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Simon Cowell’s Sunday News And Views


Let’s be honest, we all hate Simon Cowell to some degree. If you knew a guy like Simon Cowell in your every day life, you wouldn’t be friends, right? He’s the ultimate downer, consistently rude with a touch of royal snoodiness, and always wearing the same deep black v-neck shirt. His creation of American Idol was an instant hit. But that hit eventually got old and spawned into 50 other spinoffs of the exact same concept, including his new creation “The X Factor”. But there’s something about watching him crush people’s dreams with brutal honesty that we couldn’t help but watch, and that is why millions of people like him still. On Sunday, Simon Cowell celebrates his 53rd birthday, which begs only one question: When will Comedy Central have a “Roast of Simon Cowell”? I need to know when to set my DVR.

  The ‘Cats dropped their 4th straight game, falling 27-14 to No. 20 Mississippi State this afternoon. I’m sure you’ve already heard the collective groan echoing around the Commonwealth this evening, as the injury bug bit the Wildcats quite a bit today.  Martavious Neloms exited the game with a hamstring injury, and Ashely Lowery was out with a “head, again” injury as quoted by Joker Phillips. Patrick Towles entered the game on the third possession to a large amount of cheers and proceeded to lead the ‘Cats on an 80 yard TD drive, throwing 5-5 for 71 yards, with a 32-yard TD to La’Rod King to bring the score within 7. Then, Towles looked to sprain his ankle during a sack late in the 2nd quarter, watching the rest of the game from the sidelines on crutches.

The ‘Cats are now going to have to completely alter every game plan they had probably even considered at the beginning of the year, relying on Sanders, George, and Mobley to run the ball a bit more then they intended. Needless to say, when this quartet of QB’s battled during training camp for position on the depth chart, raise your hand if you had Morgan Newton backing up Jalen Whitlow by Week 7? Anybody…?


 Patrick Towles on his injury, and possibility of redshirting:

“Yes, Coach (Joker) Phillips gave me the opportunity to play and I want to play. If that wasn’t apparent when I came out here and burned my redshirt now, I want to play. This medical redshirt stuff is great if I can’t get back on the field, but I want to get back on the field.”

                     Joker Phillips on what his plan for the 2 QB’s was today:

It’s hard to say, I wish I could sit here and tell you — you could be criticizing me for the rotation that means both of them was healthy, meaning that one didn’t get more — I wished that was the question today everybody was asking because I would have both of them healthy but we didn’t so we will never know.

  I will say one thing about this team, it’s that the injury bug has bitten them in some of the most crucial positions on the field, which definitely hasn’t helped anything. Hopefully no matter the result the rest of the season, all of the players need to stay healthy. It’s brutal watching one key player after another go down. Jalen Whitlow and Morgan Newton are the only 2 QB’s left for the moment.

 For you baseball fans, this Cincinnati Reds-San Francisco Giants game is the main cause for the lateness of this post. As of right now the Redlegs are leading the Giants 3-1 heading into the Top of the 8th. Reds starter Johnny Cueto went down after only 8 pitches in the 1st inning with back spasms but Reds’ manager Dusty Baker says the team is still planning on starting him in Game 3 as of right now. As a loyal Cubs fan I couldn’t help but finally sit down and watch what good baseball teams look like.


Have a good night/morning #BBN.



Article written by Will Totten

Born in Indiana and raised in Louisville, I am the unlikeliest UK fan.

39 Comments for Simon Cowell’s Sunday News And Views

  1. Culver
    12:23 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    How the heck did Towles end up at UK in the first place? I get the KY connection, but come on, he should of went to a program that was actually meaningful in College Football. It would be like Anthony Davis sighning with Depaul just cause he was from Chicago. Makes no damn sense. Anyways thank you Towles for giving me hope, and staying home. Hopefully next season UK football will have a coaching staff that actually knows to coach & call plays. Here’s to hoping!!!

