    10:24 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink


  2. Dickie Z
    10:26 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Mitch needs to write a blank check and bring in either Urban Meyer or Nick Saban. Anything less is unacceptable and MB should be fired. But seriously, MacIntyre is a good choice, MB should give him a contract tomorrow.

  3. UKGrad
    10:28 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Well said Matt. We all wanted change, so it’s time to support whoever comes in and not make the job any harder for them than it already will be.

  4. BenDover
    10:31 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Just get it over with. He who wants to go 2-10 the most — sign here__________

  5. Will
    10:31 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    I am quite proud of Mitch for not panicking and going after Petrino. There is no guarantee he could replicate success here. I for one would never let my kid play for a slime like him, and I am sure other parents would be saying the same thing. Stoops would be a huge coup for UK. What too many fans don’t understand is UK will NEVER be consistently elite. They have the potential to be a consistent contender, top 25, and maybe go after a championship during an especially good year. And a coach would have to realize that is the most likely scenario. While Macintyre is not an exciting name, he has shown he can be com

  6. Just Me
    10:32 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    The fact that Stoops is the only one being considered by an SEC school should tell Barnhart everything he needs to know about his top targets. Stoops is the one on the list UK needs.

  7. football
    10:32 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    matt, I think and hope Stoops is the guy. I like the coaching pedigree and having brothers who have won at the highest levels will help him tremendously. Also I think you’re wrong about him accepting the job this week. If he were a head coach that would be different, but being a coordinator he could accept the job, be announced and have the press conference and still coach in the acc title game if he wanted to.

  8. Tig
    10:32 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    I wish they would just pick someone so we can all stop talking about it.

  9. tyson
    10:33 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    This is a good list, about as good as can be expected. We are lucky that fans didn’t show up for the final 2 or 3 games at home and forced Mitch to make a move sooner rather than later.

    Matt, I would still like to hear more about the alleged coaching search that happened LAST SEASON.

  10. dave
    10:33 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    via ticker:

    Don’t be surprised in San Jose State head coach Mike MacIntyre emerges in the Kentucky coaching search. A source close to the situation tells me that Kentucky AD Mitch Barnhart and Bill Parcells are close. MacIntyre worked under Parcells with the Dallas Cowboys. MacIntyre also has a connection with Kentucky associate AD John Cropp, who is Barnhart’s right hand man in this process. San Jose State finished their regular season late Saturday night with a win over LA Tech.

    FWIW — SJSU lost to utahst/gary andersen this year

  11. Will
    10:34 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    (cont.)competitive and can build a program. He is good with QBs, which should excite the fan base with the talent we have in Towles (Whitlow is not the future. His deep pass is horrendous). So everyone, be realistic and support whoever comes in. That is the only way to see change in funding and recruiting is if we support the program. Realize we cannot be at the same level as basketball in this sport. Go big blue!

  12. barn
    10:34 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    but who’s going after bobby petrino!? surely everybody must want him

  13. Jason
    10:35 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Okay. I admit, I jumped the gun on Mac.

    I’m still not thrilled about Stoops. I couldn’t care less about his pedigree (I watched my Eagles waste a pick on Casey Mathews based purely on pedigree), I care about his vision, and I just can’t see a vision where he’s going to get us to the level where we can compete with the bigs. Have a feeling he’s going to build in the FSU mold….and I Don’t think that works at UK in the situation we’re in.

    That said, I think Mac’s someone I can get behind. Seemed to do an amazing job at SJSU. I’d be good with him.

  14. Steve
    10:35 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    After the hire is made you will either be a supporter or you won’t.

    If you choose to not support UK Football then you, and your thoughts, are not welcome any more.

    Bitch about Mitch (i will) but you either support the football program or you don’t. If you do not then move on……

  15. UKGrad04
    10:36 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    I, for one, could live with any name on this list. I agree with Jason that Stoops is the most boring name—and I lived in Oklahoma for two years and have the utmost respect for the Stoopses and would love to hear that clipped, up and down Stoops cadence in the postgame pressers. The fact is none of us know how well he can manage a program because he hasn’t done it.

    But that’s the key. We just need a *motivated* coach who can come in and put his system in place and attract a quality staff. That’s what a HC does. Look at what Brian Kelly just did at ND. He came in as a spread ‘n shred coach, but the Irish are going to the NC because their defense gives you yards between the 30s and keeps you out of the end zone. Why? Because he hired Bob Diaco to run his defense. Which means Brian Kelly knew that at Notre Dame he couldn’t run the Cincinnati offense and try to win every game 56-49. He came in and managed the program. That’s what you’re looking for here—and anywhere really. Someone who understands the position of the program, sees the talent, and stays true to his system with caveats in mind.
    For another example, you can also see Brady Hoke at Michigan (some of you will actually be able to discern my identity based on this). He’s a defensive coach who runs a pro-style offense. But he inherited the most dynamic QB in college football. So, he allows Greg Mattison to commandeer the defense (which improves tenfold) while making sure Al Borges (the OC) tailors a game plan to allow Denard Robinson to flourish. The result? 2012 Sugar Bowl and a B1G title if Denard doesn’t get hurt against Nebraska. Next year, the Michigan offense will look more like something Jim Harbaugh would run than the Rich Rodriguez hybrid spread it’s been the last couple years. Because Brady Hoke came in and managed the program—in its entirety.

    Summation: these are the factors Barnhart is looking at. And he’s right to avoid short-term knee-jerk reactions by the fan base. I’ve been waiting a while to make this post because this fan base is so woefully football-illiterate (there are people still seriously pushing Tressel), and I don’t mean any disrespect, but this

  16. Just Me
    10:36 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    14) You can support the football team without supporting the coach, Lord knows I did this season.

  17. Linda Taylor
    10:36 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    It was good to see the info about Stoops as everyone I know in AZ grew to hate his brother and were happy to see him go. That did have me concerned.

  18. Dissapointed
    10:37 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    None of these guys will ever present a UK football team with a season win total over 7, and never a winning season in conference, Im over Brainfart big time! Wooo did you hear UK hired _______ to be their coach! Im going there to play! Said no young player with over 2 stars.

  19. Bob Cobb
    10:38 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Minor correction. MacIntyre was the Defensive Coordinator at Duke when he was named assistant coach of the year. This makes him all the more attractive as a candidate.

  20. Bob the Replier
    10:39 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Another thing on Stoops, Bill Snyder brought the Stoops brothers into K-State when he built them up the first time.

  21. barn
    10:39 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    15-you’re bo schembechler aren’t you?

  22. wildcatfanforever
    10:40 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    I was on the Petrino bandwagon, but will will be happy with Stoops or Macintyre considering how many teams are looking for a coach.
    Whoever is hired BBN needs to get behind him and the team.

  23. Jason
    10:40 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Call me crazy but I think the more I read, and the more I listen to Macintrye, the more I really…really like that guy. I like what he did. He seems like he’s got a lot of moxie. First thing he said after the Stanford game is “we should have won”. When was the last time you remember Joker saying that? It was always how hard we played. F playing hard….you go to college for free…you better play hard. How about expecting to win?

    If he can fix SJSU, I think he can do some work here.

  24. WTFS
    10:42 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    I’ve been very interested in Mac for some time…I really like how aggressive his offense & defense play. Of course this probably means UK will get Stoops, but I can live with that, too!

  25. Bluey
    10:43 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    LOL Macintyre looks like Phil Mickelson

  26. Champ
    10:43 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Good to see less negative posts in this thread….(or maybe theyre all being deleted).

  27. bret1555
    10:43 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Stoops would be a really good hire… I think his pedigree is important, as it would allow him to bring along really good assistants, expand the recruiting base, and lend credibility to his vision.

    Nevermind that he is a really good football coach.

  28. J-Dub
    10:45 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Bring on Mike MacIntyre!

  29. Champ
    10:45 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    I trust Mitch will make the best hire we can get right now. Will all of our horrible/negative fans showing their displeasure, surely he knows his job is on the line.

  30. Get Real
    10:46 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Macintyre sounds good to me. He would be moving up, he has turned a program around, he has some SEC experience, and he has head coaching experience. I don’t want to hire a young DC, even if he is related to a big-time coach. Sure, I would like to have hired someone famous that would knock everyone’s socks off but let’s get a good coach and settle in for a few years to let him get things done.

    I, too, am glad UK did not seriously consider Petrino, notwithstanding his success. I doubt he could replicate it here and, even if he did, we likely would get some kind of black eye or “disease” from being associate with him.

    I hope Macintyre takes the job tomorrow.

  31. Jason
    10:47 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    I have no doubt Stoops is a good football coach.

    I question whether his style of coaching fixes UK. The last thing we need to do, on top of having crap facilities and a fan base whom too often, seems okay to win 5-6 games as long as we’re not getting embarrassed weekly (not picking anyone here, just the fan base as a whole, and it’s true), is go with boring. Boring can work for schools who get recruits simple because they’re _____ (insert school name). You can play defensive football, grind it out offense, and be successful at those schools because you’ll get the top defensive recruits. I don’t think that works here right now.

    I think Mark Stoops wins somewhere. I question his ability to win here. I just…am very worried it wont work.

