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Saturday Morning Post-Dwightmare Links

(An oldie but a goodie)

If you’re like me, you COULDN’T care less which jersey Dwight Howard bricks his free throws while wearing. Wake me up when DeMarcus Cousins or John Wall get traded to a championship contender. Whether or not you wanted to know the details of Howard’s trade talks, if you were anywhere near social media in the last week, you’ve probably heard way more than you’ve ever wanted to know. My favorite part of last night was getting on Twitter around midnight to find grown men arguing about whether or not Kobe Bryant had unfollowed Dwight or not on Twitter. What up crazy Friday night?

Just in case the news somehow passed you by, perhaps while you were Red, White and Booming, Dwight Howard ended one of the most dramatic free agency limbos by choosing to play for the Houston Rockets last night. 

The other big story of the 4th of July holiday actually has a Kentucky connection. Brad Stevens was hired as the Celtics head coach, much to the surprise of nearly everyone. The big debate over the past 24 hours has been whether or not a coach like Stevens and a player like Rajon Rondo can co-exist and even succeed together. reported that Rondo is open to the idea of working with Stevens, which is good because Rondo is about the only remaining piece from the Celtics’ recent championship run.

Speaking of Brad Stevens, he spent his first day as the head coach of the Celtics doing something you probably wouldn’t expect. Despite the major upgrade in position, Stevens took the time to honor a commitment he made to one of his former Butler players. Awww.

 Former Kentucky point guard Wayne Turner will be featured in an upcoming documentary about the basketball culture in the neighborhood where he grew up.

 While everyone debates between the other 3 Kentucky quarterbacks, quarterback Reese Phillips has been debating whether or not to redshirt next season. After the spring game, Phillips told the Herald Leader that he would have a hard time sitting and missing out on the action. “After the spring game I didn’t feel I wanted to sit on the sidelines. I hadn’t been in a football environment in a while, and then being in front of 50,000 fans…that was so much fun.”

Article written by Ally Tucker

I once successfully requested "The Wobble" to be played 6 times at one wedding.

8 Comments for Saturday Morning Post-Dwightmare Links

  1. Ted
    10:14 am July 6, 2013 Permalink

    It’s “couldn’t” care less and not “could” care less. Come on.

  2. Whatup
    10:14 am July 6, 2013 Permalink

    No some people actually care about the NBA and this is the bigger FA signing of the year

  3. Wildcatsteeler
    10:31 am July 6, 2013 Permalink

    Perfect fit for him. He’ll be the “big name” on the team like he wants.
    Howard-Harden-Lin ftw!

    10:37 am July 6, 2013 Permalink

    No trying to be mean, but does Reese Phillips actually think he is ever going to get playing time over Towles, Whitlow, and Smith? Not to Mention Barker is coming in. This time next year, the kid is going to be 5th on the depth chart.

  5. yesterday's wine
    12:23 pm July 6, 2013 Permalink

    Couldn’t care less what others think, I’m with you on this one Ally. After last off season’s Dwight Howard drama, wasn’t looking forward to another “as the Dwight turns”. Thankful it didn’t take as long this time around.

  6. cracka
    1:28 pm July 6, 2013 Permalink

    I could care less what Ted thinks … if you’re going to break apart every saying you will never understand sarcasm

  7. Homer Wilson
    1:57 pm July 6, 2013 Permalink

    Holy English language, Ally! Just say “whether,” which means, “if or if not.” Don’t say “whether OR NOT,” and for heaven’s sake don’t say, as you did above, “whether or not…or not.” Man alive, girl.
    Also, when you have an alternative subject like “DeMarcus or John,” you must use the verb form that agrees with the closest one — in this case, John. Thus, it’s “when John GETS traded,” not “when John GET traded.” I understand it’s just a ridiculous blog, but take your writing seriously, because it is starting to become very distracting to try to read through all of the bad grammar and careless mistakes in your posts.
    As Bear Bryant used to say, “It just costs a little bit more to go first class.”

  8. Homer Wilson
    1:59 pm July 6, 2013 Permalink

    #6 — Go to school on what they took Ally to task for: it’s couldn’t care less.