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“Scotty Hopson” will get you DRUNK


From the UT-fan blog Losers with Socks comes an interesting little nugget from the strip in Knoxville.  Apparently, the Vols are so pumped about hi-jacking Scotty Hopson from the Bluegrass, that they have decided to make him into some sort of vile potion.

The beverage, consisting of bourbon and orange juice, is sure to give you heart-burn for a month and make you vomit uncontrollably.  Obviously, this is a clever conglomeration of what is inherently “Kentucky” (bourbon) mixed with what is inherently “Tennessee” (anything orange/vomit-inducing). 

Therefore, I willingly decree, in the spirit of rivalry, that I will drink one “Scotty Hopson” for each point that he scores against Kentucky next year in Knoxville.  Then, also in the spirit of rivalry, I vow to puke all over the first person I see wearing a hat and shirt with matching “power T’s.”  It shouldn’t take long.

Look, Tennessee, you’ve had Lofton and now you’ve got Hopson.  You cannot–no way, no how–have bourbon.

Jack Daniels sucks.

(Warning: If you plan on tooling around LWS, which is very funny and entertaining, be sure that you are free of any little ones.  There is coarse language and almost naked chicks all over their site.  Plus, they talk about UT all the time; we wouldn’t want to warp the brains of our young people.)

Article written by Evan Hilbert