  32. barn
    10:48 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    it won’t matter who mitch hires, if the new hc can’t put together recruiting classes better than the bottom 2, where we perennialy are in the sec

  33. fur eel
    10:49 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    31-Mitch signed a 10-year contract. He knows he’ll get paid millions of dollars NOT to be AD if he gets fired. But hey, there’s always the olympic sports……………

  34. burger, you’ve posted that more times than I posted the USA Today article on the spread offense equaling horrible defense. lol

  35. Mike, the cable guy
    10:49 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Let’s go for the Big Mac and…..get er done!!!!

  36. Epic Hire
    10:52 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    That would be typical Barnhart to hire a less qualified candidate Mackintyre over Stoops. Put a deal in place and wait to announce after the ACC game. Stoops is clearly the best candidate. It would be epic Barney to go in the wrong direction because of a championship game. Isn’t that why we fired joker early in the first place? STOOPS or BUST!!!

  37. barn
    10:54 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    macintyre looks like young ted kennedy

  38. UKGrad04
    10:56 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    21. I do love Bo. When Jim Harbaugh took his first HC job at San Diego, he said Bo called him up and said, “You’re going to use a fullback, right, Jim?”

    “Yes, Coach.”

    “And two tight ends?”

    “Yes, Coach.”

    And it worked out pretty well for Harbaugh. Because he knew he could overpower teams on the west coast, and when he got to Stanford, where he was never going to be able to recruit the talent Oregon and USC did b/c Stanford has stricter admissions policies than Notre Dame, so he lined up a fullback (and a TB that looked like a fullback in Gerhart), two tight ends, shortened the games, and beat them both (in different years). (*cough* it helped that he had Andrew Luck).

    But my point is that’s what UK needs but in reverse. We *can’t* line up with a FB and two tight ends and run the ball at most SEC defenses because we ourselves can’t play defense like they can. So, we need a motivated coach who will implement his system without being a stickler while putting together a quality staff–something UK has *never* had in my lifetime. Seriously. Never. It’s the key, and it’s the only way this thing works. As long as that’s how Mitch is approaching this thing–and it sounds like he is–then I’m good.

  39. Jason
    10:57 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    For me, the most important thing this hire can bring us, is a positive identity. I want to have more than the response of “just wait ’till basketball season” to other SEC fans. I want to be known for more than just having the leading tackling LB in the SEC because 1) our defense is always on the field and 2)no one else tackles. I want to be more than the doormat.

    Whomever coaches here next needs to give us an identity back. As a football team. A positive one, for once. That’s what I ask. If you give us an identity, you can go from there. You can recruit….from there. But damnit, we need something.

  40. Welldonesir
    10:57 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    I will say I like that inappropriate photos of women have stopped coming on this sight! I’m glad u finally realized that it debases women n showed u give two flips about them and their ongoing struggle to find a proper identity in our male dominated country! Inflation YOU put a lady in the control circle and not just merely a show piece! I solute you

  41. UKBlue
    10:58 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    WE should really wait for Auburn, UT, and Arkansas to make their decisions so we have a better idea of & what’s realistically available in the coaching market. We really have nothing to gain by not waiting, and waiting we take away a coaches ability to play us against another school. We really have nothing to lose because if a coach was or is really interested in the UK job, then they will still be interested. Barnhart has no room to screw this up, and needs all the time he can get.

    UK already screwed up hiring Eli Capilouto & Billy G, apparently UK isn’t as good at making decisions as they’d like to believe.

  42. Machocat
    10:59 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    UkS record next four yrs



  43. Cal Quote
    10:59 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Remember, if you put poop in your ice cream bucket you then have a poop bucket.

    But what happens if you do not have an ice cream bucket? That appears to be where we are with UK football, without an ice cream bucket.
    So if we get new poop where does it go, in the old poop bucket or do they get a fresh poop bucket to start with?

    I am really confused and concerned about this poop bucket delima for the new coach?
    What if we gets here and doesn’t have a place to poop?

  44. Champ
    11:00 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Burger, that sucks that MAtt deleted your posts…I was hoping he would just go a step further and ban you from the site. If you honestly think Matt is trying to protect Mitch you are an idiot

  45. Just Me
    11:00 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    34) We don’t know if defense is boring or not because Kentucky has never played it. In all seriousness though if UK had a hard hitting defense that went out every week with a chip on their shoulder I would be willing to bet the fans would get behind it just like they would a high scoring fast paced offense (more so if the defensive minded team won ball games and the offensive minded team was just a throw back to the Mumme days of high scoring losses)

  46. CJtrueblue
    11:00 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    ukgrad04= J-Lo

  47. Jason
    11:00 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    To expound, I think we need that identity to come from our offense. It’s going to be nearly impossible to carve out a defensive identity, in the best defensive conference in the nation.

    Offense may not “win nation championships”, but if gets us to 7-8 wins, gets us exciting, and gives us an identity….well…that’s a very, very good start.

  48. Walter Sobchak
    11:03 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    42) Haha I sure hope “STOOPS or BUST!” doesn’t replace “PETRINO OR BUST!”. And I’m not sure how Stoops is more “qualified” than MacIntyre.

  49. Jason
    11:04 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    @ 55

    I’m not worried about the fans. I’m talking recruits. If you’re a defensive recruit, you’re going to go to Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia….yadda yadda yadda over UK. No matter how hard hitting our defense is. They’re simply better at it than we are, and will continue to be.

    What we can carve a niche out is in offense. You can convince WR’s, QB’s and RB’s to come here over, say, an Alabama if they want early playing time, or a fun offense as opposed to the boring, grind it out affairs they give. We won’t out recruit them, but we can probably steal a couple, as well. We’re not stealing many defensive recruits any time soon from those schools. But we can probably steal a few play makers at WR who want to catch 90 balls a season and a few QB’s who want to challenge records simply based on the number of pass attempts they’re almost guaranteed to get.

  50. Champ
    11:04 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    58 yes BGC rings a bell. It was a bad hire. Ppl make mistakes. So youre saying “revolting” would be a good idea? Im not following your “logic”…maybe Im just a positive person and youre not. Who knows.

  51. UKGrad04
    11:06 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    56. The other guy was was closer when he said Schembechler. I graduated from UK (obvi), and I’ve been a huge M fan since 5th grade. While I love UK basketball, I’m definitely a football guy, ceteris paribus, and I can’t stand the shockingly small lack of knowledge this fan base has in football.

  52. Jr. Greer
    11:06 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Not kidding this time…it’s MacIntyre.

  53. UKBlue
    11:06 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    UK admin really needs to shake things up, and needs to hire someone good at marketing & fundraising because Barnhart doesn’t have the personality & obviously has no idea what he is doing in this department. Mitch isn’t a salesman: we are getting left in the dust when it comes to fundraising, and this is directly Mitch fault.

  54. Floyd
    11:07 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Homerun to a bunt; but it is what it is.

  55. Source Close To Program
    11:09 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    66, Jr., has Elmo Sr signed off on this? If not I am disregarding your information.

    Question: Where Is Elmo?
    Find Elmo and the coach will be close by.

  56. Linda Taylor
    11:10 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    57 – Copy, paste?

  57. Source Close To Program
    11:11 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    58, what?

  58. my two cents
    11:12 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Stoops is a good hire. Please, Mitch, get it done.

  59. Linda Taylor
    11:13 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    59 – It looked like you were addressing comment 66 which hasn’t happened yet and since I’ve seen this comment on other threads I assumed you copied and pasted it.

  60. Linda Taylor
    11:14 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    My previous comment is now addressed to 57, looks like there have been some deletions.

  61. Smfh
    11:15 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Matt is obviously becoming Mitch’s little puppet. Macintyre would be awful hire. You left out he went 2-10 and 5-7 his first two years. And who has he beat besides that, a bunch of WAC teams.. Not going to cut it in the sec. If he’s hired UK football will be done!

  62. Delete
    11:15 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    The delete is on tonight lol

  63. Delete
    11:17 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    59- stop addressing yourself. Lol

  64. Source Close To Program
    11:17 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    60, Oops!~ don’t know where I got that 66. Should have been 52.

  65. Delete
    11:18 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Has anyone started the sight yet

  66. Han
    11:18 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Mac has had one good season. This is a risk of a BCG, flash in the pan at a lesser school.

  67. Linda Taylor
    11:18 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    63 – My bad

  68. waitandnowlate
    11:19 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    our dumbass ad waited too long, now we have to settle, hes such a dumbass, I for one could care less off that list yipppeeee a wac coach or a cordinator theres a HOMERUN HIRE! ill never support barnhardt or EC both clueless and chickenshits, BP couldnt have been worse than joker or gillespie, atleast the dumbasses would have had CWS filled and we would have won, now at best like the brooks era a toilet bowl at best! back to bball for me now!

  69. tyson
    11:19 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    61 (smfh)– almost EVERY coach starts out in a smaller conference. Did you even bother to research WHY he had those bad records in his first 2 years??? My God, most posters on here need some serious critical thinking skills.

  70. Jason
    11:19 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    You do realize that Macintrye was taking over a program who had been to one bowl since 1991? Who had only one winning record in the 2000’s? In the previous year had been outscored 414 to 165. They only scored 162 points in 12 games the year before Mac took over. They averaged 14 points. In the freakin’ WAC.

