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SMU’s One Fan Wants a Couple of Evening Notes

I searched hard for an attractive SMU fan…it wasn’t easy

It’s late and Saturday night and I have to fly to New York tomorrow, but a couple of notes were in order:

— The Emmanual Mudiay commitment to SMU is a surprise. I became aware last night after he announced he was committing that Kentucky might not have been in as good a spot as people assumed and then later learned the Mustangs would be the pick. It seems as if the folks in Lexington have known for a few weeks that this was possible and it was part of the reason they moved in so quickly and with force on Tyler Ulis. Mudiay chose SMU and that life over Kentucky and this life and those are so distinctly opposite that in the end, you have to say he made the right choice for him. Playing in front of 24,000 fans and a rabid BBN is not the same as 3,444 fans (the average SMU home attendance last year) and a school in a conference that I am not sure I can name. If that is what he prefers, I wish him the best. And I am sure getting to have his brother (who currently is in Junior College) play with him next year at SMU helps as well.

UK moves on and I think Tyler Ulis becomes the likely candidate for the point guard the Cats get in the class. While he is small, he is a great distributor, probably the third best PG in America and (underreported fact) friends with Jahlil Okafor. Many have talked about the Okafor/Tyus Jones package deal…but what if it was another Ty and Okafor? Something to keep an eye on. There may also be a renewed push for Dante Exum, although that remains to be seen. I will write tomorrow night extensively about where UK stands in recruiting for that class, but for now, an odd result. Since Calipari has been here, there have been two top players he really wanted that he lost…Shabazz and now Mudiay. Hopefully for Emmanual, his decision turns out better than Shabazz’s. (EDIT…brain fart here by me…forgot Andrew Wiggins)

— We had the KSR Conference today in Lexington and are ready for another year. The Redesign still has a few hiccups and we hope to have most fixed by Monday (specifically size of text on iPhone, getting rid of the random annoying ads that some are seeing and a couple of other changes…like bringing back Santa Kige.) Thanks for everyone’s comments and I am glad you seem to like what we have done. More will come later and after a week or so, make sure you make the “Funkhouser” blog and the Categories above regular stops…you will like them.

— Need a football fix? Here is my segment from Friday’s WKYT news on the UK football season ahead with Jennifer Palumbo:

James Young is now in Lexington. He arrived earlier today. The rest of the team will all be here by Monday. The Revenge Tour starts now….everything else is irrelevant.

One week until football…I can’t wait.

Article written by Matt Jones

61 Comments for SMU’s One Fan Wants a Couple of Evening Notes

    9:27 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    I’m thinkin’, man, how can you not find hot Texas co-eds posing in SMU gear?

    … Matt is right. I’m just as shocked as you are.

  2. Msmo
    9:36 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Sometimes you got to just shock the world…. then disappear forever into the depths of it.

  3. Hicks
    9:42 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    We should have talked about something being up when the Ulis visits and offer came so fast. You know Larry would never steal a recruit from Cal and not give him the heads up so he could adjust. I’ve always wanted Stan the man the most but that was because Mudiay seemed like a given. Ulis can play, certainly score, but can he play the D Cal expects from a point and is it even close to a forgone conclusion that Ulis will pick us? I won’t compare 2014 to last year because the returnees and recruits will provide more talent overall than last year but there will be one thing in common, questions at the point.

  4. Bluescout
    9:43 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    I would call Wiggins another miss for Cal wouldn’t you Matt?

  5. bosshogg24
    9:45 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Need to change the color of the print, too much blue and very hard to see or read!

  6. Matt Jones
    9:47 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    #4…yes that is my mistake

  7. Bob Loblaw
    9:48 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    I wonder if this has anything to do with Mudiay’s decision in the sense that Cal maybe backed off a bit.

  8. Concern Citizen
    9:49 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Matt, thanks for bring back Santa. I will be able to sleep well tonight!

