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Some late night notes

I apologize.  I made the mistake of trying to watch some show called “Man Caves” featuring Tony Siragusa and fell asleep on my couch. Maybe Mr. Photogenic was right. I am just a hillbilly. Anyway, here are a few notes before you put on your moisturizing mask and hit the sack…

 – It seems like we’ve said this several times so far this season, but it seems as if this game will again provide a better answer as to what type of team John Calipari actually has this season.  The Ole Miss game was as bad as it gets and despite some apparent regression from the beginning of the season, that performance does not appear to be reflective of where this team is at this point.  But, are they the same team that scored the big non-conference wins?  They haven’t appeared to be during SEC play.  How they perform in Gainesville in what will probably be the harshest road environment yet can go a long way in determining expectations for the remainder of the season.  Calipari spoke Friday about an opportunity to bounce back in a big way.  This team needs to show the urgency they’ve seemed to lack all season in grabbing that chance and running with it.

 – One thing to follow Saturday night is how Darius Miller responds to a terrible performance against the Rebels and the fallout and subsequent apology that came with him passing up the shot at the end of the game.  After stringing together the best stretch of his career leading up to the loss in Oxford, the Miller’s ability to shake off the bad outing and continue to move forward is as important as any storyline for the Cats.  Calipari has pushed to get Darius to make the step forward for a year and a half now after Billy Gillispie seemed to have damaged his psyche and you have to hope that one bad game and a poor decision did not fracture his confidence again.  As Cal has said all year, he has the ability to be an All-SEC type of player.  He just needs to believe it. 

 – For those of you fired up about GameDay, Coach Cal and Billy Donovan will be on at 11am with ESPN’s talking heads to discuss the game.  Also, if you’re in Gainesville, the gates to the O’Connell Center will open at 8:30 and I saw online that they’ll be serving breakfast to fans in attendance.  If they don’t, pretend like I didn’t say that.  If they do, you’re welcome.

 – If you haven’t gotten beaten down yet with hearing about how Brandon Knight and Kenny Boynton played together during AAU in high school, you surely will be by Sunday morning.  Based on Tweets and reports of the media attending UK’s media session Friday, Knight appears beaten down with it already.  ESPN will surely talk about it plenty.  I know what you’re thinking.  No love for Eloy returning to Gainesville?

 – UK announced Friday that Randall Cobb and Derrick Locke have been invited to the NFL Combine and Todd McShay of ESPN announced that they are both rising in their draft statuses.  McShay puts Cobb at #29 on his Big Board and rates Locke ahead of the greatest high school player in the history of YouTube, Noel Devine.

That’s it for now.  I’m going to bed and, hopefully, not dreaming about Tony Siragusa.  Stick around all day as we get you set for the Gators and the Cats and make sure you check out the Live Blog at 8:30pm.  In the meantime, think about sharing a scent with your significant other.


See you in Gainesville…

Article written by Thomas Beisner

35 Comments for Some late night notes

  1. Tubby's gopher
    1:35 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    Lucas is a 3rd toe.

  2. Tubby's gopher
    1:35 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    Lucas is a 3rd toe.

  3. tdogg4033011
    1:41 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    GO CATS !!!!

  4. Square Bet Stanley
    2:01 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    Cats fans gotta like what Vegas has to say about the game. UK -1.5? With it being in Gainesville for Gameday, you’d have to assume Florida at least -3.5. Looks like a big sucker bet tomorrow is Florida.

  5. ShooterMcGavin
    2:25 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    If Miller can play like he has been playing I think we will lose this game.If Miller can’t handle the pressure there he surely won’t be able to handle it tomorrow. He will have to step up considering he lost the Ole Miss game for us by not taking the last shot. I look for Florida to try and attack us with a full court press to disrupt the offense and create turnovers just like Ole Miss did. Florida Fans will be just as rowdy as Ole Miss. Whatever the reason for Darius to be acting timid it doesn’t seem like it is temporary. For him to grow up he has to play more aggressive and want the ball on every possession. He needs to have the biggest game of his career to make up for his smallest.

  6. Sawyer
    3:08 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    i always liked how the girl in pink is smiling but her eyes look scared

  7. Sawyer
    3:11 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    tdogg what happened to that guy that would always say “sup tdogg”? i cant remember his name right now but it seems like i never see him comment anymore

  8. Al Jolsen
    5:51 am February 5, 2011 Permalink


  9. ashland
    6:06 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    My parents were big WVu fans so i still have a soft spot in my heart for them, when they’re not playing UK. Noel Devine….when he looked good, the kid looked damn good. Probably not a body that’s built well for 90% os the schemes in the NFL, but if he gets lucky he could be bigtime.