    Yeah. It took him a couple of years. What’s important, is that he’s winning with his recruits. He took Stanford to the brink. He took down Dykes (whom I still really, really like) and played Anderson amazingly well. His team is very good. Because of him.

    I’ve come 180 degrees around on Mac. He’d be an excellent hire here. Sure, he went 1-12 and 5-7 in his first two years. It’s also not his fault Dick Tomey left him with absolute crap.

  71. CJtrueblue
    11:20 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    ukgrad04 – JC ?

  72. Linda Taylor
    11:20 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    64 – Te nada mi amigo.

  73. LexCathCat
    11:20 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Burger is an idiot. That winning percentage looks all fine and dandy on the surface, but all you have to do is look from when the program started until Bryant left to see when we fell off. In the past 50 seasons, UK has achieved a winning percentage of 50% or higher 16 times. Of those 16, 4 have occurred under the watch of Mitch Barnhart. Now tell me, how is that a failure on his part? Burger, stop. The Big Blue Nation does not need your stupidity at this crucial point in our program’s future. Let’s get behind Mitch and hope he makes the best hire for this school, the players, and us fans. GO CATS!

  74. Bobby Petrino
    11:20 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink


  75. UKGrad04
    11:21 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    65, 61. When I talk about how woefully football illiterate our fan base is, you’re the people I’m talking about. You’re the problem. You’re lazy fans who know nothing about football, chirping about Mac’s first two years at SJSU. Have you done any research on him of our own or do you just eschew him b/c you’ve never heard of him. That program was *dead*. His pedigree is fantastic. The guy is a winner. You’re the problem. Stop being the problem.

  76. jred381
    11:21 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Anybody who would hire BCG cant be trusted in bringing in a coach, he wouldnt of fired Joker if more fans would of showed up, if he really beleived Joker was the right guy then he is also a coward for not bringing him back for another year Mitch ego has ruined the search for a new football coach, he blames the fans for forcing him to fire Joker so he sure wont bring in the guy the fans wants and deserves!

  77. Fantrax
    11:22 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    61 – He inherited a 2-10 program and they had significantly more win under him each season. Urban Meyer was the head coach in the WAC when he took the Florida job. Every great coach starts somewhere. If you honestly expect a great coach to take a job at a school as bad as UK than I don’t know what you are thinking.

  78. UKGrad04
    11:22 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    71. Jesus Christ? No, I’m not Jesus Christ, although I have, at one time in my life, had long hair and a beard.

  79. Bobby Petrino
    11:22 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Hire me, I’m a changed man!

  80. Jason
    11:22 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    The important thing people need to remember here is that UK is going to be hiring a coach with warts. Either warts like Petrino who’s left every team he’s been on in shambles and in a very poor way, or someone like Dykes/Macintrye who’s warts were that they’ve only coached at smaller, mid-tier schools and are high risks.

    We’re not going to get Saban or Miles. We’re not going to get Bill Cowher or Tony Dungy. We have to take risks.

    This hire is about taking the least amount of risk, or, the risk who’s going to pay the most dividends.

  81. Goldballs
    11:22 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    With all the conference shuffles, probations, coaching changes and realizing UK does have the proper tools (brand, conference, facilities, location, etc) to compete makes for an interesting next 5 years.

  82. LexCathCat
    11:25 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    I would also like to point out that the negative folks in our fanbase are awful at using proper grammar in their inept attacks on MB and the UK administration. That says about all you need to know. (Looking at you, jred381.)

  83. CJtrueblue
    11:26 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    ukgrad04 – haha did you play?

  84. ProtectingMitch
    11:27 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Kentucky Football History — Year by Year Graph

    The Visual Numbers & the Facts

    Where we were… where we are now.

  85. Poop Delima
    11:28 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    I am really troubled about the poop delima for the new coach.
    Since we do not have an ice cream bucket to poop in…what if he gets here and has no place to poop?

  86. Chuck
    11:29 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Is Mitch writing these posts? Every name that has been posted has been backed, with the exception of Petrino who Mitch has a personal dislike for. You state that it’s hard to win at UK in football, yet you don’t knock on Mitch for waiting 3 weeks to “get names out there” aka “sources”. Sounds like Mitch is UK football’s biggest problem.

  87. Epic Hire
    11:29 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Stoops= Name, excitement,and recruits knowing his name right away. Mackintyre = Meh! Wait and see.

  88. Smfh
    11:30 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Hey 75 fat boy don’t question my football skills, you don’t know me. Macintyre would be a horrible hire, where will he recruit.. Who did he beat this year? Do you think this guy can compete in the sec? Stfu. I’m a season ticket holder and have been forever and have the right to voice my opinion. Just BC that differs from yours doesn’t make it wrong, ok?

  89. Jason
    11:30 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    I’m not what you’d call super happy at Barnhart right now myself. I was kind of hoping for this home run hire we had been hearing about. That said, I’m not going to bash him or hate his stupid guts, either. Dude brought us Calipari. So whatever, there.

    I’m fine with some of these names we’re hearing about, just feel a little mislead to begin with on the whole process. In the end, I trust him to give us an identity with this hire. I just hope it’s a good one.

  90. burger
    11:31 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Here is a picture of my wife.

  91. Ukalum
    11:31 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Mark stoops is the guy. He has connections that can open up recruiting lanes. And he can hire a great up and coming OC. His brother hired him and sonny dykes when he was at Arizona and Arizona crashed after dykes and mark left to other programs. Mark may not have HC experience but he has family ties that can help him to be successful.

  92. Jimmer210
    11:32 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    84 – I don’t think anyone is protecting Mitch, but I can’t say I don’t blame KSR for deleting your posts. The only thing you do is bad mouth the program and downgrade every candidate not named Bobby Petrino. If this is your approach than it is very hard to give you a voice on a website.

  93. Linda Taylor
    11:33 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    73 – Don’t forget that at the beginning of Mitch’s tenure the football program was saddled with crippling sanctions, 19 lost scholarships. He inherited a program that was dirty and he cleaned it up, yet he gets zero credit for it. With him at the helm we have had no major penalties levied against us. To be taken seriously you have to look objectively and take into consideration all factors that influenced the win/loss record. A loss of 19 scholarships has to be considered by any fair person.

  94. Jason
    11:33 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Who did Macintrye beat this year? Just about the entire WAC. He lost to Stanford by a mere 3 points, on the road. He lost to Utah State. He beat La. Tech. He beat BYU. He beat Colorado State.

    Lets put it this way: UK would have lost to every single name I just listed.

  95. Ricky's hair plugs
    11:33 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Anybody who has followed this search could have written that. Jones had no clue about stoops now he knows he is a leader?

    LOL… Translation? Matt doesn’t know what’s happening and so he just took all the info from the day and ran with it.

    Ps: stoops and Barnhart could come to an agreement and announce it a week from today.

    Fsu was always going to play in the acc title

  96. Epic Hire
    11:34 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    20-17 loss to Stanford haha! Moral Victory!!!! He would be the perfect for KY. Stoops has had top d in a BCS conference. Stoops is a no brainier in this case. Far and above best candidate on this list.

  97. the ghost of Bill Hicks
    11:35 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    I remember the last time we hired a coach with a history of quick turnarounds…..turned out to be a drunk Texan.

  98. snarkster
    11:36 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Very depressed right now. I will support whoever the next coach is – they want to be here and they will be the next UK coach whether they were my first choice or not. They will be here for a minimum of four or five seasons so I will support them. I have been a loyal UK football fan for almost 45 years. That will not end because of Mitch Barnhart.

    He however is a different story. In all of those 45 years, I have not found one person involved with UK that I believed less desrving of their position. That includes Jon Ray, Eddie Sutton, Billy G, Bill Curry, Elliot Uselac, to name a few. yes, Mitch has done a fine job with the non-money sports, but especially with football, fund-raising and local media/fanbase relations if believe his has been an abject failure. I believe his handling of Joker’s last year and the coaching search has been one big cluster f**k.

    Petrino aside, even if it turns out that McIntyre or Stoops were the best UK could have possiblr done, Mitch’s secretive, paranoid and ham-fisted approach has made this whole search much more of an ordeal than it needed to be. Mitch comes across as hostile to the media, fanbase and donor base. Whther this is actual or just public perception, it doesn’t matter – perception is everything when it comes to PR.

    While I’m sure that Mitch is a great guy to those that know him and I give him credit for his work with the Olympic Sports, but relating to the football, fundraising and relating to boosters, donors and the fanbase is the lionshare of the job. UK needs a change.

    It now appears the die is all but cast. This is all on Mitch. If the next coach does not work out, then it is he the othat should fall on their sword.

  99. wldctky
    11:37 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    disban the football team, tear down the stadium and build a 50,000 seat basketball arena on that site

  100. Cayuts
    11:37 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    This coaching search is making me hate our own fan base. Make it stop soon please

  101. TheProfessor
    11:38 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    I dont care who the coach is….we cant compete in the sec when we’re hauling in 2 and 3 stars while bama, florida, georgia, etc. are getting 5 star players. I think we’ve seen enough of Mr. John Calipari to know that its about the talent yo put on the field. If the next coach cant get these type of players….you can forget it. you will just have to get used to mediocrity.

