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Saturday morning lynx

lynxWhy, top of the morning to you as well!

Dickie V still thinks the Cats can be dangerous

Rick Bozich gets people a little better acquainted with South Carolina

The Post & Courier wonders if South Carolina can pull off the upset over Kentucky again

Brett Dawson talks about the enigma that is ‘Sandstorm’ and the pressure of playing on the road

Yahoo’s Jason King still ranks Kentucky at the top of the SEC, but has some questions about the Cats

Southern Mississippi officially announces the incoming transfer of Darnell Dodson

Kentucky football again ranked in the top 25 for attendance

Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.

15 Comments for Saturday morning lynx

  1. mocha
    10:01 am January 22, 2011 Permalink

    Dickie V is right!

  2. Scoot
    10:19 am January 22, 2011 Permalink

    If Darnell Dodson was such a “standout”, then why did he feel the need to transfer?

    Just sayin…

  3. cracka
    10:21 am January 22, 2011 Permalink

    cobb calling out the fans and we were in the top 25 in attendance … not at all a top 25 team

    yeah, we still deserved it, though …

  4. Rick Ross
    10:29 am January 22, 2011 Permalink

    #3 i will agree to disagree. the fans don’t get praised enough for their support of the football team. what do they expect?

    I think the Golden Corral would love this much support with the product they put out.

    The twitter fiasco is over, but I am really worried about the football program. We lost another commitment last night.
    We need a tricky offense. a lot of schemes. Oregon style. we are going to be smaller up front. we have some great skilled players.
    And hopefully Nuclear can improve the D. or at least the A-hole

    mike leach, where are you at?

  5. we'll win it all
    10:35 am January 22, 2011 Permalink

    Terrence Jones will shock the world today!

  6. we'll win it all
    10:46 am January 22, 2011 Permalink

    Terrence will put on his passing displays today and shatter the all-time assist record at Kentucky!


  7. Wall A Long Long
    10:52 am January 22, 2011 Permalink

    I wonder were UK’s Football attendance ranks in the SEC. Commonwealth is a large stadium when compared to the entire NCAA stadium, however, when compared to other SEC School’s Stadiums, Commonwealth is one of the smallest. I’d guess we are probably 10th or 11th (I know Vandy’s Stadium only holds about 30,000 or 40,000).

  8. Brink
    11:05 am January 22, 2011 Permalink

    4 who did we lose last night??

    11:13 am January 22, 2011 Permalink

    who will the Twany – Dodson trade help the most

  10. huge ky fan
    11:52 am January 22, 2011 Permalink

    ight well i got a question would kentucky make it farther in the tournment this year than last year if they had cousins stay one more year.

  11. Bill Steimer
    12:30 pm January 22, 2011 Permalink

    Nice pic!

  12. Jim McB
    1:00 pm January 22, 2011 Permalink

    The cats will turn the sand storm into a cat box. I have never seen a cat that won’t take a dump in the sand.

  13. Rick Ross
    1:46 pm January 22, 2011 Permalink

    Riyarhd Jones is the answer to #8.
    Heading to Ga Southern

  14. Big D
    1:54 pm January 22, 2011 Permalink

    I sure don’t see how UK can be a 7.5 point favorite today. The bookies usually always know something we don’t, but 7.5 ? I think we’re in for a battle, and maybe pull out a slim victory. Hoping so anyway.

  15. Putty Vitale
    7:14 pm January 22, 2011 Permalink

    I couldn’t agree more!