  9. Matt from Richmond
    9:50 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Shabazz Mohammed went to UCLA for goodness sakes and you see how that worked out for him. Granted Brown is a different coach (and not to mention Cal’s mentor) and can get him exposure through his many ties in the league, but its still not Kentucky. Watching all of Cal’s players go 1st round year after year has shown me no matter what kind of team he fields (such as last year) there will be 1st round talent, and the exposure from Cal and UK does up your draft stock. After next years epic draft when we have up to 4 players go in the lottery and maybe 5-6 in the 1st round, I’m not sure how any player don’t fight over coming to UK and commit as soon as their offered. UK is the prom King and when he asks you to go you just simply say “yes and thank you”. For those of you who say “it’s about the school experience, campus life, etc”, that’s bull. As the once great Biggie Smalls said, “It’s all about the Benjamins”. Higher draft stock, more money. I didn’t go to Morehead because of the campus life, I went because they have the best radiology program in the state , ergo good training, better chance at a job, more money. Every decision you make after high school (and some during) is a business decision whether you look at it that way or not, especially for these high profile athletes with so much to gain from getting the right advice/coaching/guidance they need.

  10. bigbluejon
    9:50 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Any chance Mudiay still comes to Madness. I think he might flip on the spot if he did. Don’t think it will happen though.

  11. Bobbum man
    9:53 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    9- troll

  12. Matt from Richmond
    9:55 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    They’re. How did it auto-correct a grammar error. Oh we’ll. damn.

  13. poppycat
    9:56 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    What was Perkins going to do on Aug 25? Scratch UK, verbal somewhere, or make a short list, none of the above? He might just delay his announcement.

  14. Matt Jones
    9:59 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    #13 He already picked Gonzaga

  15. Stone Cold
    10:00 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Wes is boys with Brown and is now helping funnel players as well.

  16. poppycat
    10:02 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Thanks 14, I remember that now. I have sometimers disease…………

  17. Tomas
    10:03 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Loosing Mudiay hurts but I think Kentucky will still be alright if they close out strong. I think Ulis with a sophomore Dominque Hawkins will be good enough at the point. I think Marcus Lee will return for his sophomore year and pair nicely with Karl Towns Jr. Throw in Trey Lyles, Rashad Vaughn, and a another lengthy wing like Oubre or James Young returns for his sophomore season.

  18. Joe
    10:06 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Mudiay should not even get an invite to madness. He made his choice, now live with it. SMU is probably paying him anyway. UK will be fine, Mudiay will not. Dumb choice, now move on.

  19. Bryan
    10:08 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Big time loss here. I’m afraid Ulis will let us down on defense because of lack of size, but hopefully I’m wrong. Gonna be strange going from a 6’5 pg to a 5’9 one

  20. Caftan 893
    10:22 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Where’s the Keightly report? Can’t leave Mr Bill out in the re-design. If I’ve overlooked apologies.

  21. Uknation
    10:26 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Datnte Exum to UK

  22. Uknation
    10:27 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    He will join Lyles and Blackman just to piss off IU fans.

  23. Cats Fan CWR
    10:27 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    I went to SMU undergrad, and I assure you that there are many, many attractive fans. Right up there with any school in the country on a per capita basis.

  24. cotton nash
    10:29 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Say my man James Young is here? Then all is well with the world.

  25. tuxedo park
    10:29 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Next year is gonna be rough. It takes an absolute ELITE pg to lead his team to postseason success in his freshman year. Teague was lucky that the 2011-2012 team was so mature, he had some serious struggles but became a steadying influence during the tournament. Wall was, well, Wall, and Knight became a really excellent player in crunch time. I hope Ulis (if we even get him) can learn the system quickly. I’m not going to lie, I’m utterly shocked we lost out on Mudiay. Especially to SMU, I mean, SMU?!?? The only way i can make sense of it is that maybe those academic issues with Prime Prep are real…

  26. dWade
    10:30 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    I would go to the UK-WKU game if I could afford it. The price of everything has gone up but not my wages. Tickets, gas, food, and a motel room priced me out of the market for this one. Even home game prices are prohibitive, especially the Bama game. Some folks are going to criticize me for saying this…where are my priorities, you gotta save up, yadda yadda. You can’t even watch alot of the games without a decent and pricey cable package. I can’t help but think more people are in my situation which is causing ticket sales to be down for the opener.