  102. Ukalum
    11:38 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Stoops was a coordinator of the Miami team that won the natl title in the early 2000’s and he helped his brother take Arizona to consecutive bowl seasons before he left for FSU which was before Arizona imploded. Plus Arizona as a program is similar to ky when you consider it’s challenges are similar to UKs.

  103. Jason
    11:38 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Stoops is a no-brainer? How? Pedigree, Pedigree, Pedigree, right? It’s reasons like this Michael Jordan’s son is the best player in the NBA right now. Oops. Casey Mathews, brother of Clay Mathews, the starting LB for the Eagles. Oops. All the Bowden boys are awesome NCAAF coaches. Oops. Wayne Gretzky is the best coach in the NHL. Oops.

    Here’s the problem with pedigree: it means about, the least, out of everything that matters. You give me a coach who’s got experience and a vision, and I’ll take that over any pedigree. I’m not saying Stoops isn’t that guy…but I could care less what his last name is. Recruits wont care either, in 1-2 years, if he’s not winning.

    Stoops isn’t a “no-brainer”. I still think he’s the least attractive hire we could make currently.

  104. Bubba Hotep
    11:40 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    If either of these guys are hired Sandy Bernard should be canned. Neither are the “best” coach available. But UK has historically not made the correct hire, and won’t again. We are too choosy, as if we have the clout of Bama. Beggars can’t be chooser. So I guess instead of beggars , we think mediocre football is acceptable.

  105. Dicky bennett
    11:41 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Mike macintyre, wow Mitch way to hit it out of park, the AD is a wuss who wouldn’t hire the best coach available, Barnhart should be ashamed

  106. Hal
    11:43 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    88- who did urban meyer beat when he was at bowling green?
    or saban at toledo?
    or brian kelly at central michigan?
    or harbaugh at san diego?
    or brady hoke at ball st?
    or mack brown at tulane?
    or tressel at youngstown st?
    even top coaches have to start somewhere. i dont know if macintyre is a top 25 coach. but obviously, you dont either. and no one cares if you have season tickets

  107. Ukalum
    11:44 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    I have read about Macintyre and the dig up random football players method that he has done at sjsu won’t work at uk. Stoops has been at BCS schools for over a decade two of which are pretty good(FSU and Miami in the 2000s) he has recruiting and coaching staff connections that could give us a competitive offense and defense.

  108. Jason
    11:46 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    @ Hal

    Nice post. Thanks for reminding people, everyone starts somewhere.

    Macintrye might not be Jesus Christ re-incarnated, but he shouldn’t be discounted as a coach because he’s not related to someone who’s a good coach, or because he’s at a mid-tier school.

    I know I did that right off the bat. And I’ll admit, I was not happy with his name originally. But I also did my research and it’s easy to see there’s a lot to like, even if he’s risky.

  109. Sam
    11:46 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    88…Yeah why r u bragging about having season tickets? My uncle has season tickets, and he doesn’t even have a job. I don’t have season tickets…never have…but i have never paid one dime to get into a game…so you might as well take your season tickets to the bathroom and wipe your ass with them

  110. brian
    11:47 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    I really like McIntyre, he has done a great job at his previous stops and can recruit the south. I think Stoops would be a good pickup too!

  111. burgoo
    11:47 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    UK did have some serious good old boy AD problems before Mitch. Cliff Hagan was the worst AD in the history of sport. Yet, that’s what we never want to deal with again.

    We don’t have to celebrate a failing AD because it’s better than we had.

    I’m letting this AD (Mitch) stand on his own record. 9 years and our football program is in the hands of someone I don’t trust has the DNA to make the right decision. He’s proven failed judgment over and over.

    1. Giving Tubby too long
    2. Hiring Rich Brooks (history with Major NCAA recruiting violations)
    2. Hiring BCG
    3. Costing the Univeristy Millions in buying out BCG
    4. Hiring Joker as coach in waiting (hindsight shows it’s wasn’t the right hire)
    5. Costing the University Millions in buying out Joker

    Mitch Barnhart is hanging by a thread that Calipari doesn’t make one wrong move in the recruiting world where our entire Athletic Department caves in.

    I know that’s a doomsday scenario, however there is precendent… with this coach.

    Mitch talks about character like it’s something he’s been cultivating. His record shows different.

  112. No Brainer
    11:48 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    This should be all you need to see. Don’t screw this up Mitch. We could turn the corner with a big name. Not a Stoney’s manager.

  113. ProtectingMitch
    11:48 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    I’m letting this AD (Mitch) stand on his own record. 9 years and our football program is in the hands of someone I don’t trust has the DNA to make the right decision. He’s proven failed judgment over and over.

    1. Giving Tubby too long
    2. Hiring Rich Brooks (history with Major NCAA recruiting violations)
    2. Hiring BCG (1st attempt to select an unknown coach – failed)
    3. Costing the University Millions in buying out BCG
    4. Hiring Joker as coach in waiting (2nd attempt to hire an unknown coach – failed)
    5. Costing the University Millions in buying out Joker Phillips

    Mitch Barnhart is hanging by a thread that Calipari doesn’t make one wrong move in the recruiting world where our entire Athletic Department caves in.

    I know that’s a doomsday scenario, however there is precedent… with this coach (twice).

    Mitch talks about character like it’s something he’s been cultivating. His record shows different.

  114. Bob Loblaw
    11:48 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Didn’t you guys hear that Mitch said he’s not looking for a “quick fix?” I guess that would rule out McIntyre. All you Mac fans act like he’s the ShamWow of college football? I guess all it takes is one good season beating a bunch of high school level kids to land a gig as an SEC head coach

  115. Jason
    11:48 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    @ UKalum

    I will give Stoops the credit for having some connections on a staff and some possible recruits off the bat. That said, he’s still going to be recruiting from the dregs of Florida (which are good, mind you) and their top schools. His staff may be pretty good as well.

    I’m not anti-Stoops, and I’ve made it clear, I find him to be my least attractive hire, but I really hate to see everyone sucking up to him because of his last name. You’re at least making points of where he’s been as to why he might be good. His last name is the least important thing to me.

  116. tdogg40330
    11:49 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    106) good point

    I’m all for who ever they hire, how can it be any worse??

  117. Lexloublue2
    11:50 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Hey #88 I’ll say it, STFU, who do you think you are? You know, opinions are like you,assh***s, everyone has one. It’s “fans” like YOU who embarrass real UK fans. Your ignorance is disturbing. Why don’t you surprise everyone and grow up.

  118. Smfh
    11:51 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    109. Because I obviously won’t renew them like thousands of other fans w/ a lame duck hire like macintyre= empty stadium. Get it now? We might as well just kept Joker.

  119. burgoo
    11:52 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    Speaking of… how good is Urban Meyer?

    Granted he went to a program that had it’s bowels lined with 5 strings worth of talent, 10-0 is one he!! of a statement.

  120. Smfh
    11:53 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    117 u mad bro?

  121. Sam
    11:54 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    118….I’m sure you will be sadly missed

  122. burgoo
    11:54 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    To accept mediocrity says a lot about an individual.

    To not know when mediocrity is driving the boat says a lot about one’s ability to see.

  123. Ukalum
    11:55 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    115) Jason,
    I could care less about stoops last name. He has proved he can be a good BCS coach at really good BCS programs. By the way uk gets most of our recruits from GA FL and Alabama so a guy that can keep that open is important. Not to mention he has connection through family and job history with coaches in FL, OK, and even Ohio.

  124. Sam
    11:55 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    if you’re so desperate to cheer on a winner…why dont you just pull for Alabama

  125. Sam
    11:56 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    123…has proven

  126. Bob Loblaw
    11:57 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    124 -Sam-
    Are you Mitch?

  127. Ukalum
    11:57 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    You are judging stoops to harshly because of his last name.

  128. Sam
    11:58 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    126…No i’m Sam…why would i be mitch…you can read cant you…moron

  129. Smfh
    11:58 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    124. Been thinking about doing just that. Atleast they care about winning and Their fans aren’t a bunch ignorant aholes who cheer for mediocrity. Roll damn tide!!!!

  130. Jason
    11:58 pm November 25, 2012 Permalink

    @ Again, I could care less about his connections to his family. And on the topic of Stoops still, as a coach, he’s been successful as a coordinator. And only as a coordinator or a positions coach.

    There are a lot of great “yes men” in the world, and not a lot of great leaders. There’s more than a little risk involved with someone who’s only been a yes-man and without the responsibility of leading a full program. People need to remember that. He has less experience than any one on that list simply because he’s only been a coordinator.

  131. Sam
    12:00 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    winning is overrated…tailgating is what is important

  132. Claude Bassett
    12:00 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I can coach circles around any of those guys.
    You guys already know that…you saw what I did when I was there.
    Why haven’t I been contacted about the HC job?
    I think I may litigate this on the grounds of discrimination against fat people.

  133. LexCathCat
    12:01 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Can I please punch Protecting Mitch, AKA The Artist Formerly Known As Burger? Good God man. I don’t think I’ve read anyone stupider during this entire search. And that’s saying something.

