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Shepard Smith: A Calipari Hater From Way Back?


If you are a fan of Fox News, then surely you know the name Shepard Smith. The slightly metrosexual, moderate voice on the 3 o’clock hour of the Republican News Network has been on Fox News as long as virtually anyone on the channel and has been a continued presence giving the news with perfectly coiffed hair since the channel’s inception in 1996. He has a connection with the viewers based upon his likeable personality and his ability to relate to tragedies as they occur. I have actually always liked Shepard and have appreciated when he would take stands against the usual Fox News line. Plus I had heard that he was a huge SEC football fan, which will always make me give some props to anyone who holds true to his roots in that manner.

Shepard is from Mississippi and a graduate of Ole Miss, a fact he often likes to trumpet on his shows. His fandom is large and he goes to many games in Oxford during the season. But until this weekend, I didnt know he apparently has a strong dislike for John Calipari. A friend of mine went up to him in Oxford and saw him at bar on Friday night. He came up and told Shepard he was a big fan and Smith was polite and said, “where are you from?” My friend said he was from Louisville and Smith said, “well Go Cards!” My friend, certainly upset at the accusation he could be a Louisville fan then told him that he was actually a UK fan. Shepard’s face turned grim and he then said words that are going to live in KSR lore forever, “Kentucky??? How can you be a Kentucky fan? John Calipari has ****** my ****.” My friend was taken aback, as you might expect and just looked at Shepard for a moment and then Smith broke the silence by saying, “Just take a walk” and then turned around.

How does one explain such a reaction from Shepard Smith? It has been dissected nonstop around the KSR Compound and we discussed it in Hour 2 of today’s show. Then a caller said that last year in Lexington, Smith saw him wearing UK gear and went off on Calipari being a cheater and threw f-bomb after f-bomb about Calipari to the listener as well. It seems clear that Shepard has major Calipari hate, which happens I guess. But his statement to my friend is beyond bizarre. Shepard what is up my man? Regardless of the explanation, what is clear is that Shepard has joined Samantha Ryan in the “oddest KSR encounters ever in history” category….and I will never watch the 3 o’clock Fox News report the same ever again.

Article written by Matt Jones