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Sunday Morning Hot Links

Hello there, Big Blue Nation. I hope that you slept well. Close one last night, huh? Let me set you up with some links to start your morning off with…


-Even though Kentucky left Commonwealth Stadium last night with another defeat in their back pocket, Mark Story dug deep to find the small victories in the loss. The running of Jonathan George and Raymond Sanders stood out, as well as a much more inspired performance than just a week prior in Arkansas.

– The common trend following the game seemed to be an ability to concede that this season has been a disappointment, but to look forward to some of the positive things that are in store for Kentucky football when these younger players continue improving. John Clay believes that despite the loss, the UK football team did make progress last night. 

– If you’re looking for a more straightforward recap of the game, gives a pretty detailed rundown of the Georgia/Kentucky game. For Georgia’s Aaron Murray, needing a win, the victory over Kentucky allowed them to “get the bad taste out of our mouth.”

– In other SEC action, the Florida Gators are on an absolute tear after climbing into the #2 spot in the polls this week. Florida put on a clinic as they disposed of South Carolina and former Gator coach Steve Spurrier.

– Changing the pace just a bit, Anthony Davis is already winning over the fans in New Orleans. During the Hornets’ open practice on Saturday, Davis did not leave the fans who came out disappointed. The rookie was diving after loose balls and going hard on defense, putting on a show for the crowd. “It’s always fun to play in front of your fans,” said Davis after the practice. I think it’s safe to say from our experience with Davis at Kentucky, New Orleans fans are going to fall in love with him quickly.

Article written by Ally Tucker

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19 Comments for Sunday Morning Hot Links

  1. Big Blue
    10:25 am October 21, 2012 Permalink

    Football? Progress? We used all our timeouts to help Georgia? Roughing the punter? We should not have been anywhere within 10 yards of the punter in that situation. On-side kick? With 4 minutes to go? Progress???????????? Oh and we are 1-7.

  2. FootballWoes
    10:30 am October 21, 2012 Permalink

    Forget football. All is lost this season. we are one an done. Let’s get on with the basketball season, please.

  3. CatGrad7072
    10:46 am October 21, 2012 Permalink

    Progress????????? Let’s try playing when UGA isn’t looking forward to FL.

  4. RealCatsFan
    10:55 am October 21, 2012 Permalink

    No big surprise from BBN to hear that AD is hustling hard all the time. I’m sure similar reports will be forthcoming about MKG and our other kids. Please, guys, just be careful and don’t get hurt! We want to see you all shine this year. It will be yet another shining beacon on what Kentucky basketball is all about with Cal running the show. Can we clone him and make his clone the football coach?

  5. BlueCat
    11:09 am October 21, 2012 Permalink

    Call Sonny Dykes but be sure he brings some defensive coaching as well!

  6. SeaCat
    11:11 am October 21, 2012 Permalink

    Let’s talk about something fun.
    Can Noel block more shots than AD?
    When WCS is in the game will he be
    more able to roam? With Poytress in the
    game rebounding will be covered.

  7. Retardants
    11:16 am October 21, 2012 Permalink

    If you want a new coach

    Don’t support this team at all!!!!!!!

    Money loss will force Mitch hand!!!

  8. CatGrad7072
    11:24 am October 21, 2012 Permalink

    What #7 said. As long as the loses are close and the crowds are good for the rest of the season, Joker will be back. Mitch cares only about ticket sales, not wins.

  9. ryan in dtown
    11:26 am October 21, 2012 Permalink

    better AD/Darius story from last night here:
    Darius fumbled a fan’s question during the Q&A, AD jumps in and says – thats the KY school system for you, and Darius fires back – well at least I graduated!

  10. Chris
    11:29 am October 21, 2012 Permalink

    #7 and #8 it’s cute that you think ticket sales has anything to do with the total revenue of the football program. Ticket sales are a very small part of revenues and all though its nice to have a full stadium the money lost is minuscule compared to all the money that comes in from sec revenue sharing.

  11. harry
    11:36 am October 21, 2012 Permalink

    #7 , #8 verdict is on the coaching staff as oppose to the team itself. Remember we will have essentially same team next year.

  12. harry
    11:39 am October 21, 2012 Permalink

    at this point nothing joker can do right by the fans but win. That didnt happen last night and it is not going to happen next week. Close but no cigar has no meaning at this point !!

  13. Chris
    11:41 am October 21, 2012 Permalink

    #1 you do understand he had to call his timeouts to stop the clock to have any chance to get the ball back

  14. Sharp Action
    12:16 pm October 21, 2012 Permalink

    I’m sorry, but I have to agree with Matt. I’d say about 90 percent of the Kentucky football fanbase is absolutely clueless about football. Burr!

  15. Rixter
    12:18 pm October 21, 2012 Permalink


  16. Bballdoc
    12:21 pm October 21, 2012 Permalink

    Come on, “fans.” Forget Joker and Mitch for one day. These are football players who deserve our support for playing a ranked opponent toe to toe last night. They are bruised and sore after every game, but today of all days they deserve your love and support. Look for something positive, and you will find it.

  17. Ms Lex
    2:03 pm October 21, 2012 Permalink

    #14, Takes one to know one. Matt is a perfect example.

    #10, You are point.blank.period wrong. Each home game is about $3 million.

  18. kybigblue
    2:05 pm October 21, 2012 Permalink

    Unusual game for UF. 29 total yards in the first half and not first down until 25 minutes in the house but they still put 21 pts on the board. When was the last time a team had 183 total yards but 44 pts.

  19. Tanya Tucker
    2:37 pm October 21, 2012 Permalink

    John Clay=Joker pumper. Mark Story=Joker pumper. Both=two no-talent hacks.