  134. Bob Loblaw
    12:01 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Geez Sam, calm down. It was a joke, more about Mitch than you, although you seem to share a similar mindset.

  135. burgas
    12:02 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    #115 – Jason – I agree with your point. Your simply balancing out the hype with reality.

    The guys last name is not as important as in game intelligence, offensive strategy, defensive strategy, ability to hire the right group of coaches around him, ability to create a “TEAM”, recruiting pipelines, record, record in building programs.

  136. Sam
    12:02 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    if the start winning ticket prices are gonna go up…do we really want that

  137. Ukalum
    12:02 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    130) you honestly think that Macintyre, a guy who runs up and down Cali looking for scrap recruits that couldn’t get another D1 offer, will actually succeed at uk in conference he hasn’t been even remotely close to in a decade.

  138. burgas
    12:04 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    #134 – LExCathCat – Come on down. Yet, getting physical & name calling are the 1st & 2nd choices of one who surrenders to intellectual debate.

    I love that you say nothing. Fitting.

  139. Ukalum
    12:06 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Macintyre hasn’t convinced a kid to go to his school over another school in a decade either.

  140. Sam
    12:06 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Also if we start winning…beating tennessee just will not mean as much…think about it

  141. LexCathCat
    12:07 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    It was going for more of a metaphorical kind of punching. Sorry, I shouldn’t have used the word “metaphorical.” Too big of a word, huh? Anyway, you can refer back to post 73 to see my true point in this so called “intellectual debate” you think you’re somehow winning.

  142. LexCathCat
    12:08 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    That was at 139 ^

  143. BBN4L
    12:09 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I agree with 99…. Build a dome over Commonwealth and sell 60K tickets to basketball. #rehirejoker

  144. Hartline
    12:09 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Sam makes me laugh. Keep them coming.

  145. Sam
    12:10 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    135…Look Bob..I dont get your sense of humor. I’ve been reading your post for years now, and I dont appreciate your agenda you push on here. This board has no room for over zealous oppurtunists like yourself. your post are offensive and i demand you stop immediately. im sick of the propaganda you spread…damn you

  146. Ukalum
    12:11 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Macintyre has had one winning season and hasn’t shown he can bring in talent. So how bout we cool it on the hype about how magically delicious he is because he has as much chance of failing miserably at uk as any of candidates.

  147. Linda Taylor
    12:12 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    142 – Have you ever heard the phrase “None so blind as those who will not see”? When dealing with those kinds of people it is often better to not engage with them.

  148. burge2
    12:14 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    #142 – LexCathChild – So you want to cherry pick years in the program to determine what our Athletic Director should be graded on?

    Facts are facts, if you need to adjust them to make things appear better for someone, that says plenty about their record enough, don’t you think?

    How about this. Forget about the previous years. Tell me your opinion of a 42 Winning Percentage.

    For every 100 games you play, you win 42. Meaning, you lose 58.

    After you give your opinion on that, then tell me your opinion on post #113. More of Mitch Barnhart’s record.

  149. CATS
    12:15 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    You idiots actually thought someone like Gruden or Tressel or Dungy or whatever ‘home run’ hire your pea brain was fixated on was going to come here?? Or Petrino? No one is after Petrino now…the only reason his father made the statements he did was to get his name attached to a job. If you are all bent out of shape about the actual candidates for this job you are an idiot. Each one of the coaches Matt lists are good options and will be hired by better prigrams than ours in the off season. Stoops is an EXCELENT hire.

  150. burge2
    12:16 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    #142 – LexCathChild – Linda is trying to protect you. You should heed her advise.

    Or, think for yourself. I only look to balance the playing field here.

    Way too much protection for this AD and his 9 year record, yet no one wants to actually look at it.

  151. FeedMeSeymour
    12:18 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    It is a decision of name coach( Stoops) over HC who built something out of nothing (Mac). It isn’t a no-brainer. I don’t know who I’d rather have. I need a crystal ball and then I’ll make my decision.

  152. Helper (without the Hamburger)
    12:19 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Linda doesn’t want to go on the record stating anything based on data either.

    It’s a big pond. Might slip on that ice. Best to stay on the edge and stick people who are willing to shine a light on reality.

  153. trooper
    12:19 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I get so sick of hearing about you damned season ticket holders. The football programs mediocrity allows you to own a season ticket. I’ll bet you all are the same crowd utilizing pell grants and obamaphones and then walking up into the voting booth and casting one for Romney…talk about cutting your own throat. There is a reason you have season football tickets but no season baskeball tickets…its called supply and demand.

  154. JtownJT
    12:20 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I really think Mike Macintyre would be a potential awesome hire ! I am okay with any of those tope 3 !

  155. Ukalum
    12:25 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Macintyre may be a good coach but he has had one good season in a bad conference and had a near miss at a Stanford program that has struggled on offense for most of the year. Stoops doesn’t have HC experience but at least he knows what the inside of a good football program with tradition looks like.

  156. Danny Hope
    12:29 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Mitch reached out to me a couple days ago.

  157. Angry Danny
    12:30 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I am as mad as he££, and will not take it any longer. We need CBP now. Matt Jones is on Barnhart’s payroll and will do his betting. This Macintosh fellow maybe ok at polishing apples but knows nothing about oranges. CBP ia available, hire him now! If not CBP then Saban should be the coach.

  158. Linda Taylor
    12:30 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    153 – No, I just don’t cherry-pick the data and take into consideration factors like the loss of 19 scholarships at the beginning of Mitch’s tenure. Everyone knows the numbers don’t tell the whole story. Everyone also knows that statistics are used all the time in propaganda to sway the public to the desired opinion.

  159. Hal
    12:35 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    158-stanford has won @oregon, @ucla, oregonst, usc & took ND into OT in south bend.
    but try to knock them for a “struggled offense” since you dont like macintyre

  160. LexCathCat
    12:35 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Dude, I hate to tell you, but you’re the one looking like the child. I’m not “cherrypicking” years in the program to protect MB. I’m looking at the modern era of Kentucky football, not the olden days where we were really good. Know why? Because those years are absolutely irrelevant to the current state of Kentucky football.
    You can take a look at your own chart to see that the end of glory days in UK football was the end of the Bryant era/ the beginning of the Collier era. Ever since then, we’ve sucked. I chose 50 years because 50 is a pretty encompassing number, portraying the mostly bad years we’ve experienced as a program and the good years, such as the 1977 team, the ’84 Hall of Fame Bowl team, and the recent successes of Rich Brooks and *ahem* Mitch Barnhart.
    So take you’re poisoned numbers and you’re low IQ somewhere else. You just got owned by a high school kid.

  161. LexCathCat
    12:36 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    BTW, it’s #TeamLindaTaylor or die

  162. CATS
    12:37 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    If we are lucky…and land Stoops…it will be an excellent hire. Other programs better than ours are interested. 4 SEC teams looking for coaches…who wil Arkansas, Auburn, Tennessee get? Do you think many coaches will pass over those to go to UK?

  163. Ukalum
    12:38 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    163) Hal,
    Stanford did all of that with a great defense and an offense that plugged along for the ride. Pitt also took ND into overtime and they aren’t very good. So what’s your point?

  164. Sam
    12:38 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    164….way to use quotation marks

  165. Ukalum
    12:38 am November 26, 2012 Permalink


  166. Linda Taylor
    12:43 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    165 – I could only assume you had changed your name, I could not be sure. You might have been another Petrino supporter who agrees with you. I have not read any of the posts under your original name. Why don’t you just list all of your names so I can just avoid them from the get go. It would be much appreciated. By the way, why can’t you stick to one name? Multiple personalities, all unpleasant?

  167. Ukalum
    12:44 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Macintyre was also whipped by utah state and gary Anderson. So why not hire Anderson. He took a program that had 11 consecutive losing seasons and took them to consecutive bowls and a 10 win season. Plus he was the DC of the 2008 utah team that went 13-0 and beat Alabama in the sugar bowl.

  168. mashburnfan1
    12:45 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I think Dykes would be good but hay the Macintyre guy sounds good. That is quite an accomplishment at San Jose. I really don’t care just ready for exciting football. Why not go after, or at least talk to, the Northern Ill coach or the old Cal coach. The UNI coach is a great young talent and the old Cal coach did well out there. I prefer the UNI coach but either would do.

  169. mashburnfan1
    12:48 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    167} good point on Anderson. I really think all 4 could get the job done. Stoops is actually my least favorite as he seems like he would be gone quick if he had success. The others may stay around and continue their success ala Boise St coach. At this point anyone seems better than what we had.

  170. burgah
    12:51 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Neither one of you know what cherry picking means. Education lesson #1…

    Cherry picking, suppressing evidence, or the fallacy of incomplete evidence is the act of pointing to individual cases or data that seem to confirm a particular position, while ignoring a significant portion of related cases or data that may contradict that position. It is a kind of fallacy of selective attention, the most common example of which is the confirmation bias. Cherry picking may be committed unintentionally.[1]

    Cherry picking is to cut out what data you like and not display it all.
    For example, wanting to just look at 1950 – 2012, instead of the entire programs history.

