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Step it up for the Commonwealth…..


If you are at all a fan of all that is good in television, then you at some point in your life you have been a fan of the Simpsons. If one looks at the course of television history, a case can be made that The Simpsons is the best show in history considering just how long it has been on the air. Folks often debate what level the show is at now (while not at its peak, I think it is still high), but even old school Simpsons fans are excited about the release this summer of the highly anticipated movie. I feel about this movie like I did about the Sopranos finale…..I really dont want it to suck. I hear it doesnt, but unlike Jai Lucas or Tyler Zeller news, here my inside sources are worthless. So we will just have to wait and see…..

But in the meantime, the movie is looking for its premiere location…..and our very own Commonwealth is in the final cut. If you are a fan of the show, then you know that it is set in “Springfield”, a generic town name that could be in any state in America. A few years back when a “Behind the Music” episode was done on the family, it was said that they were from Springfield, Kentucky. So now our very own Springfield is trying to recapture that past glory (in reruns, other states are often mentioned) and be the host for the premiere. So what can we do about it? Well my young friend, we can vote…..go to this USA Today site and vote for Kentucky in the nationwide contest. The voting is likely to be close and who knows… could be Kentucky Sports Radio that puts our Blue state to the top…..and this is even more important than a Hot Blogger contest… go to it!

We are back from Vegas and ready to get back down to business. Look for the recruiting updates, stories from the Vegas Summer league and the early matchups in the “Best UK player ever” tournament during the day on Sunday. Lots to come, stay tuned………..

Article written by Matt Jones