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Slow Day of Watching Horses and Jones…What Did We Learn?

Bryan the Intern, Matt Jones, Turkey Hunter

Derby Day is over and that means that either you’re a responsible human being, a designated driver or you’re drunkenly trying to uncross your eyes and read this paragraph. Whichever you are, hopefully you enjoyed your Derby and don’t worry yourself too much because you didn’t miss much around these parts. Here’s what we did today and what you might look forward to tomorrow:

– The early morning links informed you guys about UK’s continuing relationship with China. Josh Harrelson and Jon Hood will be playing basketball this summer over in the Far East. Did you know that China is the fourth largest country, has a population of over 1 billion and has instituted a “one child” policy to help curb that population, which has in turn led them to be one of the fastest aging countries in the world? Did you know that all of the drunks reading this page are now face first passed out on their keyboards? Ready for a quote that I’m sure will be uttered by some crazy UK fan somewhere? “I really hope they repeal that ‘one child’ policy so Calipari has a bigger pool to choose from.”

– The obvious “story of the day,” outside of the Derby, was that of Terrence Jones. I say story of the day because that’s all you guys wanted to know about but it’s pretty obvious that today’s Terrence Jones news was largely a non-story. He doesn’t seem to have quite made his mind up on what to do, although UK fans do have reason to be optimistic based on the rumors floating around. Towards the end of the night there was some concern that he may have made a final decision for UK, but that seems to not be the case just yet. That’s about it. Oh, and he was sick today. Tune in tomorrow for more JonesWatch2K10 and I already feel sorry for who ever is running the site and tries to write about something other than TJ.

– The Derby wasn’t really all that exciting this year as far as close finishes go. Calvin Borel, jockeying Pic-Pac Save-N-Go, won again, which is starting to sound as redundant as “Mariano Rivera got the save for the Yankees last night.” That makes three of the last four Derby’s that Borel has won. At least his victory speeches are always entertaining.

– If you were keeping score at home, I didn’t hit a single pick all day. Good thing only my pride was on the line.

Join us tomorrow and allow our reputable staff of writers help nurse your hangover with a Terrence Jones update or two and many other posts that you will dismiss as irrelevant.

Article written by Dustin Rumbaugh

I enjoy basketball, Kentucky sports and extremely short walks on the beach, followed by a nap. Sorry ladies, I'm taken.