    Some people from other schools argue that UK’s Titles back in the Rupp days are meaningless, because it wasn’t “real” basketball. If you continue with this appraoch LexCathCat, you will be digging a deep grave for yourself. Not only are you wrong in definition, but your effort to position your argument places you with a Louisville hat on your head.

  171. Linda Taylor
    12:58 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Cherry picking – ignoring the fact that the football team was saddled with the loss of 19 scholarships which affected the w/l record at the beginning of the Barnhart tenure.

  172. Ukalum
    12:58 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Macintyre was beat by 22 points by utah state. The team that whipped every team in the WAC. The only close victory was over LT by a touchdown.

  173. BledOutBlue
    12:58 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Why do we care….
    UK football will stink forever!
    Basketball is all we will ever have

  174. Ukalum
    1:03 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Macintyre is a good developer but can he recruit SEC kids? Can he build a staff as good as other SEC programs? Does he bring recruiting connections that he can use to expand UKs recruiting base? I think the answer to all those questions is no. Stoops and gary Anderson are the two best candidates of the four.

  175. LexCathCat
    1:03 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I’m aware that 3 of our titles occurred in ’48, ’49, and ’51. But, you know how we deal with silly UofL fans, bud? We crush them in an argument. We say that Rupp’s early titles were crucial to the future of our program because it built a culture of winning within our basketball program. People with brains know how to defuse silly arguments.
    Now, let’s get to your ridiculous protection of that chart you put so much effort into making. You claim I am “cherrypicking” years because I’m cutting out important data. Well, I would argue that during/before Bryant, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. Because ever since then, we have been a perennial loser in football. So history DOES NOT MATTER in this case. It is simply irrelevant.
    So, don’t muck up the numbers with years that simply do not matter to the current state of the program. And don’t compare those two arguments, because both are ridiculous and both are wrong.

  176. LexCathCat
    1:03 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Still #TeamLindaTaylor

  177. burgoi
    1:09 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    #171 – Linda Taylor – Again, that’s not cherry picking. Please stop misusing that definition.

    Just so you understand the usage of the word… you are wanting to cherry pick the years of Barnhart’s tenure where there were no scholarship’s lost – and use those as his record.

    Let’s act like all the violations never happened. Like those during the Fran Curci era that ate into Jerry Claiborne’s begining. Just make them disappear.

    BTW – it would only be unfair if I excluded those numbers from the Curci/Claiborne years but left them in for Brooks first years.

  178. Linda Taylor
    1:10 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    176 – Thank God there is a voice of reason on this blog, keep up the good work LexCathCat. Seriously though, this guy starts getting hysterical (not in the funny sense) the more you dismantle his arguments. I have found it is best to ignore him if possible.

  179. LexCathCat
    1:10 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I’m done with this clown. Matt, please ban him. All he’s doing is spreading negative propaganda and poisoning our fanbase with negativity. Some people just need to be shut up by the people in charge. This guy is one of them. Too stupid to talk.

  180. burgoi
    1:14 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    #175 – LexCathCat – You deserve Barnhart. Reality doesn’t matter to you. You’ll just paint it however you see fit, even if your position contradicts your next statement.

    No one even saw it.

    Your delusions of grandeur have swamped your credibility.

  181. Twill84
    1:15 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    My prediction: UK offered Macintyre the job tonight and he said he wants to talk it over with his family and sleep on it. He will accept it tomorrow and we’ll here it announced tomorrow afternoon.

  182. CherryPickingLexCathCat
    1:18 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Credibility? I think your hatred of Barnhart takes away all of that from you, sir.

  183. Bourgeoisie
    1:19 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    #179 – LexCathCat – He’s been trying the entire conversation kid.

    Law School doesn’t help with computers.

    But then Catholic school doesn’t help with ego either.

    We’re learning something new here everyday.

  184. Ukalum
    1:20 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Mike Macintyre will only have success at uk as long as he is coaching jokers kids cause the guy doesn’t know how to recruit for an SEC school. Here is mikes records if he is hired:
    And then we are back where we started and have to hire a coach and an AD. Actually the more I think about it maybe that would be best. That way we can kick Barnhart to the curb.

  185. BledOutBlue
    1:24 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Sorry gang, but UK is broke.
    They cannot spend $ on a top
    coach when they have easy $
    money coming from SEC football
    that needs cupcakes like UK.

  186. CherryPickingLexCathCat
    1:25 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Law School doesn’t help with computers…? What is that even supposed to mean? Enlighten me with your profound thoughts, oh Sir Burger.
    Secondly, what does Catholic school have to do with my ego? I could give you a million reasons why attending Catholic has made me have less of an ego if you want to have that conversation. But my guess is you don’t.
    Just stop. You lost. You look like an idiot and everyone knows it.
    Goodnight. Go Cats. And Go Coach To Be Named Soon.

  187. Ukalum
    1:27 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    The way Macintyre recruits ow by running up and down the California coast looking for kids that only choice is the FCS or sjsu. That type of strategy equals 60 point blow outs by SEC schools and Louisville.

  188. Hartline
    1:33 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I think there’s a legitimate point to how well these West Coast guys would recruit at Kentucky. I really do think we need someone with connections either in Ohio/Pennsylvania or Florida.
    Just an opinion though. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer!

  189. Whattt
    1:35 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Derrick Dooley v 1.5

  190. burrrrrr... ger
    1:36 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Another one bites the dust.

    Claiming confusion as victory.

    Kind of hard to bend raw data when you don’t understand the definition of words.


  191. Linda Taylor
    1:36 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    LexCathCat it means he knows his way around a computer because he has a degree in cs and he knows the tricks of the trade to get around a ban which I won’t enumerate here as I would not want other jerks to learn them. If you are still up, and if you have the 28th off of school be sure to come see the UKHoops game at 11:00! It should be a good one against Miami (Ohio), at least better than the 100-34 drubbing SCUpstate took. I’m off to bed, so Good Night.

  192. Ukalum
    1:38 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    At least mark stoops has recruited 4 and 5 star guys and has the ability to hire guys who can recruit FL, GA, AL and TX. Who would Macintyre bring in as his staff, ppl from San Jose, ppl from duke. Sounds like the perfect way to be mediocre to bad for another 3-4 seasons.

  193. Dozer
    1:56 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Its obvious Petrino is the only choice.
    We might be hung up on Petrino because A.) He’s the only one out of all the rejects you listed that can win and B.) Because he can recruit.

    These guys listed will be another Joker and within three years we will be looking for a new coach, and hopefully a new AD

  194. LexCathCat
    1:56 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I won’t be able to attend this week but I’ll definitely go catch th lady Cats a couple times this year! I took my girlfriend last year a couple times and we both had a great time. It’s amazing to see what Coach Mitchell (a MB hire) has done with that program.

  195. Donald
    2:02 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    What’s football? Just kidding I think…lol in all seriousness this search needs to hurry up and end Its basketball season and I’m tired of all this football talk!! It’s ruining my favorite time of the year.

  196. ewwww
    2:03 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I would rather have Fat Phil or Belloti than anyone on that list.
    Thats the best we can do?

  197. sly
    2:13 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    if i could make an ideal pick my choice wouuld have been Herm Edwards. Big name, high energy,pro experience and probably would be a great recruiter.(he’s been working youth camps for a couple years)i wish MB had the stones to go this bold. He could be more effective in a kids living room than anyone they have mentioned (imho). not to mention the immediate national exposure he would bring from ESPN. Pipe dream and only about 5 years max but he could stock the cupboards for the next guy. what do you guys think?

  198. jryan
    2:14 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Hey Jason, i hate to tell you this, but Cal WAS NOT a mitch hire, mitch didn’t want him ever, he was forced to hire him by some big time boosters, who put big time money in the program, so i will not give mitch the benefit of the calipari hire becuase it wasnt him, if it were up to mitch, rick barnes would be here right now, and we’d still be losing the 2nd round of the tourney, that being said, if hes that good of friends with parcells then he must know a good NFL OC we could go after, hell look at what o’brien did with Penn State, they lost everyone!! and he did well with what he had, that is what we need, these jokes that are on the list are nothing, stoops blows, macentire is unproven, you guys forget that urban meyer did come from a mid-major, but he also WENT TO FLORIDA!! they have aton of money for their football program flooding in from gatorade, he had everything at his disposal, name me another mid-major coach that won in the SEC (chizik doesnt count) i can’t believe you idiots are ok with these rejects on this list, we need football to make money to support our athletics, and with unproven, no name coaches, we will have NOONE! in the stands just like we did this year, has anyone seen our football stadium or the rest of our facilities???? they are pispoor with the exception of BBALL. With ANY of these guys on this list we will at best be the 4th worst team in the conference. Atleast if we hired Kinsburry, we’d have someone with proven accolades who just may’ve coached the first freshman to a heisman trophy in history, now that is something a head coach can sell to a player, im so sick of being a laughing stock of not only the SEC but all of college football, this has to change soon! and with these guys on the list, that will not happen

  199. Ukalum
    2:26 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    198) jryan,
    His name is kingsbury, and unless he brings Johnny football to uk Otis able to steal Texas recruits for uk, he wouldn’t succeed at uk. Because he has 5 years of total coaching experience and has relied on the a&m defense to stay in games. His offense with Johnny football only put 17 points on Florida. UK talent isn’t gonna do any better and with a worse defense we will get destroyed like West Virginia has been destroyed in the big 12.