  27. Jen
    10:31 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    20. From all accounts Keightley was an extremely nice guy and a joy to know. However, no one’s bigger than the team and deserving of perpetual idolizing on some stupid blog. He has his name on the court — be happy with that and move on with life.

  28. bmt22033
    10:40 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    I’ve watched Ulis play on YouTube and I’m impressed but all people keep talking about is the fact that he’s 5’9″. But has everyone forgotten how AD grew 8 inches in a year? Now obviously that kind of growth is freakish but is it inconceivable that a kid who’s 5’9″ today could grow another couple of inches in a year? Maybe he won’t ever be 6’+ and I almost hate to make this comparison but remember nobody was making fun of Devan Downey when he dropped 30 points on us! If Calipari thinks the kid is worth pursuing, then I trust that he knows what he’s doing.

  29. Ridge Runner
    10:46 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Hopefully Cal and Wes are still on good terms. Otherwise, recruiting could take a big hit.

  30. DrSayre
    10:49 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Do we know if Mudiay signed yet? I wonder if he could change his mind later… Find it hard to believe he wants to play at SMU, even if it is close to home

  31. Uknation
    10:51 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Why is everyone forgetting about Dante Exum?

  32. Dewskilowe
    10:53 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Okay so its fine for UK to do some package deals but when they get beat out buy someone else they cheat!! Gimme a break, the kid chose a path less traveled! Maybe he saw How Cal threw the team from last year under the bus!! Maybe he felt Cal wasn’t the right fit! Maybe being coached one of the greatest coaches ever is what the kid wanted! Let’s move on. Also I like the new website, but please get your goofey pictures off your website no one wants to see your ugly mugs!!

  33. Matt from Richmond
    10:53 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    I hear Wes is still tight with “KRS” so all is well.

  34. Fake Tom Leach
    10:56 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Did anyone tell Mudiay that SMU doesn’t have Cumberland Gap Mountain Sprint Water? #UncapTheGap

  35. Jimmy Wa11
    11:02 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Mudiay just deleted some very interesting tweets!!

  36. Ridge Runner
    11:08 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Mods, please delete the Ridge Runner – Troll impersonator above. Tis’ not me.

  37. tuxedo park
    11:14 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    35. What were these “interesting” tweets?

  38. red headed step child
    11:22 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Good #36. I was getting worried that you had lost your mind. We knew an impostor was amongst us.
    Life would be much more simple if we could live Life as a TARD.

  39. Joe
    11:27 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    Mudiay is a has been. He wont get Myles Turner to go down there. What a dumbas*. It is Southern Methodist University – who wants to go to school there? Mudiay will come back to begging UK – but will Cal even entertain his wishes. Mudiay needs to go away now – loser!

  40. Ridge Runner
    11:28 pm August 24, 2013 Permalink

    39…I hear ya bud. Although flattering these trolls come to the site that represents the best dynasty in all of basketball…to steal identities puts them over the edge and reduces them to the scum they are.

    Go Big Blue & KSR will get this worked out. In the meantime, I do lose my mind quite frequently –but you know (most on here do) I would die for my Cats.

  41. YankeeCpt
    12:34 am August 25, 2013 Permalink

  42. Jsmeezy
    1:30 am August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Prep prime the school Mudiay plays for has two current college freshman who was just ruled inelligible this year due to the school not meeting all the criteria the NCAA requires. How will this play out for him.

  43. Elmer
    1:33 am August 25, 2013 Permalink

    When he was a strong Kentucky lean, his school was not a problem

  44. bigcatstanding
    2:35 am August 25, 2013 Permalink

    For me this kid made the best choice for him and his family, the kid wanted to play with his brother and stay close to home, and also he prayed about it and that was his answer, so wish him the best and Kentucky will be fine. Like they say UK isn’t for everyone. GO BIG BLUE. ILF#9

  45. Jordan
    3:00 am August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Mudiaysfault i hope he can sleep with his dumb decision. We will get Ulis, Towns, Okafor, Johnson, Booker, Vaughn, Lyles and Blackmon Jr — good class. We will get #9 this year thin #10 next year. Go cats!!! forget mudiay he is a lost and i cannott see him having major sucess at SMU but oh well!! we are UK we move one!

