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Stacey Poole or Doron Lamb

The one question that seems to be floating around the most out there is how Stacey Poole’s commitment, if he choses UK, will effect Doron Lamb? First off, I want to let you guys in on what the coaching staff’s number #1 rule in recruiting will be this year: Take the most talent you can get. I’m also going to point you guys back to the last time I discussed this point, during my August 28th post, when I attempted to group and rank some of UK’s targets:

If you noticed, I placed Doron Lamb in a category of his own, which left Stacey Poole alone as well. The point that I was trying to get across is that Doron and Stacey might both be pursued by the Cats, since their games are a little different.

At that time, the consensus seemed to be that Doron Lamb and Stacey Poole were definitely vying for the same position and a single scholarship from Kentucky. Personally, after seeing both player’s games, I tended to disagree because I felt that both could easily co-exist. Doron is more of a combo-guard while Stacey, on the other hand, is more of your traditional small forward that also possesses some of the skills of a shooting guard.

So don’t be surprised to see Kentucky continue their pursuit of Doron Lamb while he continues to look around at all of his options. While Lamb certainly likes UK, he also has Kansas, Oklahoma and Arizona as other schools that he is very interested in. In fact, I recently had someone who has long been in the business of basketball recruiting tell me that he believes Lamb will eventually land at one of those other three schools.

Sing along…Oakkk-la-homa, where Lamb’s friend and former teammate Keith “Tiny” Gallon currently resides, also has one of the better recruiting staffs in the nation right now on their side with Jeff Capel & Co. Kansas is Kansas (sorry UK fans, they’re pretty special too) and Bill Self has been doing a great job of recruiting and developing guards. Arizona is also in the mix and is one of the “hot” schools right now. Add in the fact that New York native and former member of Lamb’s NY Gauchos AAU group, Emanuel “Book” Richardson, is an assistant at Arizona and you can see why they have good odds in this race as well. UConn and his “near home” school of St. John’s also seem to be big players.

So, if the all indications are correct and Stacey Poole picks UK, that doesn’t mean you should quit following Doron Lamb’s recruitment. Just don’t expect UK to be the only campus that he visits this fall.

Other recruiting notes:

– After working last night on this piece, this morning Zag’s blog spoke with Steve Smith, Doron’s coach at Oak Hill, and he seemed to believe that Oklahoma and Kansas were the leaders for Doron at this point. The last time I spoke to Calvin Lamb, Doron’s father, he was feeling that Kentucky was the favorite. This is great portrayal of the shift that has taken place in UK’s recruiting efforts and Doron’s feelings. Again, expect UK to continue their pursuit of Doron, but don’t expect them to continue their hold on top honors or get the only visit this fall.

– Anthony Wireman over at Bluegrass State Basketball has a complete look at Chane Behanan’s recruitment. In case you forgot, Behanan was the third and “less well known” visitor during the past weekend. He is one of the top forwards in the region and since his removal from Ohio and arrival in Kentucky, he is the best prospect the state has to offer in 2011.

– Lastly, on the Stacey Poole front, instead of telling you what Jerry Tipton is saying, I’ll let Matt’s tweet inform you because I don’t think it can be said better: Jerry Tipton says that Stacey Poole will commit to Kentucky today…he then asked @thomasbeisner and the other kids to get off his lawn.” All indications still remain that Stacey will be the first Wildcat in the 2010 class this Thursday.

Article written by Dustin Rumbaugh

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