  2. kingrex
    12:29 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    The reality I believe we are looking at UK in terms of football is every other team other than Vandy goes three or four deep at both lines as well as the skill positions. We rarely hear much about their injuries or much of a drop off in production because everyone just slides up one and there is another 5 star guy to fill the role. If that guy gets injured there is then a 5 star freshmen to fill in. I may be wrong, but I always suspected this is why in part we seem to have guys at the top of the SEC in tackles the last few years. The guys are diamonds in the rough for sure, but also maybe they stay on the field more than their SEC counterparts because the drop off in talent is so steep between that guy and his back up. How can we compete in a league where the third string defensive linemen are all going to play in the NFL for 8 years?

  3. Big Daddy
    12:29 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    Joker Phillips- saying nothing for 10 years now.

  4. STEVE!
    12:46 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    What’s wrong with running the ball more? One of the things we were told prior to the season in that the RB position is the deepest, most talented component of the team.

  5. Facts
    12:47 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    Simon FULLER created American Idol, not Simon Cowell.

  6. Han
    1:03 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    As a loyal Cubs fan, I can avoid watching Dusty “Walks clog the bases, man” Baker and the Reds.

    1) Sometimes people go to a program for other reasons than “they’re good.”

    4) Tell that to Clemons and Williams, both out for the season.

  7. Catmandu
    1:08 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    Hey Will, I overheard Matt tell someone you were fired after he saw the effort tonight…something about too many pictures and something about garbage not being taken out or something like that…

  8. SeaCat
    1:13 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    The only way to get rid
    of Joker is to suit him up!

  9. JVice
    1:22 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    ” Joker Phillips on what his plan for the 2 QB’s was today:” The statement that follows was unintelligible gibberish.

  10. Iucansukabigblue....
    1:23 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    When in doubt. Just run three straight draw pays up the middle. That will fool them.

    This is a train wreck.

  11. Wildcatsteeler
    2:02 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    Simon Cowell, Joker Phillips, UK football and a Romney add all right together at the top of the page. It’s like the perfect storm of fail.

  12. Total Cubs Move
    2:04 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    Cubs fans still complaining about Dusty Baker, lol…really? How many playoff games have you won since Baker has been gone? Dusty just keeps winning everywhere he goes.

  13. seriously
    2:28 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    Officially worst news and views ever

  14. LipsetThjs
    2:55 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    12) seriously, I always wondered why the hell any baseball coach is payed millions. What knowledge or strategy is needed in baseball?…….ok boys, hit that ball and catch it if it comes at you! Yea, you may call a steal or bunt…but millions for that?

  15. JBR
    3:05 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    I have more and more respect for our players all of the time. After listening to this presser…could you imagine having to listen to Joker a couple of hours each day? Between him not being able to complete a sentence, and his lathargic, monotone, weak attitude…no wonder these kids have no heart or desire.

  16. Alles Guenstig
    4:33 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    Hallo, sehr interessante Postings hast du hier. Ich habe auch einen Blog, besuch mich mal, es kann dein Leben positiv verändern! Hier gibt es NUR Originale und keine billigen Kopien aus Asien. Greetings from Switzerland

  17. no-show's
    4:47 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    Did anyone notice all the empty seats today? No revenue…. NO Joker.

  18. carnifex
    6:27 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    #9 JVice

    You’re missing the subtleties here man. The gibberish was the plan! Joker explained his thinking perfectly fine, “Well firstest, we go mambo to the banana plant, and den’s we t’row a touches down”


    Nein! Der gluten tootin’…oops sorry #16 got me confused…It’s the economy, stupid. Barney wouldn’t lie to us. And Keeneland. And the Fall Festivals. And the cat show in Rupp. And Denny’s had breakfasts for $2.99(Are they outta’ their minds?!)

    But absolutely NOT a lack of interest in our football program. What’s not to hold your interest. A mush mouth coach who speaks gibberish, and game plans that way apparently, and a dumpster fire of a team, and a money grubbing little piss ant of a AD! We could make this into a soap opera…”How the Stomach Turns”.

    Oh!!! I forgot the curmudgeonly ol’ coot of a school president! He could be played by Mr. Burns from the Simpsons. Think Dean Wermer from Animal House, with the town council from Footloose. “Hey you kids! Get off mt lawn!!”

    Gold, Jerry! Gold, I tell ya’!”

