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Stoops Hires His DB coach

It’s late, but the news keeps rolling in. Kentucky has found its new Defensive Backs coach in former Northwestern State head coach, Bradley Dale Peveto. Peveto compiled a 14-30 record at Northwestern State and was LSU’s co-Defensive coordinator in 2008 before he took the job. Anytime you can add staff with head coaching experience, it’s always a plus.


Welcome to the family, Brad.

Article written by Rashawn Franklin

23 Comments for Stoops Hires His DB coach

  1. Brandon B
    11:11 pm December 8, 2012 Permalink


  2. tdogg40330
    11:12 pm December 8, 2012 Permalink


  3. Roman
    11:12 pm December 8, 2012 Permalink

    Nice. #stoopseffect

  4. TheBigToe
    11:18 pm December 8, 2012 Permalink

    Where the hell is Northwestern State. Northwestern ain’t no state I ever heard of.

  5. mashburnfan1
    11:23 pm December 8, 2012 Permalink

    Prolly in the Big East Conf with teams like Boise St and teams from Cali

  6. Wow wow
    11:28 pm December 8, 2012 Permalink

    Looks like someone with some experience who’s been at a good SEC school like LSU. Never hurts to have someone like this on the staff.

  7. Ukfan
    11:41 pm December 8, 2012 Permalink

    This cat fan is fired up for football for this next season. Keep bring em in Stoops!

  8. Manbearpig
    11:42 pm December 8, 2012 Permalink

    If anything we are going to have a heck of a D staff

  9. JLivermore
    11:46 pm December 8, 2012 Permalink

    Good hire I guess. How do I know?

    On another topic – let’s help our in-state WKU brethren…vote for Hilltopper RB Antonio Andrews over WVU’s Tavon Austin for the Paul Hornung Award at

  10. BlueBalln
    11:59 pm December 8, 2012 Permalink

    Brandon knight went off for 30 pts and 7 rebs tonight!!!

  11. FWKU
    12:04 am December 9, 2012 Permalink

    Screw WKU and Antonio Andrews. I went to WKU and graduated from there, but I am not a WKU fan and never will be. Just went there because it was affordable, that’s it. I am blue to the core. Northwestern State is in either Louisiana/Oklahoma, not sure. Looks like Stoops hired LSU’s version of Rick “Nuclear” Minter. Did he take the job at Northwestern State to move up? Or did the “hat” tell him to leave? John Chavis is the D-coordinator now. We’ll see.

  12. Maple
    12:30 am December 9, 2012 Permalink

    I would like to agree but I mote

  13. ikeeveready
    1:27 am December 9, 2012 Permalink

    Northwestern State is in Louisiana. Guy is from Texas, played at SMU, coached at Houston, MTSU, and LSU under the hat as LB and ST coach before getting co-DC in 2008. He coached the linebackers from 05-07. They won the title in 07 with Glenn Dorsey, Laron Landry, and Craig Steltz as AA.

    Couldn’t hurt to have a guy who coached under Miles, is from/coached in Texas, and was a head coach in La.

  14. Big Whoop
    5:59 am December 9, 2012 Permalink

    My initial reaction was thoughts of another Minter coming on board. That tells more about me than this guy. On further reflection, I began to see some positives. The coach was probably like Joker – a good position coach and a decent coordinator, but not head coaching material. It happens all the time. Can he recruit? And, can he recruit Texas and Louisiana? Being around “the Hat” and eating corndogs should count for something. Being a former head coach doesn’t count for squat with me. I’ll give him the benefit of doubt as a position coach.

  15. FKSU TOO
    7:22 am December 9, 2012 Permalink

    I’m with you, FWKU, I went to KSU and feel the same way about ’em. Funny too, cause they were always *****in’ at us to stop wearin’ blue to class.

  16. Steve Brown
    7:30 am December 9, 2012 Permalink

    Yeah…ummmmm…I’m not so sure about that hire. Dude looks like ametal head.

  17. BigBluSoTru
    9:04 am December 9, 2012 Permalink

    Man we got Neverton, the best defensive back coach in the country according to all the coaches.

  18. Booger
    9:05 am December 9, 2012 Permalink

    Might as well hired some garbage truck driver-look at his record. Why do we bring in losers to go on this staff? Been there, done that!

  19. Seniors Discount
    10:23 am December 9, 2012 Permalink

    Have to have one grey hair on the staff to get the AARP rates. This hire it to help with the recruiting budget.

  20. Tim
    10:30 am December 9, 2012 Permalink

    Just don’t want to see any DB’s running with they’re backs to the play anymore….. If he can fix that and recruit, that would be awsome..

  21. 14-30
    10:40 am December 9, 2012 Permalink

    Really…? THIS is the best UK football can do?
    Back to reality….

  22. fatkidineastky
    1:31 pm December 9, 2012 Permalink

    Dang bunch of people on here think we are getting Jay Grudens’ and Andy reids as Assistants! This guy IS A COACH! He was on a staff that won a SEC AND CHAMPIONSHIP…has ties to LA/TX and he recruits….BUT MOST OF ALL HE CAN COACH! Hells bells…..bunch of complete idiots on here….he is a winner…he may not have been as a head coach….but he coached a lot of winners…..and has more NFL players than any of u whiny a**ed windbags….for your coaches you want people WHO COACH THEIR POSITION!!!!! Look at our troubles last few years…Joker got rid of those coaches who coached the kids up to a higher talent level….and replaced them with “his coaches” which rarely showed improvement on the field. This is a very good hire because HE IS A COACH who teaches his position at a VERY HIGH LEVEL!

  23. tard fan
    6:28 am December 10, 2012 Permalink

    21 – Really, please stop posting on a UK site………..this guy was a Co-Defensive Coordinator at LSU four years ago and he is now going to be a DB coach at UK. I think its safe to say that he is probably over qualified for his position at UK.