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Sunday Afternoon Notes


Notes on a dreary October sunday afternoon….

— The Josh Selby news is big and proof of the power of the Calipari hire. Selby now basically has two options, as Calipari will go one on one with his protegee in Josh Pastner at Memphis. With friend Will Barton there, Memphis has a shot, but it shows the newfound power that the Blue and White has that Selby has decommitted. I still believe that with Calipari in Lexington and Pastner in Memphis, the big loser is Bruce Pearl.

— Gary Parrish reports that Selby’s mother spoke with World Wide Wes before the decision was made, but she downplayed the significance. Whatever the significance, it is good to have good friends.

— The British Open was officially depressing. Watching Tom Watson come up 18 only needing a par to win was actually fairly emotional. It was like watching your grandfather have a chance for one more chance at glory. But then he hit a mediocre putt (which he should have chipped) and the 8 footer was painful. I didnt even watch the playoff, because you knew the result. Still an amazing performance by the 59 year old legend…just wish that unlike Norman last year and Perry at the Masters, he could have finished it out.

— As for the winner, or as the Sports Guy said “the man who will now go stab Santa Claus”, Stewart Cink is the least-liked champion ever. No one outside of his family was rooting for Stewart (and I am sure his father was probably on the fence), but in actuality Cink is a nice guy. He is the one golfer who embraces Twitter and gave KSR good interviews at the Ryder Cup. However when he takes his hat off and you see his pale white head next to his tan face and next, it is freaky. How does he go out in public with that?

— Anyone else mesmerized by the NBA summer league games? I watch them all and just recall the college games the various players were a part of. When you say out loud, “people forget how good Matt Freije really was”, you officially have a problem.

— I see that some are aflutter about a blog (written by a fellow mountain boy, how could you?!?), that suggests I hated Calipari when he was at Memphis. While I dont hate anyone (outside of a guy I went to law school with named Brent who I tried to have deported), it looks like I have been caught. When Calipari coached at Memphis, I was both critical of Cal (and for that matter, Coach K, Roy Williams, Tom Izzo, Ben Howland, Bruce Pearl, Billy Donovan, Rick Pitino, Jim Calhoun, Bill Self, Tom Crean, Bobby Knight, Wimp Sanders, Hugh Durham, Norm Sloan, Ray Mears, Jud Heathcote, Hank Iba….am I missing anyone?) and made fun of him on this blog. In addition, now I generally give unequivocal praise to Calipari since coming to Lexington and deciding to create a dynasty with the Blue and White. Amazing discovery. Next thing you will tell me is that if John Wall had gone to Duke, I wouldnt praise him as much as I do now. Or wait, maybe you will uncover that I take up more for Ramon Harris and Perry Stevenson than I do Jared Swopshire and Preston Knowles! Our secret is officially out! As we have said from the first day of existence…we are a homer blog. We like UK, we criticize and make fun of others. That means that while we have made more Billy Donovan jokes than should be allowed for the past four years, if he became our coach, we would have loved him. And yes, we are guilty of taking up for our players more often than we do those on other teams…it really is shameful. Look folks, UK is like the Olive Garden…my grandmother thinks it is the best, they have good breadsticks and when you are here, you are family. When Cal was at Memphis, I didnt like him as much as I do now…and before I met Beisner, he wasnt my friend either. Thats the way it works and one thing is certain now…Calipari is THE MAN and is about to take us into another glory era.

— Does anyone know if we can set up an online poker tournament for just KSR folks? If so, let me know how as we have a sponsor willing to give UK-Florida football tickets to the winner.

Entourage better be good…tonight could be the last straw for me….

More tonight, including notes from my conversation with Josh Selby’s mother just a bit ago….

Article written by Matt Jones