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Source: Eric Bledsoe’s Transcripts Leaked by College Assistant Coach


Now this is where it starts to get interesting. A source within the media tells me that a College Assistant Coach leaked Bledsoe’s transcripts to multiple media outlets, including his own. This follows the assumption of many in the Bledsoe camp who have assumed since the story broke that the person who leaked the transcripts was an Assistant coach in college basketball. My source would not tell me the name of the Assistant Coach and was also not certain that the coach was the same individual who leaked to Pete Thamel and the New York Times, but he confirmed that a College Assistant is the source of Bledsoe’s leaked transcripts to other media outlets.

After doing my own research and talking to a number of people on the issue, I believe I know who the Assistant Coach is who leaked the transcripts. However I dont believe I have enough solid information to put the name out there. Suffice to say that the number of suspects of who it could be is quite small. Eric Bledsoe’s Junior year transcripts were given to only three schools, Florida, Kentucky and Memphis. His Senior year transcripts were given to only two schools, Kentucky and Memphis. However that does not mean that it is certain an individual from one of these schools leaked the transcripts to the media, as the leaker may have been gotten the transcripts from an individual at one of these schools, or even originally from Bledsoe’s high school. However my source tells me that the leak to the media comes from a college Assistant coach, and one with a connection to either Bledsoe or with animosity to Calipari.

Now as for the “mainstream” media that crow about their jobs being not to “support or to harm” UK, here is your chance. Find out who the Assistant is that leaked the information and in so doing, violated Bledsoe’s privacy rights and the law. The mainstream media sources have more resources and time to devote to finding the leak than I, and with this information, surely they can discover the leak. It is likely that if the individual who leaked the transcripts is proven, he will have to be dismissed from his job. If I get more solid confirmation on the individual, I will release it, but until then the list of suspects has been narrowed. All that is left is the final name.

Article written by Matt Jones