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Some post game comments

While we all still “what-if” each other today over opportunities lost against Alabama yesterday, there is no doubt that a Kentucky fan has to be pleased with what you saw out of the team yesterday on the road, against the second-ranked Tide.  Between the Alabama and Kentucky players and coaches, that seems to be the consensus.  Kentucky had a chance, but there is still a lot of work to be done.  Here are some of the post-game comments from both sides.


Nick Saban’s Press Conference

Rich Brooks

Opening statement:
“The disappointing thing is we knew we were playing a really good football team and we knew we needed to play our best game to have an opportunity to win. Offensively, in the first half, we weren’t very productive. We didn’t get much of anything going and I thought we started the third quarter slowly again. We got a little spark throwing a couple wide receiver screens. We got a little continuity late in the third quarter. We had a hard time running the ball against a very stout Alabama defense. They obviously ran it against us. There were two plays that made the game, one was the 78-yard touchdown run, and the other was (UK quarterback Mike) Hartline’s fumble when we were backed up on our end zone. I think we had a legitimate shot at them but they made those plays and we didn’t. I was proud with the way our players went in there and battled back. I think we have a very good football team and I think we showed it at times. I also think we have some growing pains we need to work through. Now we’ll have two home games at Commonwealth Stadium. Obviously, we have to get back on track and find a way to win a game next week after a very disappointing loss here.”

On playing the No. 2 team to three points in their home stadium:
“I’m just disappointed that we couldn’t find a way to win this game. We’re a good football team and we’ve been a good football team for a few years. They ran the ball on us better than I thought they would. Overall, I thought our defense did a good job. We got a few takeaways but, unfortunately, they were on the wrong side of the field and none really put us in good field position. Their takeaway, other than the interception, resulted in seven points. You can take everything else and throw a blanket over it but that play was the difference in the game. That ended up being the difference in the game.”

On David Jones not getting possession of the late fumble:
“I saw it on the replay and he went right down on top of it and I think his shoulder pads just squeezed it out from underneath him. We had it and then we didn’t. That’s kind of the way the game went for us. There were a lot of plays that a little something here and there and maybe the result is different but they (Alabama) were the ones that made those for the most part today.”

Dicky Lyons Jr.

On the mood of the team after the game:
“I was walking around the locker room just now and everybody was like, ‘It’s my fault, I should’ve done this, I should’ve jumped on this ball, I should have picked this ball up, I should have caught this.’ It just shows you how many missed opportunities we had in this game that we could have easily won had we made some of those plays that we usually make. We’re going to get this corrected.”

On what can be learned from this game:
“I learned from this new offense that they can still come back on teams. Last year, we came back from bigger deficits than 14-0. We were down 17-0 versus LSU. That’s just how Kentucky is really, is a comeback team. Just to know that none of these guys got their head down when it was 14-0. They still wanted to make plays; they still wanted to get going. That’s what we can take out of it, it just wasn’t enough. Usually, we are a second half team that can come out and make adjustments and can come back on anybody if the defense gives us the time, we were just one play too late.”

David Jones

On the fumble in the red zone late in the game:
“I knew in that certain situation, with that much time left in the fourth quarter, that I just wanted to get the ball back in the offense’s hands. I tried to just fall on it and secure it, but it just slipped out.”

On feeling confident defensively against Alabama:
“We felt confident coming into the game, and I think everyone on defense played well.”

Jeremy Jarmon

Thoughts on Glen Coffee’s 78 yard touchdown run:
“I think I got a kick-out block, and I wasn’t able to keep the guy inside of me. They may have just been a little tight on that guy, but he was just able to run the ball and did a good job of hitting it right up the middle. Those guys have speed and you very rarely catch them.”

On showing how good the defense can be in the SEC:
“I think we showed some flashes of how good we can be defensively. I think everybody saw that. Unfortunately, they saw some things we were trying to go away from. I’m not talking about the 15- or 20-yard completions, they have great athletes that are going to make plays -I’m talking about that long run, those are the plays we try to eliminate and get away from.”

Article written by Thomas Beisner