  200. sly
    2:30 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    also didn’t herm coach the All-American game recently? Probably has some great contacts, if i was a player i would love to play for him. Go big Mitch

  201. dave
    2:38 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    198-“name me another mid-major coach that won in the SEC”
    saban was HC at toledo
    sumlin was HC at houston
    freeze was HC at arkansas st
    stop posting…..

  202. WHAT
    2:44 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I just don’t see how Mitch can look at these guys and say yep they are going to dominate in the SEC. When half the fanbase can’t stand you it looks like you would pay the money an get a big name. Basically he is just going to use the money for other things istead of giving the fans what they want. But thats ok when the stands are empty again, he will be looking for a new job.

  203. BBB
    2:49 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I have to admit I have become downtrodden by Mitch’s debacle of a coaching search. I KNEW he would screw this up. I really never expected a home run big name hire. We can’t get one. We are UK….remember? I know how hard the job is Matt. Petrino was our only shot at a great coach….Our ONLY shot above 6-6 or 7-5. Folks like me that are “hung up” on Petrino are the absolute correct ones in this search. He is undoubtedly the best coach in the whole bunch. As I have said before…we need a new AD. UK football sucks and it starts and ends, as always, at the top.

  204. BBB
    2:54 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    There was absolutely NO excuse for this year. NONE! Joker should absolutely have been fired. But he should have been kept rather than hiring any one of these other guys. What a joke of a coaching search.

  205. WHAT!
    2:56 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    San Jose State Spartans coach Mike MacIntyre shrugs off rumors linking him to job openings with California Golden Bears and Kentucky Wildcats

  206. Jetblue
    3:02 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    @205 That’s what he has to do.

  207. WHAT!
    3:04 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    206. Yeah I know just thought it was interesting.

  208. Ukalum
    4:07 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    San Jose state and Macintyre have been winning because there are a bunch of upper class men playing for him particularly seniors, and by his recruiting rankings which are terrible he hasn’t brought in any talent. Which means if he is the coach in 4 years we won’t have a coach or talent or an AD. If Barnhart hires Macintyre it will only prove that he can only rely on his friends judgements about football hires. Brooks and joker were his “buddies” and Macintyre will not be any different, because he is Cutcliffe and bill Parcells buddy. And since Barnhart can’t think outside the box and goes back to his comfort zone he will hire Macintyre and we get to do this all over again in 3-4 seasons.

  209. Eli
    4:24 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Folks, you keep talking about how great MacIntyre has done at his current school. Yes I agree he has!! But look at reality, the conference he’s in is where little boys play. He’s not coming to UK and having that kind of success in the SEC against coaches like Myles, Saban etc. should I name more??? Stoops is at a major Division 1 school right now and is recruiting at the highest level. He has recruiting ties North and South of Kentucky. I’m not crazy about the candidates that’s listed above but I think Stoops in the best choice for the job and is the one that’s more capable of turning this program around.

  210. Wildcatsteeler
    4:27 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I’m in stitches waiting for the underwhelming decision.

  211. John
    4:32 am November 26, 2012 Permalink


  212. FakeLexCathCat
    5:32 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I’m smarter than you mentally challenged people! I know so because in my mind I think so! How dare your opinion be different than my facts! Barnhardt has done a tremendous job with his football hires. Kentucky is undefeated in football under Barnhardt if you don’t count the losses. There were scholarship reductions that caused many of those losses. There were other losses than only occurred because of a few turnovers, or because the other teams had better players, or the other teams had much better coaching. Those losses really don’t even count. Undefeated under Mitch!

  213. SeoulCat
    5:43 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    #209, I couldn’t agree more. It’s Stoops or bust at this point. I’d rather have Petrino (Mitch, you can take those “character” issues that you have with Bobby P, and shove them up your anal sphincter) or one from a handful of other coaches who’ve shown that they can win at the highest level (top-tier BCS school or NFL), but if forced to choose a candidate from the list above, my choices would be: #1 Stoops, #2 Stoops, #3 Stoops, and #4 Stoops.

    If MacIntrye gets hired, a lot of the fan base will begrudgingly support him in the beginning, but he will be given a much shorter leash. San Jose St. simply doesn’t have the pedigree of FSU and fans will be very quick to turn on MacIntyre and label him the gridiron equivalent of BCG (can build little programs in minnow conferences but can’t win with the big boys) if he doesn’t have seven wins by his second season. From the standpoint of coaching resume, Stoops is the better candidate (Kirby Smart lite vs. a HC at a little school who has an overall losing record over three seasons). From the standpoint of generating excitement, Stoops in the better candidate. And from the standpoint of being given a fair shake by the fan base, Stoops is the better candidate.

  214. burrrrrr... ger
    5:46 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    #212 – FakeLexCathCat – “Kentucky is undefeated in football under Barnhart if you don’t count the losses”

    Post of the Year 2012 Nominee


  215. Buckets
    5:54 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    UK football = bucket of poop. SEC = bucket of ice cream. We have spoiled the bucket.

  216. Buckets
    5:58 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    And if we aren’t getting Petrino, wake me up when the search for a new AD begins.

  217. SeoulCat
    6:04 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Matt, you’re giving out misinformation about MacIntyre.

    He was not “Coordinator of the Year,” as you wrote. He was voted “Assistant Coach of the Year” by the AFCA. This award is handed out to people who display “great character” rather than “great results” on the field. To be clear, MacIntyre’s defense at Duke in 2009 gave up over 28 pts/game and was not even rated in the top tier of the ACC.

    Per the AFCA website:
    “The Assistant Coach of the Year award was first presented in 1997 and was created to honor assistant coaches who excel in community service, commitment to the student-athlete, on-field coaching success and AFCA professional organization involvement…The criteria for the award is not limited to on-field coaching ability or the success of the team and players that these assistant coaches work with. Service to the community through charitable work and other volunteer activities, participation in AFCA activities and events, participation in other professional organizations and impact on student-athletes are all taken into account in the selection process.”

    About MacIntyre, the website goes on to say:

    “He is involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, serving in various capacities over the years at both the boys camp and coaches camp … MacIntyre has also spoken at various FCA events, and at rallies for Students Standing Strong … He ran and worked a kids summer camp while as an assistant coach with the Dallas Cowboys … He is also a Deacon in his church … Mentored such as athletes as Von Hutchings, who was a third string receiver at Mississippi until MacIntyre asked him to move to defensive back, where he started three seasons and still plays in the NFL … MacIntyre helped former Ole Miss wide receiver L.J. Taylor get his start as a high school coach … He engages his student-athletes with “life lessons” before each film study, and challenges each of them to implement those lessons in their daily lives.”

    As is always the case at KSR, facts are optional.

  218. H. T. G.
    6:06 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    How’s Fatt and the gang? Enjoying my new twitter account? Cause last i checked, you didn’t shut me now. I hope you keep trying though. It’s funny that you think contacting twitter stopped me. As many deletes as you give me, I’ll keep coming back with more accounts. Good things to come! Nite Nite Fatt!!

  219. burge2
    6:09 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    #216 – Buckets – Statement of the morning.

    Someone in a prior thread said it best yesterday IMO…

    “I wonder what Cal would do?”

    You know damn well what Cal would do.

  220. Catfan55
    6:26 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Holy cow!! What is going on here…200plus comments on football article and only 27 on basketball article? Is this really a ky site? Smh… But really, I am for the home run hire and I don’t see it in the guys mentioned above. If its not possible, then say so. Am tired of hearing we will never be better than 7-5 win season. If this is the case, lets move to the acc. Just in case you where wondering…hire Petrino!! Give the guy a chance.

  221. Rick
    6:32 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    #218 – Did you finally break that elusive “10 follower” mark on twitter?

    No one cares.

  222. BPsycho
    6:37 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    ^ hahahahaa

  223. BravoBigBlue
    6:41 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    If Kentucky hires McIntyre (who was an unknown to 95% of the fanbase until about a week ago), you can count on being the SEC dormat until Mitch is fired. We don’t need to hire someone because he is a choirboy. Being a Christian is an important part of life IMO, but it should not elevate someone to the top of the coaching hire list. This guy cannot and will not succeed at Kentucky.

  224. well
    6:54 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Well maybe they can get Willie Stien to plau wide reciever.

  225. Catlogic15
    6:57 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    #217. Thanks for the clarification.

    Looks like we’ll be getting a Bible Thumper in MM. Sorry but I don’t see this as any advantage for us trying to recruit the SEC.

  226. timer
    7:00 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    98 (snarkster) – Very, very well said.

  227. War Falcon
    7:10 am November 26, 2012 Permalink


  228. Just saying
    7:33 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    #225: It hasn’t worked very well for Georgia has it…..?

  229. Dane Brammage
    7:37 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    In typical UK fashion, recruit the 2-3 star coach, add the known ingredient of HOPE, and pray he turns into a 5 star.

    Last time that recipe worked, without subsequent sanctions, was with Bear Bryant.

