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SEC Tournament Blog: Hogs make it Happen


Great contest in the Georgia Dome to finish the day. I loved to watch the coaches, marveling at John Pelphrey’s hair and Kevin Stallings’ “Kevin from “The Office”” type looks. And oh yeah, the play on the court was also pretty nice too. Arkansas is getting hot at just the right time and likely locked up an NCAA berth today. They will give Tennessee all they want tomorrow. The good thing about the Arkansas win is that it also broke the 5 game “Team with the Hottest Cheerleaders Lose” streak that was threatening to knock UK out later tonight. So thank former Cat Pelphrey….he got it done tonight and his team is looking good going into tomorrow.

— In his postgame press conference, downplayed the intimidation factor of the SEC Tournament crowds. He said that having good crowd support can help motivate your team, but the fact that the fans are so far away from the court means that you dont get a lot of intimidation for the team without the crowd. That may have been true for Pearl in his first couple of years here at the tourney. But wait until you get a Saturday session with the Big Blue Mist in full effect….there can certainly be some intimidation then.

— Stephen Hill looks like a lumberjack and needs a shave…but he got more than a couple of big blocks down the stretch. Always seems to do just enough to get it done.

— Great moment during the Vandy-Arkansas game when the ball got stuck on top of the backboard. Now no one who has ever played basketball has not been part of a similar moment at some point in their career. What do you do? Well of course you get another basketball and throw it at the backboard until the ball comes out. However that though apparently did not enter anyone’s mind here. First they nearly let an Arkansas player get on a chair and reach for it with a stick….when that was vetoed by the Arkansas coaches, an SEC guy attempted, only to find he was too short….then a ladder was brought out and a man climbed up until he could reach it. Needlessly elaborate and amazingly inept….gotta love it.

— AJ Ogilivy still needs a tan…or even some foundation of some sort….

— Been interesting to watch a couple of names from UK recruiting past during this tournament. Both Chris Barnes of Georgia and Michael Sanchez of Arkansas were at one time guys that fans desperately wanted in the program. Neither even sniffs the floor for their respective teams. Barnes is the most interesting case….here was a guy that a solid number of fans were hoping would have been given Patterson’s offer and attention and now on a 9 person team, he is the only player that doesnt get in. Sometimes things just work out….

— Hell of an afternoon session today. Both games were entertaining and intense. The tournament as its best. I can tell you however that I am more than ready for the Cats to take the floor….two sittings of South Carolina before one of Kentucky isnt really fair. Tonight is going to be a lot of fun…..See ya back around 7…

Article written by Matt Jones