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Some Sunday Afternoon Ramblings


Its been quite the weekend, so time for a few notes….

— The Hoopfest in Louisville was a stellar event with basketball overtaking the city for the better part of the weekend. While the players were not necessarily of UK caliber by and large, there were many coaches at the games. While no one completely overwhelmed me, I do have to say this….Vinny Zollo is better. He still isnt UK good, but he has improved over the past eight months.

Jeremiah Davis on the other hand is UK caliber and loves the Cats. It is clear that he wants to go to UK and if offered, would sign up asap in the Class of 2011. One has to think that Michael Gilchrist is why an offer hasnt come, and that is understandable. But Davis is extremely talented.

Richard Pitino, son of Rick and assistant to Billy D could be the next UK fan target of dislike. He has all the arrogance of his father, none of the accomplishment and the same hair style. And now he is coaching at Florida. Yikes.

Tom Crean still uses a Razor telephone….is Indiana in some financial trouble? Come on coach, you do a ton of texting…a Razor, really?

— I am not going to say that talking to Tom Izzo about my love life was a career highlight, but it was certainly top 10. Izzo gave me advice that I will most certainly use and talked to me for ten minutes about how ladies think. I wish I had it on tape.

— At the Memorial service for James Baker Hall yesterday, Wendell Berry gave a tribute to his dear friend that included a tidbit on Berry’s first story he ever wrote. It apparently had to do with the story of a boy lighting a fuse “in a crow’s bunghole.” Its funny that I have never seen that story in any of the Berry collections I have read.

— I watched my first ever UFC PPV last night…the Brock Lesnar interview afterwards shows that the you can take the man out of the WWE, but you cant take the WWE out of the man.

— When you are on 4th Street in Louisville for a bachelor party and you see Saul Smith, what is the most likely scenario? (a) he is dressed low key and trying to go unnoticed (b) he minds his own business and tries to enjoy a night on the town or (c) he wears a hat cocked to the side, a tight t shirt, silly sunglasses and walks around with a “look at me, I am no longer the worst PG in UK history” look on his face. If you said (c), you are correct!

— There is a picture of me in the Herald Leader today and I look as tall as Shagari. I do not however have his rapping or practical joke skills.

— The news about Gabriel Charley passing really hit me hard. That kid was super engaging when we interviewed him and wanted to come to Kentucky more than anything. A sad and too early ending for the young man.

— Bet you thought I was disappointed to hear that Ramon Harris doesnt want to be called Razor. Well you are right…and he may have lost his biggest set of internet supporters in the meantime. Hope it was worth it RAMON!

— Congrats to Darius Miller on his gold medal…great experience for the young man and the first of many such trips for UK players in the years to come.

— If I told you that Phil Ivey is in 15th in the WSOP Main Event with 400 (out of 6500) people remaining, you might not be surprised. But if I told you that Lou Diamond Phillips is in 95th, you might be.

— I wonder if everyone who encounters Calipari in their lives believes they will end up on Twitter and Kentucky Sports Radio…they now should. Think Texas Roadhouse was crowded last night?

— Heres an interesting question…who would you rather have as the “Y” at a UK game…Steve Masiello, Saul Smith, Sean Sutton or Dusty Mills? Tough call if you think about it…

More as the day progresses….

Article written by Matt Jones