    The other traditional alternative formula has been to hire the coach who’s readying for his last roundup.

    If UK fotball is ‘IT’, well: IT is what IT is.

  230. mike
    7:44 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    #198- Name me another SEC coach that has won in the SEC (supposed to be who has won). Saban (Toledo), Hugh Freeze (Arkansas St), Summlin (Houston), could go on but do your own homework. Idiot.

  231. Big J
    7:53 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    What happened to all the big name hires that were going to bring the fans back. Procrastinated & lost out! Now we have our choice of leftovers. Way to go Mitch. Brilliant!

  232. Big Dog
    7:55 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    It’s ok to be a Bible Thumper and search for a football coach but Mitch needs to think like a TV Evangelist (raise all the cash you can) instead of a missionary (lose all for the cause).

  233. Yitbos1997
    8:01 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    These comments are a perfect example on why Barnhart can’t win no matter what he does. You’ve got fans bitching and moaning that he’s taken too long and fans bitching he needs to take more time.

  234. Harvey 2 da Jene
    8:03 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    221. Rick. It appears YOU care. You took time out of your miserable little day to look at my twitter account and count my followers. That’s cute!

    Actually, Fatt and the gang called twitter and whined enough to have me removed. Yet a new account is open and I’m back in business. @theghostofhtg

  235. In Other News
    8:04 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Festivus begins in 5 days. My first grievance will be directed at wet farts, otherwise known as sharting. There should be a clear warning prior to their awkward announcement.

  236. Harvey 2 da Jene
    8:05 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I heard Harrow is staying in NC because his mom doesn’t like the way Cal talks to her boy. Sad, sad day for the Kats. #BBN!!!

  237. Harvey 2 da Jene
    8:07 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Hi Linda Taylor, looks like you’re still protecting your KRS cubs. Give me a break. Get a life!!

  238. mark
    8:12 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I am fully prepared to get blasted for this post, but give Barnhart a break. The last time I checked he was Athletics Director for all University Athletics and under his tenure he has taken the Athletics Department as a whole to unprecented heights. BCG was a horrible hire and was rectified for the best, do we all agree? As for the Joker hire, Joker was one of the hottest Coordinators in college football at the time, a Kentucky boy, and it was the obvious hire. I too think Petrino would create an excitement and stir, but be realistic, he can not coach our DB’s to get two steps faster to cover Tennenssee’s receivers. We can all sit in our recliners and speculate but from my chair, Barnhart has done a good job.

  239. LexCathCat
    8:13 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    My apologies for using facts guys. They’re too much for idiots to read, I guess.

  240. eat at Shoneys'
    8:13 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    It will be Butch Jones. He isn’t interested in Tennessee. Tennessee having an opening is a bargaining chip. Lexington is an hour drive from Cincinnati and he does not what to move his family. A couple of his players will transfer. Mark it down!

  241. dave
    8:24 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    This list is inaccurate. The numbers are skewed. It must be accidental, though, as some of the mistakes would be to the detriment of Barnhart. lol

  242. Jimmer210
    8:43 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Burger – Are you convinced that if Mitch gets canned that the new AD would hire your choice for football??? The bottom line is Mitch is going to be granted the opportunity to make the next hire and it won’t be your choice. This gives you two options……

    a.) boycot the next coach when he’s hired, don’t renew season tickets, and continue to complain about Mitch/the new coach for the next 3-5 years, OR

    b.) support the next hire, come out to games, and hope that the next hire can bring winning football to UK.

    Even if Mitch blows this hire and you are proven to be correct, it will take several more years to get a new football coach at UK. Would you rather complain for 3-5 more years and stay away from UK football for that long? I know you want Petrino in and Mitch out, but the reality is that neither of those things will happen. Petrino will have his next job and will never be the next coach at UK. Mitch may leave UK or be fired down the road, but it won’t be before the next coach is given another great contract with a massive buyout.

    The reality is that you can either choose to get behind the next coach or be miserable for the next 3-5 years. I’m not saying the next coach will be great or Barnhart won’t fail again, because given UK’s history that is very possible, but I’m making a choice to not be depressed for the next 3 years and give the new coach a legitimate shot. If 3 years from now, we are still terrible than I hope we have a new AD and a new football coach, but its not going to happen in the immediate future. Also, even if a new AD was hired within the next year, he wouldn’t buyout our new football coach immediately. He would give the guy his fair shot at running the program even if its the best AD in the country.

  243. Jimmer210
    8:53 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    240 – This is possible, but I’m hoping that the next coach is Mark Stoops still. Stoops has the pedigree to be great and I’m not saying that because of his brothers. I could honestly care less if he is realted to Bob Stoops. The reality is that Stoops was the DB coach on the 2001 National Champion Miami Hurricanes that had a secondary including Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, Phillip Buchannan, and Antrel Rolle. He has went onto become a Defensive Coordinator for 9 years at Arizona and Florida State combined and has earned a reputation as one of the best DC’s in the country.

    He also has an excellent reputation as a recruiter. One might argue that its easier to recruit at places like Miami and FSU, but this guy has REAL CONNECTIONS in Florida and the South. I trust that Stoops would put an outstanding coaching staff together and that he would recruit well. He was also born in Ohio, played college football in the Big 10, and coached high school football for 4 years in Ohio after college, so he should be able to really help UK’s recruiting in Ohio where we have wanted to recruit well for a long time.

    The only two things that Stoops does not bring to the table is Head Coaching experience and an offensive mindset. However, if he could hire a great OC with his connections than I think you have the best of both worlds.

  244. ukfanphil
    9:06 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Stoops and Kingsbury as offense CO. That would be Awesome

  245. BBB
    9:17 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    OK OK OK…I get it. Even though the best choice out there is no doubt, Petrino. And thats who most of us want…. probably. We aren’t going to get the GREAT hire that we all want. We are UK? If I HAD to and was FORCED to make a choice of the “list” I would choose Stoops who seems to have the ability to bring in recruits (i.e. Charlie Strong) from FLorida. OUr only hope then would be for him to choose an OC who wold bring in a MUMME type of offense that would hide our obvious lack of talent in certain areas. We need a “niche” offense. An “air raid” attack is a great option and is actually fun to watch for our fans.

  246. uk fsu fan
    9:25 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    as a fsu fan also, I would say go ahead and take stoops from fsu. He has a load of defenseive talent and can only post good defensive numbers while playing weak ACC teams. Every time we play a non conf game against a ranked team, they eat his defense alive. Stoops is overrated and you would be doing tallahasse a favor. Please take Jimbo fisher also.

  247. Jason
    9:25 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    The problem with Stoops is that everyone is relying on his “connections”. His connections made his brother so very successful at Arizona, did it not? He was 41-50, with only three winning seasons. He was 27-38 in the crappy Pac 10. His best bowl was, what, the Alamo Bowl? He’s now running a defense in Oklahoma that leads a lot to be desired. The problem is that everyone is claiming he’s got these amazing connections, yet, his brother, whom I am sure has great connections as well, is simply, not a very good head coach either.

    He could be as much Mike Stoops as he could be Bob Stoops. And if he’s his brother Mike, I’d much rather roll the dices with a Macintyre or a Dykes.

  248. SNED RAW
    9:31 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Jeff Snedegar for head coaching job!! I feel confident that he would have the character and intensity to get our program back on track. I feel that he would bring Dave Gin, Grayson Smith, and John Radar as assistants as well. I know Jeff is holding out 48hrs for Mitch to contact him.

  249. Sammydog
    9:40 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    If Petrino is such a great hire, why aren’t the other SEC schools interested in him? He is bad news and every AD in the country knows that. He isn’t going to be hired. Get over it. Thank God we have an AD who is smart enough to protect the ignorant from themselves.

  250. Mike MacIntyre
    9:54 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    No thanks to the UK job. I appreciate the gesture but I’m staying on the west coast. You need to hire Bobby Petrino.

  251. DC Cat
    9:57 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Matt, reading the comments section is extremely embarrassing to the BBN. Maybe it’s time to turn it off. (Not realistic I know, but, good god, the extremes on here are as bad as anything you would see on political sites.).

    Come on people, how about trying out civilility.

    And this vitriol of Barnhart and of coaching candidates is absurd. Opinions are one thing, but the approach of far too many…

  252. Rob Bergeron
    10:07 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Go Cats!

  253. Urincatland
    10:23 am November 26, 2012 Permalink

    #247 first of all who the Hell wants to play in the PAC-10?? Second, is the real estate!! Kids in Ohio or as far down as Florida are gonna stay in this area instead of going to a weak ass PAC-10 conference. I think kids in the Ohio and Pennsylvania area would love to come play in the SEC and that’s where Stoops has recruiting ties as well as down south. He is the one name that’s listed as a finalist can bring excitement and turn this program around. No he’s not my favorite candidate but he’s the best one of the 4 finalist and he’s at a major division 1 school. Yes MacIntyre and Dykes have done a good job in their conference but that’s where the little boys play.

  254. El Guapo
    12:17 pm November 26, 2012 Permalink

    I have a PLETHORA of sweaters

  255. H. T. G.
    4:10 pm November 26, 2012 Permalink

    Howdy campers!!