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Stadium Frame’s Final Four Wants Afternoon Notes and Podcast Again

Have you heard about this great deal from Stadium Frame??????? It’s a Final Four print commemorating the 2012 Championship! The 34×24 framed photo is matted with coins and features a shot of the Superdome court just after the final buzzer sounded to end Kentucky’s magical 2011-12 season. Go to to purchase the print you see here, or pick out another print or variation of this one from Stadium Frame.

Some brief notes before I run a group of friends to the airport for a bachelor party in Vegas. (Not happy about it, either.)

— Even though it’s five years away, the two-tournament event in 2017 to celebrate Phil Knight’s birthday is something to look forward to. 16 Nike sponsored schools are scheduled to participate, including UK, Michigan State, Duke, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio State, Connecticut, Georgetown and Texas. According to ESPN, the tournament format would have each set of eight teams play games at the Rose Garden and Veterans Memorial Coliseum on a Thursday in late November. The two events would switch sites for Friday’s semifinals and consolation bracket. The events would take Saturday off for college football, then return Sunday, with the third-place game and championship at the Rose Garden and the consolation at Veterans.

Sorry, Maui. You just got owned.

— I think I understand it now!!! Calipari is a cheater and he bends the rules to keep from cheating. It makes perfect sense! Now, when do the poll results come out from the “Who is the best at leading young kids to reach their dreams and become millionaires?” question???

— What does Roy Williams think about the UNC academic scandal? “Our track record is pretty doggone good.”

If only he could’ve worked a Coke-Cola line in there too.

— Max Preps updated its Top 100 for the 2014 class today and Andrew Wiggins is at the top. Zzzzzzzzzzz….

— We’re very excited about having Coach Cal join us in West Liberty tomorrow. It should be a very special show. Today’s show was also a special one, as Matt returned home to Middlesboro for a live broadcast from the new Cracker Barrel. Have a listen…

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

11 Comments for Stadium Frame’s Final Four Wants Afternoon Notes and Podcast Again

  1. ??????
    2:21 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    I hope you got paid bookoo bucks for whoring yourselves out to this stadium frame BS.

  2. JCPostel
    2:21 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    Is anything going to actually happen to UNC?

  3. Go Cats
    2:34 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    Questions for Cal:
    1) What is your favorite question that a fan has asked you?
    2) You’re really good at Monopoly, aren’t you?
    3) Now that you have had some time to reflect on the NC, what does it mean to you?
    4) If you could pick a team for 3-on-3 Olympic basketball, who you got?

    Add to above…

  4. I hate stadium frame
    2:39 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    Put the Stadium Frame to rest already…please for the love of God (Chris Farley Voice)

  5. RoyohRoy
    2:46 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    “And so far, it looks as if the AFAM situation has been deemed an institutional, rather than an NCAA …” huh,i thought “lack of institutional control” was often cited when the NCAA hands down its rulings ?

  6. ScaredToComment
    2:58 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    Careful with the frame comments, people, or they may block you from commenting. Heck actually they may block you anyway. I come on here every day and don’t always comment. But when I do I don’t say disparaging things about UK sports of any kind and I don’t say bad things about KSR. Sure, I may have called a troll out a few times but my comments are tame compared to lots on here. Yet my home IP address and one work IP address have been been placed on the banished list. I don’t get it. I’m sure this one will be blocked after this comment. It would be nice to know why.

  7. FlashOfBlue
    3:01 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    6. Are you in Louisville? 😉

  8. ScaredToComment
    3:03 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    Ha 7, no. Lexington. My office is in Frankfort and that one was blocked too.

  9. barn
    4:23 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    a tourny to celebrate robber baron phil knight’s birthday? something just seems evil about that

  10. tltaworl
    4:32 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    What is the over/under on Phil Knight lasting another 5 years. Have you seen the guy?

  11. Whatthe
    4:52 pm August 16, 2012 Permalink

    I found this section of the story about UNC kinda nonsensical, when compared to the last quote:

    “But more than 50 percent of the students in those suspect classes were athletes. As first reported by The (Raleigh) News & Observer, one class last summer had an enrollment of 19 — 18 football players and one former football player.

    Late last month, a faculty committee looking into the scandal issued a new report stating that academic counselors assigned to the athletes may have pushed them into those classes.”

    “And so far, it looks as if the AFAM situation has been deemed an institutional, rather than an NCAA, issue because the classes were open to non-athletes and appears that the problems originated on the academic side.”

    Now, those are the reporter’s words summarizing other stories/reports, but if accurate to the facts how can “academic counselors assigned to the athletes may have pushed them into those classes” not be related to the athletic side of the university – i.e. governed by the NCAA rules on athletic eligibility?