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So Much for a Peaceful Day


I honestly thought today would be quiet up until game time. I was going to be making the long trek down I-90 and was ready to listen to Tony Kornheiser podcasts and Johnny Cash on my iPod. Next thing you know, all heck breaks loose like never before. I have arrived in Syracuse and am ready to head over to the Carrier Dome. But I do have to take a second and recap a few things:

1. The radio stuff today was exhausting. I did shows in three other cities, but a lot of you guys heard me with Dan Shaughnessy and two loudmouths in Boston. While I am generally pleased with the points I made, it wasnt my finest hour. I assumed after talking to Dan earlier in the day, it was going to be a pleasant conversation, but the two arrogant jocks next to him only had me on to try and blast me and make Kentucky hillbilly jokes. I lost my cool more than I would have liked and was way too angry throughout. Having said that, the guys were jerks and totally ignored any salient point I made in favor of making “kissing cousins” jokes. Ultimately I showcased their total lack of knowledge on any of the subjects but I am not sure how much got heard over the shouting. They are pricks through and through. Lesson learned however, mainly that when you deal with Boston media types, it isnt the same as elsewhere and it is not a lesson that I will forget. I am proud of going on and fighting the good fight and my dislike of Boston only grows greater.

2. Much happier for me was that my radio idol Tony Kornheiser talked about the column and generally agreed with it on his radio show. I still havent heard it yet, but that is beyond cool. I could quit now and be happy.

3. And now, its on Deadspin, along with an old picture of me from The Freak Show with bad hair. Oh well, I guess that was inevitable.

I really thought this was going to be an easy day. I am off to the Carrier Dome for Cornell beatdown 2010 and even though I have nothing against any of those guys on the Cornell team, I really want to see an absolute punishing performance by the Big Blue. Unfortunately for the Big Red, they have become the face of the combination of elitist Northeasterners, idiotic bombastic radio hosts and two-faced “be nice to you one on one and try to embarass you in public” people that I have had to deal with today. They must suffer.

LIVE BLOG at 9:15 pm to settle my nerves. If you want to hear a much calmer and more reasoned conversation on the topic, here is the interview I did with a radio station in Raleigh on the “Smart kids vs dumb kids” angle:

Radio interview on unfair stereotypes in UK vs Cornell

Article written by Matt Jones