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Statistical comparison of Kentucky and Missouri

Relief at last! Finally the Kentucky defense will see an offense that more closely resembles the anemic unit they call their own. Since the middle of September, for five straight weeks, the Cats have matched up against some elite offenses. Even against Arkansas — though their record doesn’t show it — Tyler Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the nation, and he demonstrated it for us in Fayetteville.

But Missouri is weak. And they will likely be without their quarterback James Franklin after he sprained his MCL two weeks ago against Vanderbilt. Seriously, if there were ever a time to win an SEC game this season it is now. For what it’s worth: Vanderbilt beat these guys.

The Cats should fear nothing going up against backup quarterback Corbin Berkstresser. The Missouri spread offense, if it were ever potent, gets a lot less without Franklin. Unless Berkstresser has a breakout moment, the Cats should be able to contain it. With the way the defense handled Georgia last week, and guys like Ashley Lowery and Cartier Rice continuing to get healthier, the outlook is actually positive.

Last week against the Bulldogs, and even the week before against the Razorbacks, these charts were pretty skewed to the left. This week, the bar graphs come back down to the Cats level. So on paper this is a contest either team can win. Both teams’ offensive units rank in the low-90s and 100s in terms of overall production. And the defensive difference is six points in favor of the Tigers. This is about as even a match up Kentucky has seen since week three against Western Kentucky.

Both teams in this contest are desperate. Missouri is still looking for its first victory over a Southeastern Conference opponent as a member of the league. Will Kentucky be the one? Surely the fans in Colombia believe so.

Article written by Stuart Hammer

B.S. Broadcast Journalism from the University of Kentucky. @StuartHammerKSR

17 Comments for Statistical comparison of Kentucky and Missouri

  1. Duke Sucks
    1:15 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Does a win over UK still. Count as a SEC win.

  2. Double Entendre
    1:18 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink


  3. Duke Sucks
    1:21 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    I seen on Duke’s blog where they think they are losing Cutcliff next year. They seem to think he’s a lock for UK if he doesn’t take the UT job.

  4. shields eyes
    1:22 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Scroll, scroll, scroll…ooh graphs…Scroll, scroll, scroll

  5. Duke Sucks
    1:39 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    With the way our defense handled UGA last week. Really you mean the defense that let Murry break single game records for passing yardage. That defense!!!
    Vandy beat this team for what it’s worth. Really. You do realize Vandy is vastly mproved. Ontop of they blew us out last year. Vandy is a team who has played better then their record. They have played a strong schedule. Giving some very good teams all they wanted. As opposed to our team who has really been a embarrassment.
    No use to try to be a sun- shine pumper. We are the Joke of the SEC now. WKU has passed us up and they have only been a D-1 school for a few years. I think it’s time to take over commonwealth with a brown bag game. maybe Joker will see where he has got the program and do the right think and resign .

  6. Haha
    1:43 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Hey Hammer…how long have you been watching UK football? Go back and collect info of our defense vs any team that runs a spread offense and matriculate that into one of yer graphs….it would be like that stupid Verizon commercial.

  7. Jughead
    1:44 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    We will do our best to make the 2nd team Missouri QB look like a heisman candidate.

  8. Come on
    1:50 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    In somewhat related news: 8 UNC basketball players supposedly were caught on Camera scalping tickets to UNC games while getting paid off for point shaving by bookies. When reached for comment, the NCAA spokesperson advised this was actually not against the rules as it was a UK student that filmed the actions in question and we all know UK are a bunch of cheaters.

  9. The Truth
    1:56 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Here is the real Stats – UK 3 Miz – 190

  10. reality check
    1:58 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    I’m really pulling for UK this week, but the pessimist in me says that Missouri gets their first SEC win on Saturday.

  11. John Wall
    2:15 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    So your saying theres a chance!

  12. barn
    2:28 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    nice graphs but couldn’t you have used our colors instead of notre dame’s?

  13. FlySoup
    2:38 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    12- i think the colors represent mizzou and uk (yellow and blue, respectively)

  14. barn
    2:40 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink


  15. goUKats
    3:44 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Can’t wait to see that Minter coached “Smashmouth” defense put it on the Tigers.

  16. bluezzzzz
    3:52 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Mizzou will cover

  17. Steve Fitts
    9:50 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Colombia is a country in South American. Columbia is a city in Missouri (and South Carolina).