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Some Team Anthems to start the Week…

I am a big fan of the Chicago Bears. While Rex Grossman is giving me a heart attack these days, I have always loved the Bears, in large part because I was a kid during the amazing 85 Bears season. Of course part of the glory of that team, was the famous “Super Bowl Shuffle.” You may remember that the Bears “didnt come here to feathers ruffle” and they showed this in this amazing video from the past (the two white guys in the front make me laugh more than should be legal) BEST VERSE by the way:

From backup quarterback (and dork) #4 (include various voice squeaks):

They say Jimbo is our man….if Jimmy Can’t Do it, I SURE CAN!
My name is Steve and its No wonder….I run like lightning pass like thunder
So bring on Atlanta, Bring on Dallas…..this is for Mike and Papa Bear Halas
I didnt come here to feathers ruffle….I just came to do the Super Bowl Shuffle!

Or from fellow dork #45:

Its Gary here and I am Mr. Clean…..They call me Hitman, Dont know what they mean?!!!
They throw it long and watch me run…..I am on my man one on one
(I bet you are Gary)
Buddy’s Guys cover it down to the bone…..thats why they call it the 46 zone!!!
Come On Everybody, Lets Scream and yell…….We’re Gonna Do the Shuffle, Then Ring your Bell!!!!
(and the dorkiest, whitest point at the camera of all time)

Well now it seems other teams are getting in on the act. Some of you may have seen the New Zealand Rugby team’s famous “Haka Dance” (Dont you think this should be required before the UK-UL game?):

Now, who of all people but the Stormin Mormons from BYU (coached by the greatly named “Bronco” Mendenhall), do their own version:

But then there is maybe my favorite group…..the Tift County High School team that has produced a rap video called “The Devil Walk” that would make Snoop Dogg smile (even though it simply seems to be a recitation of names). Notice in particular at how much more rhythm white people have now than in 1985….

Folks the Cats need a song…..Woo get to work!!!!!

Article written by Matt Jones