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SEC Football Weekend Wrap Up


Tennessee 14 – Georgia 41

Going into this game, Tennessee looked like the less bad of the teams playing.  Which is why the 41 points in three quarters from Georgia was both impressive and intimidating.  Maybe Tennessee was having an off night (they probably were,) but to see an offensive explosion like that from the Dogs was quite surprising.  AJ Green is still playing like a man possessed, and all of a sudden the Georgia game looks a little more intimidating.  But then again, it’s just one game, so we will see if this Georgia team really has turned the corner, or if Saturday was just a fluke.

Arkansas 24 – Texas A&M 17

I honestly expected Arkansas to thump A&M, but apparently they had other plans.  The Hogs jumped out to a good lead, but in the second half had trouble finding the endzone.  Literally.  At one point they were running towards the concession stands trying to score.  Which I guess isn’t too out of the ordinary for football players on Arkansas campus.  Anyways, a late INT secured the victory for Petrino, but the questionmarks remain.

Alabama 21 – South Carolina 35

The shocker of Saturday.  Just after Alabama throttled Florida, people were ready to annoint them winners of the BCS national championship bowl.  Even I was sipping the Red Tide.  But Steve Spurrier finally looks like he will contend for the SEC Championship, and after downing Bama, it may be time to start believeing he could at least win the East.  Granted they did have a bye week to prepare, and it was Alabama’s third big game in a row… but it was a convincing enough win to be intimidated about this weekends game.

E Michigan 6 – Vanderbilt 52

If the commodores win a game, but no one is around to watch, do they still make a noise?  Apparently so. 

LSU 33 – Florida 29

Les Miles better be buying lottery tickets.  Not only is he apparently the luckiest man this side of college football, he’s also going to need the money if he ever loses a game.  Miles has made a routine of last second wins, and as much of a doofus as he is, he’s actually kind of entertaining.  A little like Jersey Shore, where you wouldn’t want your kids bringing him home (to coach your football team,) but you will certainly enjoy watching him.  Plus we won the last time we played him, so that’s gotta count for something.

Auburn 37 – Kentucky 34

Just when you think things can’t get worse, they do.  In the first half, Kentucky’s defense made Cam Newton look like Cam Newton and it almost caused me to rage-quit watching the game.  Fortunately I didn’t, because the turn around in the second half was pretty fun to watch, even if it only ended in heart break. 

Mississippi State 47 – Houston 24

Mississippi State just about won this one in the first quarter, putting up 23 points.  Honestly, didn’t really watch this game, but it looks like the Dogs dominated on all fronts. 



South Carolina (2-1)

Florida (2-2)

Vanderbilt (1-1)

Georgia (1-3)

Kentucky (0-3)

Tennessee (0-3)


LSU (4-0)

Auburn (3-0)

Alabama (2-1)

Arkansas (1-1)

Ole Miss (1-1)

Miss State (1-2)

Article written by Will Lentz