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Some Thoughts on the TMZ Situation


What is it about these holiday weekends? We woke up this morning to the story about UK being looked at “aggressively” by the NCAA. Immediately panic ensued and I got the usual amount of taunting texts and emails from those that like to jump on anything that could be wrong with the Cats. After reading the story and taking some time to let it digest, I come to the conclusion that as of now, there is nothing to get worked up about. My reason for this is simple and not what others might think. It isnt because TMZ is somehow not a reputable source and cant be trusted. TMZ engages in celebrity gossip (and we will make that joke a lot on this site), but they also have been out in front of many stories. They were early on Tiger, Roethlisberger, USC and other tidbits, so just because it comes from TMZ doesnt mean it is bunk (and it is also doesnt mean it is true). I do however find it HILARIOUS that mainstream media folks in Kentucky, who will not use our site as a source for anything, have jumped on the TMZ story…I think that shows where their mindset often stands when it comes to getting out negative UK news.

The reason I am not worried at this point however is that the story actually does not say very much. It is clearly crafted to not say that the NCAA is “investigating” anything. That is important and surely intentional. “Agressively looking” is purely a subjective term….one man’s “aggressive” is another man’s due diligence. Investigation is an objective term and as of yet, TMZ hasnt used it. Also if the source was solid on this issue, one would think TMZ would name the players that were being looked into….but they were not, which also has to be an intentional decision. There has to be a reason player’s names are not being named, and lack of certainty must be it. Finally, TMZ is not reporting anything as a news unit….it is simply reporting that the NCAA interviewed someone. It is not doing any individual reporting of wrongdoing, but just says the NCAA is making calls. Those calls might be routine, or might not….TMZ doesnt know. But unlike the NYTimes story, which in and of itself was alleging wrongdoing, here no such allegations are being made. Thus the story is about the potential for a story.

Who knows what the future holds for these “agent” type stories. What a kid does before he comes to campus always worries me and will continue to worry me no matter who are coach is. But this particular story as it stands now doesnt worry me yet. Until a name is attached, or an investigation from a news entity that has done reporting on the underlying issues comes out, then there isnt a lot here. The NCAA calls people all the time to look into all kinds of things. Even if the source is telling the truth, we have no idea if these calls are routine or are part of something larger. Thus for now, I dont see the point in serious worry on your 4th of July weekend.

But as for the Kelsey Grammer news…that is troublesome.

Article written by Matt Jones