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SEC Tournament if it Started Today…


We are officially two weeks away from Selection Sunday and the kickoff to the greatest event in sports. Before that, the Cats have a mid-week tilt with Vanderbilt, before finishing off the season in College Station against Texas A&M.

Next week will also bring us the start of the SEC Tournament. I went through and looked at what the bracket would look like if the season ended today:


Updated SEC Tournament

First off, one note to make is the 5/6 seed between Alabama and Ole Miss. SEC rules state that a tie-breaker must be broken via head-to-head record. The two teams have not met this season, but will for the first time on Tuesday. If the head-to-head record is still tied, it goes to record against the #1 seed, which for both teams is 0-1. The next step is a coin flip administered by the SEC Commissioner. To keep my bracket accurate, I flipped a coin, which gave Alabama the 5-seed over Ole Miss.

If this bracket would stand, I would be a little worried about Kentucky’s chances. A matchup with Georgia especially worries me. If there is one team that has given the Cats fits all year it’s the Bulldogs. If Kentucky can get through their first game, they would be tasked with facing either South Carolina or Alabama. Again, both of these teams do worry me, but I would feel confident with a possibility of advancing to the SEC Championship, against almost certainly Florida.


What do you think? If this bracket stands, how far would Kentucky advance?


Article written by Sam Gormley

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27 Comments for SEC Tournament if it Started Today…

  1. Steady
    12:10 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    LSU sucks so bad they didn’t get an invite?

  2. KYcats11
    12:17 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    But we beat georgia twice.

  3. a21CATSfan
    12:21 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    UK beats Florida, takes over 1st place… and now has a tougher road in the SEC tournament. That type of stuff only happens to UK.

  4. BobKYCats
    12:24 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    Did you make this from the one where Missouri had that laughable postseason ban?

  5. Wooddro
    12:34 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    Ummm… where’s LSU?

  6. catsfan27
    12:42 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    Lol @ 4 and 5! Would prefer Ole Miss or Auburn, Arkansas, Florida. But a tough road won’t hurt.

  7. Ricky
    12:47 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    I think we want Georgia or Vandy on Friday. They are the only 2 of the bottom 10 team teams that have a chance of being a top 50 RPI win come selection Sunday.

    • ColoradoCat3
      12:50 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

      Disagree. Beating them won’t help our resume but losing would hurt. And I think they’re our toughest matchups outside of Florida.

  8. ColoradoCat3
    12:48 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    Really hoping Georgia and Vanderbilt don’t end up on the 8/9 line. Hot and dangerous teams right now.

  9. W.C.
    1:00 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    #11 Auburn would need to beat #14 LSU at 9:30 pm Wednesday to get into that game against Ole Miss on Thursday.

  10. ky1988
    1:07 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    When out and win sec tournament your looking at 1 seed in NCAA tournament. because someone will lose in big 12 tournament KU OR Baylor.

    • Lip Man 1
      5:00 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

      Even if UK were to win out, I don’t see how it would be possible to get a #1 seed in the NCAA’s.

      Would be nice to put the committee if that position though of having to consider it.

  11. jonthes
    1:10 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    SEC tourney upsets are the norm, though usually not to Kentucky. I wouldn’t presume FL is there, UK wins.

  12. jonthes
    1:10 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    I also suspect this will be shook up.

  13. ukbradstith
    1:25 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    Remember this is the SEC…there are no tough roads to the title

  14. KevinM
    2:00 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    Depending on whether the Tournament mattered in the past, it sure hasn’t benefitted us winning to get the best seed out of the conference. (See last year)

    The Cats should win no matter who they play as long as they play to their strengths.

  15. maximumscott
    2:26 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    The biggest tweak will be Monk driving the basket. With defenders cheating him on the shoot he will have plenty of blow bys. This will result in a fee options for him: 1 the help defender helps and bam is open for opp. 2 no defender helps and he has a basket. 3 his man catches up or the help defender fouls and monk gets FTs. I will say that bc of this he will avg more than 20 in the tourny.

    • catsarerunnin
      2:39 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

      Gutsy prediction since he averaged over 20 during the season.

    • maximumscott
      3:19 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

      Ncaa tourny avg 20+. Ok ill be GUtSy for you. 25+. Oh you probably remember a bunch of games where he only gets 10-11 for multiple games then goes off. So getting 20+ a game in tourny setting is something remarkable. But since you doubt will go ahead to 25+.

    • catsarerunnin
      4:36 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink


  16. CatBlue in LR
    2:54 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    Hi, Sam. I know you’re fairly new here, so allow me to introduce myself. I’m the guy who absolutely HATES IT when writers mix their metaphors and use the term “kickoff” when talking about basketball events. That’s an elusion to the very particular way football games begin, and it’s a perfectly fine metaphor for a wide range of things, but not anything to do with basketball. You see, basketball has its own unique, very particular way of starting. It’s a tipoff, and it’s just as important to its sport and just as deserving of attention in a basketball context as the kickoff is. Not everything “kicks off”. Some things “tip off”, and it’s incorrect and sloppy to say otherwise.

    Nice meeting you.

    • CatsfaninFL
      3:10 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

      I bet you’re a blast at parties…

    • catsarerunnin
      4:39 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

      Well incorrect and sloppy is the way we like it…

    • RealCatsFan
      5:52 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

      Well, to correct the “corrector”, the word is “allusion”, not “elusion”. 🙂

    • CatBlue in LR
      10:44 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

      Yes, you’re right. I stand corrected. Thank you.

  17. Rixter
    5:23 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    Actually, to break a tie, you look at head to head, then compare records vs #1 seed, then #2 seed (if still tied), #3 seed, etc. Only if you go thru all 12 other teams and still have a tie does the commissioner flip a coin.

  18. Rixter
    5:32 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    You are right about Bama being the 5 seed, but not because of a coin flip, but because ‘Bama beat the 4 seed, SC, while Ole Miss lost to them.