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Sports and Politics do not mix!!!

This website has taken alot of grief over the years for dipping its 4-toed-foot (LOST reference, Sunday finale) into the politics ring.  Ona  quick side-note, for those of you that think by Matt or any writer doing this it will lead to the downfall of the site, you are greatly misguided.  Nonetheless, we do it every couple of months to add a little variety to the mix.  But what we rarely do is combine the sports side of things to the politics side of things.  I think we released who John Calipari had contributed money to and that’s about it.  And if I remember, we did that to make fun of the fact he gave to guys from different parties with widely different ideas.  Anyway, do you know why we don’t try and give you the political thoughts or Joker Phillips or Jon Hood’s stance on universal health care?  Because the two things are COMPLETELY UNRELATED!!!

Joker Phillips coaches the football team.  I want to know what his thoughts are on the team, school, and schedule.  Jon Hood plays basketball.  I would like to know his thoughts on the 2-3 zone and the play of Demarcus Cousins, but on very little else.  When we actually tend to CARE what people who are uneducated say about things, it only leads us to become more uneducated.  For instance, if you ever actually CARE what I write, that is a mistake.  I am not an expert on ANYTHING I write, I simply write with passion.  You should read it for what it’s worth.   

Hence why reading this story out of Illinois gets me so worked up.  A group of “thugs and criminals”, who don’t give a rip about the welfare of the students (shout out to Dale Peterson), prevented a girls high school basketball team from attending a basketball tournament in Arizona.  A tournament, by the way, the girls earned their right to and raised money for a year to play in.  The school board officials claim they are doing it for the girls “safety”.

Now, you might think, well I bet this team has a bunch of Latina ladies on it, so they would be in danger of being stopped by police.  That would have to be the reason a school board would do something like this, because of course they would have the girls best interest at heart.  Right?  Uh, no, of course not.  THERE IS NOT A SINGLE LATINA GIRL ON THE TEAM. 

Let’s mull this over for a minute.  The school board in this Illinois district felt that a team comprised of only whites and African-Americans would be in danger at a high school girls basketball tournament.  Because protesters in Arizona would have no better place to make a statement about their opposition to this law than at a girls high school basketball tournament.  Let’s also keep this in mind: If, in theory, one of the team members had been an illegal immigrant, why would the school board of this Illinois district then protect her?  Shouldn’t she be immediately sent to INS officials.  But in this case, none of the girls were illegal.  Point being, how were these girls unsafe in any capacity whatsoever?

No, see what happened here is another example of people using sports teams, players, and events to push political agendas.  The school board of Illinois has made it quite clear that they oppose the new Arizona Immigration Law, which is certainly their right, but pretty stupid considering THEY DON’T LIVE IN ARIZONA.  But, instead of saying that they oppose the law, end of story, they basically punish 12 high school girls from taking a trip they earned, worked hard for, and looked forward to.  Why? 

Because for whatever reason, the current generation that is running things (35-60 year olds) has the motto that “something worth fighting for isn’t worth it unless you can bring the most attention to yourself, others be damned.”  Maybe when my generation takes over the world, that will be the same thing.  I don’t know.  (Side note: This is basically what Terrence Jones did, so actually my generation may do this too).  All I know is that too many organizations (PETA HELLO?) only want to bring the absolute most attention to themselves, whether its negative or positive. 

In this case, the Illinois school board brought attention to itself at the expense of 12 girls.  12 girls that only wanted to play basketball.  And that just makes me want to grab my gun and my horse and run for Ag Commissioner.

Article written by Bryan the Intern