  10. RidgeRunner
    6:34 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    –And remember Beeze, like all of us UK fans we will be hillbillies till da day we die! It’s in us. It’s apart of us. It’s how we roll.

    7…I had not seen him around as well now that I think of it. Perhaps somebody made him shut up. I dunno.

  11. duhville cat
    6:47 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    7) Sup Sawyer?
    10) I’m here everyday. And nobody can “shut me up” … just like you. Go Cats!

  12. SexnNursinHomes
    7:41 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    I mean I definitely would tag the girl in pink, but her belly looks like a small butt, which could be a new orifice for me to penetrate. belly butt. hmmmm, got a nice ring to it,

  13. SanDiegoDave
    7:55 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    12) Classy.

  14. SexnNursinHomes
    8:05 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    13- classy like a bottle of chilled Mad Dog 20/20 Orange Jubilee

  15. SanDiegoDave
    8:18 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    14) Thanks for the laugh. It’s been a while since I’ve nestled up to a bottle of 20/20. Those were the days when drinking and driving was dangerously fun.

  16. lousyvilleCat
    8:24 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    #9 i pull for WVU as well as sort of my 2nd team after UK. devine is an awesome little back when not hurt, hope the kid does well. WVU has had alot of good players go through there, i “almost” wished we played them as an ooc game, and dropped some of the wku’s etc.

  17. SexnNursinHomes
    8:30 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    15- ha ha ha, that made me laugh. the worst hangover I’ve ever had came from a bottle of MD 20/20 Grape. Drank a bottle of it with a straw in 20 minutes. Puked for 2 days solid.

  18. stone cold
    8:35 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    First buzz was on MD 20/20 Grape. Friend swiped it from his dad’s liquor cabinet. Nasty stuff.

  19. Blasphemy
    8:48 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    Everybody has to remember, we will win this game if the team has that perfect mix of masculine and feminine. No doubt.

  20. ChemCat
    9:07 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    I am on my way out to buy MD 20/20 grape and a straw for the game.
    Go Big Blue.

  21. tncatfan
    9:14 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    6.) wouldn’t you be scared if you were standing next to a guy that chooses to hold his junk for a photo op? Is that supposed to be cool, or gay (that is the way it looks to me)?

    Oh, and is that Nick Calathes on the right?

  22. AwayJersey
    9:28 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    MD 20/20 Grape & Thai Stick=guaranteed upchuck.

  23. SanDiegoDave
    9:44 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    How much does a bottle of Mad Dog cost nowadays? The last bottle I bought cost me $2.10, but that was 1983.

  24. OrvilleofMonkeysEyebrow
    9:56 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    cousin granpa makes ours for us…….

  25. Sam Salt
    9:58 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    Dude holding his crotch needs one shove down his throat!!!

  26. Claw
    10:13 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    Sitting here with my buddy, my pet prairie dog, who has been hanging around me for the past twelve years and decided I want to buy the Kentucky Sports Radio website. I think I can turn a huge profit with it if it’s marketed successfully. Do you think a thousand bucks will buy it?

  27. picture
    10:15 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    hahah I’ve seen this picture so many times and I just realized the girl on the right is in law school with me now

  28. tom johnson
    10:28 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    unbreakable?!?! that’s ridiculous.

  29. Blue Heaven
    10:40 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    This picture has been used before. don’t be giving us re-runs.

  30. bigcat
    10:49 am February 5, 2011 Permalink

    classy. the guy in the middle is holding his nads

  31. HilljackLinebeard
    12:08 pm February 5, 2011 Permalink

    Felt bad for Jai Lucas being third wheel until I watched the vid. Threw up in my
    Mouth, a bunch at seeing that much Khloe skin. Couldn’t Lamar have gotten one of the two hot Kardashian’s? I mean Terrence Jones didn’t have to settle for Winona, he went straight to Ashley.

  32. Wildcobb Salad
    12:23 pm February 5, 2011 Permalink

    That girl on the left has an ass-gut.

  33. RidgeRunner
    2:03 pm February 5, 2011 Permalink


  34. RidgeRunner
    2:04 pm February 5, 2011 Permalink

    I want to tag her belly too. Callit what ya wanna callit. I’m taggin it.

  35. Karma
    8:46 pm February 7, 2011 Permalink

    If you have “looked at this picture so many times” you need something more to fill your day. Congrats on being a total asshat. Eat shit.