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Stadium Frame’s Final Four Print Wants Thursday’s Football Practice Video and Podcast

The celebration is over but it can live on forever inside your home or office with this Final Four print from Stadium Frame. The 34×24 framed photo is matted with coins and features a shot of the Superdome court just after the final buzzer sounded to end Kentucky’s magical 2011-12 season. Go to to purchase the print you see here, or pick out another print or variation of this one from Stadium Frame.


In the final media opportunity before Kentucky takes on South Carolina, head coach Joker Phillips was heavily questioned about the health of QB Maxwell Smith (shoulder). Phillips said Smith looked good throwing the ball in practice, and there is a “100% chance” Smith starts against the Gamecocks. Take a look at what else Phillips had to say:



Matt and the gang talked about…. what else? The future of the UK Football program. Take a listen.

Article written by Rashawn Franklin

12 Comments for Stadium Frame’s Final Four Print Wants Thursday’s Football Practice Video and Podcast

  1. Gay Ryan Lemond
    2:18 pm September 27, 2012 Permalink

    Who’s getting the kickback from these stupid framed “works of art”?

  2. Tired of BS comments
    2:24 pm September 27, 2012 Permalink

    Is anybody else tired of the comment “we have to continue to get better every week” Joker says that atleast 3 times a week during all of the interviews…A reporter needs to call him out on it

  3. Shawon
    2:36 pm September 27, 2012 Permalink

    Regarding Maxwell Smith playing, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

    That said, UK isn’t scoring more than 10 points regardless.

  4. anthonydavisarmpit
    2:41 pm September 27, 2012 Permalink

    For the most part, all these interviews are worthless. What’s Joker gonna say? “We’re going to get beat to death this weekend”. No, he will say the same worthless BS that every other coach says every time they are interviewed. The “we gotta continue to get better” comment is a prime example. The problem is they should already be better and have a game plan. I don’t see that much improvement going to happen to turn things around with a few practices. The only thing good about the interviews are knowing the health status of players, but even then we only need to know that one time per week.

  5. jaws2
    3:15 pm September 27, 2012 Permalink

    Once you’ve heard 1 Joker conference you’ve heard them all. Same story over and over. Frankly I don’t know what the guy could say anymore. He’ll be out of a job prior to year end.

  6. Steve Fitts
    3:33 pm September 27, 2012 Permalink

    Hey! I’ve got the perfect coach for UK! He’s this defensive genius from Pennsylvania! His name is Jerry Sandus—-oh! never mind!

  7. stratblend
    3:45 pm September 27, 2012 Permalink

    That is the voice of a man who has been defeated. Juxtapose that with this:

  8. Precious
    4:03 pm September 27, 2012 Permalink

    How bout Urban Meyor???? Has anyone thrown him in the mix?

  9. RICK
    4:45 pm September 27, 2012 Permalink

    Lets not forget Joker loves UK, maybe he cant coach and should go but i do respect the guy.

  10. Bulldawg
    4:51 pm September 27, 2012 Permalink

    Joker was talkin bout their front 7 being all seniors and the juniors are prep school guys…” I don’t see how he can say that with a straight face. Donte Rumph and Mister Cobble have been tied to the program for about 10 years.

  11. EASY
    8:16 pm September 27, 2012 Permalink

    what joker needs to do is put 2 half backs out at once one being newton (he can pass it every now and then) but manly to run and to confuse the (D) that would open up some awesome play action passes to (witch Smith seems to be OK at…’ some one help me get this to joker it could help a lot

  12. Garmaster
    8:54 pm September 27, 2012 Permalink

    Does anyone know where I could get a good sized matted picture of our national championship celebration? Preferably right after the final horn sounded. Also would be nice if it was framed. Thanks.