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Someone test Dan Mullen for drugs

Dan Mullen has lost his mind.

During his session at SEC Football Media Day this morning, the Mississippi State head football coach bragged about Starkville, Mississippi. Yes, the same Starkville that most of us have visited for a football game and swore we’d never return to.

“Starkville could be one of the best college towns in the country,” Mullen said.

He said that. He really did.


Use the comments section to laugh.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

18 Comments for Someone test Dan Mullen for drugs

  1. Snuggie
    11:49 am July 18, 2012 Permalink

    When another SEC football coach says something, little do UK fans have the right to point and laugh. Once the UK football program starts putting up some wins, then maybe the fanbase will have a reason to criticize others.

  2. The Rev.
    11:56 am July 18, 2012 Permalink

    1 Snuggie – Uhhh…they aren’t talking about football programs (which we can’t point and laugh about). They are talking about college towns…it doesn’t matter who said it…Starkville sucks. Point blank, period.

    11:56 am July 18, 2012 Permalink


  4. No Room to Talk
    11:57 am July 18, 2012 Permalink

    I totally agree with Snuggie, we need some football w’s before we can talk trash about anybody else!

  5. KevinChristophersBloodShotEyes
    11:58 am July 18, 2012 Permalink

    Starkville has about as much charm as a turd sprinkled with gutter rust.

  6. Rockfield, KY
    11:59 am July 18, 2012 Permalink

    I’ve never been, but I’ve been told by some, including Ole Miss grads, that the campus rules everything that happens in Starkville, which makes it fun for kids to live in while they’re in college. Especially is you’re fond of the deep south. It’s just not a big city, and some people can’t wrap their minds around living in a place like that.

  7. what the what
    12:01 pm July 18, 2012 Permalink

    1) and 3) get off the site you troll @$$ b!tc435! 5) hahahahahaha

  8. UK
    12:05 pm July 18, 2012 Permalink

    *points at 2012 National Championship Banner*
    *walks away shaking head*

  9. rex
    12:06 pm July 18, 2012 Permalink

    actually bloomington, indiana is according to many the best college town in america

  10. MSCatsFan
    12:54 pm July 18, 2012 Permalink

    I was born and raised in Louisville but have lived in Starkville for nearly 21 years (went to Starkville for graduate school and never left). It is not a “typical” college town, but I love the small town atmosphere, the people, low cost of living, and the outdoor opportunities literally outside your door. Oh, and I love being a Cat fan amongst the dawgs!!

  11. Austin
    12:58 pm July 18, 2012 Permalink

    Um… trolling on Kentucky Sports Radio this afternoon anyone? Geez. Anyways, Starkville is a terrible college town. It is barely a town at all. You see old stores, a few people with hay in their mouths out on the front porch in their overalls, then “Hey, did you see that? I think we just passed a football stadium?” Yeah, thats Starkville in a nutshell. A town in the middle of nowhere that happens to have a college… aka Miss St. Bad call Dan Mullen, bad call.

  12. Bubba Earl
    1:26 pm July 18, 2012 Permalink

    The key words in that line are, “could be”, yep a few more barns and 10 more “outhouses” and they have arrived!

  13. Hello, Idiots
    2:37 pm July 18, 2012 Permalink

    Once again morons, we’re talking about BEST COLLEGE TOWN, not best FOOTBALL SCHOOL…

    Sweet Jesus…

  14. JD
    3:04 pm July 18, 2012 Permalink

    Fat Paul McCartney seems to be enjoying Starkville.

  15. DrunkRight
    4:25 pm July 18, 2012 Permalink

    Helmet Guy!!!!!! Have missed you

  16. WeissHai
    4:28 pm July 18, 2012 Permalink

    You’re laughing at him, but he’s kicking our a** (3-0) and winning bowl games while our Joke leads us into the abyss. That’s really smart.

    I’d give anything for him to be in Lexington so he could brag about it while building a legit football program.

  17. Walsh is Gay
    7:16 pm July 18, 2012 Permalink

    1, 3, 4 – It’s like I always say, even if Mississippi State wins the NT in every sport for 10 years, it’s still Starkville.

    And really, folks, if you have to live in Starkville, that’s punishment enough.

  18. Pcefrog5
    1:47 pm July 19, 2012 Permalink

    I didn’t know Kenny Powers’ sidekick was a Miss St. Fan