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So much for Freedom of Speech


You hear that Roy? Like sheep to the slaughter!

I still consider myself fairly young and am easily frustrated by older people who don’t utilize technology to its optimal potential-namely in my place of business where we are literally 20 plus years behind the invention of the typewriter. However, I can say definitively that Twitter is the first new idea I’ve come across in my life that I honestly feel like I’m too old for. I loved Facebook, especially at the beginning when it was just a bunch of Harvard and Purdue students being really nerdy. Myspace and Aol IMing and all that other stuff have been a part of my life since I was old enough to participate in the drama that each seems to stir. But I tried to be on Twitter for like 5 days, and I simply don’t understand anything that is happening nor do I understand why I’m supposed to care. I don’t know how to trend or how to use any of the funny symbols and I don’t understand how to read two people’s conversation without flipping to each Twitter page. Facebook walls are so much simpler.

Apparently Roy Williams is similarly over Twitter. Beisner’s favorite ESPN blogger is reporting that some UNC players have been saying (via Twitter of course) that the Tarheels coach has put a kibosh on some of their offensive material- including, but not limited to Dexter Strickland’s 5-year-old brother’s boy parts and poking fun at the Wear twins transfer using one of those “#” things. Apparently you can see all this here , but since I don’t have Twitter and our internet is “monitored” at work, that link could be a Rick Roll or any number of lewd images.

I did find some of their #theyleftbecause fairly comical:

LDrew2: #theyleftbecause I still couldn’t tell them apart

JohnHenson31: #theyleftbecause their pickup truck just didn’t fit their lifestyle

LDrew2: #theyleftbecause they found out they would have to room with (Tyler) zeller…again

JohnHenson31: #theyleftbecause the surfing at wrightsville beach wasn’t up to par

So Roy tells them to tone it down, and what do the players do? Take their frustrations out via Twitter, naturally. Here’s Strickland’s eloquent prose about the fairness of the aforementioned situation:

well,coached just talked to us about twitter and told us we offend some people n what not so this is a farewell to bein’ myself..lata tweeps

They told me I gotta watch wat I I’m sry if any of my tweets offended anybody that follows me..

yeah these people be emailin coach n stuff smh….”self expression is a birthright and something you did PRIOR to hoopin…

I don’t really understand any of that, but I have decided to start using the word “tweeps” in my daily life from now on. After successfully bringing “Bitchin”, “The Jig is up”, and “Dunzo” into the national lexicon (a.k.a I used them to death until I got my friends to unwittingly start using them) I feel good about my chances of making “tweeps” the cool thing to say.

Article written by Katie Martin