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Some Random Person (Perhaps a Politician or an Obscure SEC Great)’s Wednesday News and Views

[Obligatory joke about everyone else who writes for the site being too busy to do the nightly post. Follow up joke about Beisner being a dork.] I didn’t really hear of much going on in the world of Kentucky athletics, but since this isn’t being written in real time, I can do research. Viva Interwebs!

Christian Watford has committed to Tom Crean and IU, and from what I’ve been reading, you shouldn’t be surprised by this factoid. Therefore, if you gasped as you read the first few words of this graph, you’re a chump for being surprised at this bit of expected news. Watford is a four star guard that drew interest from UK, UL, Memphis and some others, but the Birmingham guard decided to take part in Crean’s recon mission in Bloomington. God speed, Christian.

Middle Tennessee’s coach held his weekly press conference, and he seems pretty confident: “We know what we are going to get from them. I feel confident that we know what they are going to do.” So, apparently their coach knows how many snaps Cobb will get under center—I wonder if he’s going to let Coach Brooks and Joker know! (I should note that it’s entirely possible that Middle Tennessee’s coach may have been speaking about our defense. I pretty much took that quote completely out of context.) Either way, their coach and team is confident coming off their win over Maryland. Check out all the quotes here.

-In other news, I don’t think they’re MTSU anymore. When did that change? Discuss amongst yourselves.

-I’m going to go all Peter King MMQB on you and relay some of Matt May’s practice notes in an outline-like, subset fashion:

-Cobb thanked his teammates for bailing out his “horrible” play on Saturday. He recognizes that he has a lot to learn, and he seems eager to learn from Mike Hartline, who Cobb says makes great decisions at the line of scrimmage that he doesn’t get credit for. What a clunky sentence. I apologize.

-The coaches echoed Cobb’s sentiments, but to a lesser degree. Cobb admits that he is very hard on himself, which Brooks lauds. The coaches also praised Cobb’s humility and understanding of “the big picture.”

Nothing new about Aaron Boyd. Also, Brooks applauded Billy Joe Murphy’s performance in the game Saturday. He also praised Billy Joe Armstrong’s performances on the Insomniac album.

-Joker, when asked about the running back situation, said that it hasn’t changed. They want Moncel Allen to be healthier, and he also said that Dixon is starting to get his burst back.

-Jess Beets’ mean streak is worse than Jason Leger’s. That may mean something to someone.

Enjoy Hump Day!

Article written by Evan Hilbert