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Shaughnessy Strikes Back


I wish I could give this the time it deserves, but I am sitting in an Applebees in Dunkirk, New York, trying to get to Syracuse by 5 pm. In case you havent seen it yet today, Dan Shaughnessy responded to my column on him yesterday with a Boston Globe column in rebuttal. I wish I could give it the detail it deserves and if Kentucky wins tonight, maybe I will try to do it tomorrow. But what is clear is that he is as elitist as I had presumed and he addresses virtually none of the points I made in the article. Instead, he takes the easy way out and makes fun of the spelling of UK fans who wrote him to complain. That is easy…I have a number of angry Cornell emails and guess what…they have spelling errors and are full of the same vitriol coming back. He didnt deal with the issue and instead used loaded, elitist language…which is what I originally accused him of yesterday.

I actually then received a call from Dan today and he was very pleasant on the phone. We talked a bit about the points and he specifically contended with the racism charge. I asked him if the same column would have been written if the (predominantly white) Duke team had been playing Cornell. He said it was a fair point and we then moved on. I thought it was good of him to call and the conversation was awkward at first, but then fine. I made my points again and while he disagreed, he was polite and complimentary towards the site. I still think he is an elitist (and told him so), but I also give him credit for doing what many will not…take the time to address their critics head on. I told him that if I had a radio show, I would want him on and he said he would of course do it. For now, the Shaughnessy stuff is done from my end.

But the day keeps getting weirder. Apparently my sportswriting and radio hero Tony Kornheiser talked about the article on his show today. I havent heard it, but I must say that if Mr. Tony blasted me, it would be hard to handle. I hear he generally agreed with me, but if you listened, please let me know.

On the way to Syracuse…this stuff is all moving to the side now, because its time to get going. As Demarcus Cousins said, this is basketball, not a spelling bee. Cats roll.

Article written by Matt Jones