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Sunday night pile-up


Happy Memorial Day to everyone.  While the meaning of the day is often overshadowed by the unofficial beginning of summer and the opening of the pool, I hope everyone take a couple of minutes to remember those that have given their lives in service to our country.  I watched the Hurt Locker last night and again was struck by an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for those that have risked and lost and everything so that I can eat hamburgers and chill by the pool in a free country.  In addition, I hope we remember those widows and families, both men and women, who have lost husbands, wives, and other family members protecting our freedom.  I’ll always have the upmost respect and gratitude for those that hold down the fort at home, and especially for those whose loved ones never return.  Thank you all.

As for the stories of the day:


-Slow day, where the non-Ashley Judd news of the day was the Dana O’Neil and her anonymous sources story.  Yes, Beisner stole my thunder and my jokes.  I wouldn’t expect anything less.


Mr. Ashley Judd won the Indy 500 and there were lots and lots of crashes-or so I hear since I spent my day watching Deadliest Catch.  Yes, I will keep mentioning this to death since it is my favorite show currently on television, and I’ve recently discovered why.  The Deadliest Catch is that show that you can put on with anyone in the room-old people, young people, your parents, your weird neighbors-and everyone will find it enjoyable.  It is universally appealing to watch people either kill themselves or make a boat load of money.  As a side note (and since this paragraph ended up being nothing about car racing), I currently work at the second most dangerous job in America-a steel foundry.  And yes, it is pretty scary.


-Since I’ve already gone completely off the topic of sports, let me recommend a non-sports site for you all. has a section called “Ask me Anything” where someone posts something like “I’m a female sports blogger-As me anything” and then everyone asks them questions.   A lot of it is NSFW, but a lot of it is completely fascinating to me-for instance the “I work for ESPN” (apparently Bristol is just teaming with sexual harassment lawsuits waiting to happen) and the “I was on Legends of the Hidden Temple”.  Anyway, check it out.


-Five individuals and 2 relay teams (11 members altogether) of the UK track and field team advanced to the NCAA championships today.  The championships are June 9-12, so good luck to the running (and throwing….and leaping?) Cats.


-Speaking of ESPN, I posted this this morning, but it bears repeating.  A lady who worked for the world wide leader, and who was subsequently fired, is now suing the company for something like $15k.  The aforementioned woman was fired for pooping in a trash can multiple times.  Seriously.


We’ll find out tomorrow what the NCAA will do about the USC basketball and football teams’ grievous misconduct under the watchful eyes of Tim Floyd and Pete Carroll.  Ask me 6 months ago and I would have said the football team would get away with a wrist slap, but now that the golden boy is gone this may not go well for Lane and company.  I guess since I mentioned Lane Kiffen, I must now post a picture of his wife.  I know how this site works.


Article written by Katie Martin