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Saul Smith clarifies a bit

Earlier today, Saul Smith made a posting on his Facebook page that drew quite a bit of attention to himself (the post on here probably didn’t hurt that) saying that UK would never “regain its true champion nature with businessmen running it” and that, as an alum, he deserved a clean program.  Well, the good Dr. Tipton caught up with the former UK point guard who clarified that Calipari is close to him and he interviewed for a spot on his staff in 2007 and he doesn’t think Calipari had any knowledge of the SAT situation.  He added that his father hasn’t said anything because he has to be politically correct and that he will “tell it like it is”, which included saying his father had the opportunity to “pay” for players but never did.

Tipton also added that Smith took down the original Facebook post and replaced it throughout the day with these:

“Just disappointed that my alma mater is in the news again for negative things. Unreal, how many people follow my facebook status. 2 reporters call. wow. I feel like a rockstar.”

Followed by….

“1st of all. Calipari is my guy. UK is my team. Where r u knuckleheads coming up with this crap. All I said was I’m sick of hearing negative about my alma mater(u know the team I bled, sweated, and cried for. U know the program I have 6 SEC titles and 1 national title) in the paper.”

And then….

“said i was disappointed to hear about my alma mater again in a negative light. Period. where r u clowns coming up with the rest. The only thing i said negative was referring to the Administration and we all have our own opinions. KOBE!”

So, stop being a knucklehead.

Article written by Thomas Beisner