  46. Wildcatsteeler
    3:08 am August 25, 2013 Permalink

    It’s Texas. Haven’t you heard? It’s nothing but steers and queers.

  47. Wildcatsteeler
    3:09 am August 25, 2013 Permalink

    bigcatstanding, you had me at prayer.

  48. Matt Jones
    6:50 am August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Kentucky will be fine. With coaches Joker Stoops and Cal Chizik, both programs are in great hands.
    Special thanks to Sandy Bell for her tireless effort that finally paid off with the twins arriving in Lexington.
    Don’t forget next Wednesday at noon eastern we are aiming for the world record three goggle. We need to beat 4,500,000 set in Slovenia back in 2005.

  49. James
    9:19 am August 25, 2013 Permalink

    How could UK have known weeks ago and you not know? Are you not as connected as we thought or just holding out on us? Also Ulis is good friends with Mudiay as well and we all see how that turned out. Okafor will be wearing blue, only his UK will have a D and E attached to it.

    2014 is going to be interesting for sure.

  50. Lil c
    9:29 am August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Did you know……….Larry Brown is SMU’s head coach. Yes, the same Larry Brown that got Kansas put on probation for FIVE YEARS in the 80’s! The guy is a snake! Dirty recruiting and illegal benefits is this guys specialty.

  51. Trey Diablo
    9:35 am August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Louisville fans need to get lives and stop impersonating UK fans on KSR. What kind of pathetic loser reads other team’s sites and comments. I can’t name any little brother sites other than ones mentioned on KSR. It takes a pure bred line beard with too much free time to copy UK fans on a blog. Just so there’s no confusion in the future, Da Ville always sucks, UK is royalty. We will keep rolling with #1 basketball teams.

  52. creeeeeeep
    9:42 am August 25, 2013 Permalink

    i’m sure you searched long and hard creeptown. surprised that your super creepster skills couldn’t find any…SMU/Dallas is a hot bed

  53. Drew B
    9:53 am August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Chane Behanon, Adrien Payne, Wayne Blackshear, Ledo

  54. Blueswade
    10:05 am August 25, 2013 Permalink

    meh…..the boots are kinda nice I guess….

  55. Boone
    12:05 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    As someone that lives in Dallas, and works with several SMU grads, trust me, finding an attractive one is not hard. SMU is known as one of the preppiest, Mrs.-degree-ist, attractive student bodies in the country. They may have no basketball fans, and they are a small school, but it’s not like they are Boise….

  56. jaws2
    12:43 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Just curious, but how do you guys know to say #4, 23, 35 or whatever on these responses? I don’t see any numbers.

  57. Rodney Estes
    12:45 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    As I have stated on this site previously, I hope BBN gives Coach Stoops and his staff a fair chance. After two down years recruiting at the end of the Brooks era, Joker wasn’t provided the time, money or support to rebuild. I know several of the coaches from his staff and spoke with some of them this summer. They all say the same thing, UK will never be a consistent football power because of basketball. Very little support from alumni, fans and administration to support a winning football program.

  58. PlanetNokia
    8:48 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Get rid of your icrapples iphones. Those phones are so old and crusty. Who wants a bunch of icons or my bad one extra row of icons if you got the i5 LOL. Way to get ripped off! Get the Nokia Lumia and be able to read ksr with EASE !!!

  59. PV Mike
    12:14 am August 26, 2013 Permalink

    SMU may not come close to UK in basketball but it is a serious rich kids school (SMU often called Southern Millionaires University). Get a business degree there and it is a sure pathway to a great job with rich Dallas alumni connections. Probably the most connected school with alumni other than USC.

    BTW, most of the females are beautiful if you can catch them in their BMW or MBZ convertibles.