  19. Dave in Bangkok
    7:06 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    Completely off topic but I think Jabari PArker wants to go to a place where he can be the ascendent star with no sharing of the limelight.

    Duke has no Superstars. I think he winds up there.

    Maybe UF but they have two other Top 10 Recruits. So that might strike them out.

    I don’t think winning is as important for JP as is being THE man.

  20. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
    8:09 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    Maybe Matt Roark has some eligibility left?

  21. jhnny
    8:30 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    Go Reds!!!!

  22. Mike
    8:36 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    Has there ever been anything motivational, inspirational, or positive thought provoking to roll off the lips from Joker at any postgame, pregame, or interview he has had since he has been HC at UK?? It is always the same gibberish.

  23. a dog
    8:43 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    woof woof. woof woof woof.

  24. ACCBound
    8:58 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    Could we beat Duke in football?

  25. Dave in Bangkok
    9:04 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    The Women’s basketball team could beat the Football team…IN FOOTBALL!!!

  26. barn
    9:07 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    we could still go to a bowl game. the bad news is, arkansas, our next opponent, looks like they have worked some things out against auburn. could be a bad day in fayetteville

  27. Dave in Bangkok
    9:12 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    There are really people who feel like UK could go to a Bowl Game?



    What are these folks smokin’?

    The only team that UK might defeat is Samford and that’s not even a given at this point.

    Missouri, UT, Vandy, Ark…not world beaters but I’m sure they can smash the Joke in the mouth.

    UGa is going to crush the Joke’s heart and seal his fate.

    If Barnhart brings the Joke back, they should burn his house down.

  28. barn
    9:25 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    tongue, cheek, you know?

  29. Catlogic15
    9:41 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    We had all our quarterbacks hurt last year too. Plus so many others.
    Bad coaching=injuries. Another byproduct of Joker and his joke staff.

  30. ktmiln2
    9:46 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    Seriously, what in the hell was Joker trying to say his plan for 2 qb’s? I have tried a couple of times to decipher that mess, but I can’t.

  31. fatkidineastky
    10:00 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    #24- no we would have no chance against the 5-1 Duke who has this thing that UK needs….A REAL FOOTBALL MIND LEADING THE PROGRAM…..Duke friggin’ manhandled UVA yesterday…UVA – we would struggle with them too…but at least we keep it close

  32. Seriously
    10:37 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    Maybe he posted @ 3am, but #15 JBR is exactly on target! I would have to include the pool reporters who have to sit through that garbage, but can’t report it. Bet there will be lots of stories once he’s out the door.

  33. Tired of Being 1 of 12 games
    10:40 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    Did UK say what was wrong with Towles ankle?

  34. harry
    11:12 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    what happens if Joker gets another year?

  35. harry
    11:14 am October 7, 2012 Permalink

    there will b blood in the streets and ksr

  36. schwing
    12:07 pm October 7, 2012 Permalink

    did joker really say he didn’t know what his plan for two QBs was going to be?

  37. kingrex
    12:10 pm October 7, 2012 Permalink

    the experiment of trying to fill the head coaching job, internally without a search and on the cheap is over. #29 I agree with your assessment about how injuries are a natural byproduct of bad coaching. Great point. A coach makes a huge difference. Arakansas is no man’s land, but they got Petrino and suddenly everything changed. You would think we should be able to use the brilliance and charisma of Calipari to help recruit a real head coach.

  38. SevenT
    1:13 pm October 7, 2012 Permalink

    When I listen to Joker speak on TV or radio he sounds like an ignorant, uneducated, hick bafoon. I can’t believe with all the resources at the University of Kentucky they can’t find someone who will teach Joker a few public speaking tips. Joker please learn to complete a sentence in proper English and quit mumbling incoherent nonsense. You are a SEC head coach, please learn to speak and act and dress like one. No wonder you have completely lost the interest of UK Fans. This is a PITIFUL excuse for a SEC Football Program.

  39. BonzaiBobCat
    3:07 pm October 7, 2012 Permalink

    There is nothing wrong with our players, if our AD cares about these guys he would get them a better coach asap.