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Some Quick Matthew Pilgrim Notes


It is late and I am beat after what was actually a really interesting night here in the hills of Pennsylvania. I have virtually nothing to report, so I thought I would share the text of two emails I received this afternoon. I wrote two friends of mine, both of whom are graduates of Hampton University and both of whom follow Hampton sports, to inquire about what they knew about Matthew Pilgrim. Both guys are by no means professional sports gurus or have a Red Auerbach-like ability to break down game tape. However both have seen Pilgrim play more than I, or likely anyone else outside the UK staff, have in recent years. Here were their comments:

Emailer 1: Pilgrim is a good player, but one that drove me crazy. You could see he was talented on the court, but for every one play he made, he did something idiotic on the next. His head never seemed in the game and his effort was spotty. Having said that, when he flashed talent, you knew he was pretty special. But I got tired of hearing that he had “turned the corner” and just quit believing it. I think he got worse from his first year to his second, but I know he has skills, so maybe y’all can do something with him.

Emailer 2: I love that he went to Kentucky. Now you get to make bad Pilgrim jokes like you used to do with Gerald “Fitch Betta Have My Money.” Pilgrim is a talent, no doubt. He can score and can be a beast down low. His attitude isnt great, but whose isnt nowadays. If he gets his stuff together, he will be a good player for you guys.”

So there you go….take those emails for what they are worth….fodder for discussion at 12:30 at night on a random day in June. I now go to sleep with visions of E-Discovery powerpoints and the sight of old D.C. federal judges wearing cowboy hats due to a “Texas barbecue” theme, in my head.

Article written by Matt Jones