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So, NCAA, you’re telling me this is ok?

In a story that we probably couldn’t make up because it defies common sense on so many levels, Florida International head coach Isiah Thomas has been hired by the New York Knicks as a “consultant”.  Now, besides the obvious absurdity of the Knicks would want the very guy who destroyed their organization consulting on anything at all, it’s even more ridiculous that Thomas thinks the NCAA would let him take a job with responsibilities including “player recruitment”. 

Except, of course, the NCAA said they were a-ok with it.  Yep, the organization that wants to keep player representatives, agents and pretty much any other contact related to the pay-for-play portion of basketball out of their neighborhood just co-signed a lease on the house next door with a walking red flag.  Ladies and gentlemen, we live in an era where a student athlete’s bagel must be approved, but a coach can also be an NBA employee.  The NCAA.  Gotta love it.

Article written by Thomas Beisner