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Saturday Morning Gameday Links


I mean, like this, but imagine the arrow is pointing down.

-Enes Kanter had a breakout night for the Utah Jazz.  Unfortunately, it came against MKG’s Bobcats.

-Ryan Harrow things this Kentucky team has finally turned a corner after losing Nerlens Noel.

-Compared to last year’s championship team, this year’s squad is good, but not great.  In other news, Anthony Davis is a pretty good basketball player and Cal likes Orange Leaf.

-The University has announced two separate sessions of the John Calipari Father & Son Basketball Camps.  If it’s anything like the Spring Game, tickets will go pretty quickly.

Arkansas is handing out “rally towels” for the Wildcats’ visit, and folks at the game will be entertained by “the amazing feats of Quick Change” at half time.  I don’t know what “Quick Change” is, but I know it doesn’t have anything on those girls with jumpropes.

-The Razorbacks are a “real Jekyll and Hyde” team, with their strong home performances and bad road losses.

-Finally, not only is the Big East losing most of its teams, but it’s also losing the Big East name to the departing Catholic schools.

Article written by Corey Nichols

17 Comments for Saturday Morning Gameday Links

  1. 3...2...1
    10:04 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Catholic bashing commences in …

  2. Go Cats
    10:05 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Things?? Go Cats! Big game today

  3. SexnNursinHomes
    10:10 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Corey, “Quick Change” is the best thing you will ever see. Tape it if you have the opportunity, you’ll regret it if you don’t. I’ll leave it at that.

  4. g
    10:10 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    ooohhh, I like Quick Change. You tube him.

  5. Real talk
    10:18 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    another t shirt game? That’s uk basketball for ya.

  6. beeeyah
    10:25 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Quick change is amazing. If you are going to the game DO NOT MISS IT.

  7. UK Freshmen
    10:34 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    One sign of a poor team is when they think they’ve ‘turned the corner’ by only beating up 3 poor, weak teams at home.

  8. Roy Combs
    10:40 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    They’ll never be a better halftime show than those jump ropers, that was really awesome, standing O for them! Duke people storm the court, Kentucky they have t-shirt days and storm the court, Coach Cal ain’t whining like a little baby. Hey Jerry Colangelo, you want a real coach for team USA next Olympics, he’s in the (859).

  9. Thanks Man
    10:55 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Hey #7-Any other pearls of wisdom to drop on us? I guess your long and successful coaching experience has really paid off, huh?

  10. Tubby
    10:59 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Ryan Harrow isn’t as good as Saul Smith!!

  11. #7) It never ceases to amaze me how many anti-UK fans spend their time on this site and comment on almost every single post. What a waste of a life you have. I have never once gone to another team’s message board to even read their comments let alone post something and I’m as die-hard as they come. Get a life bro.

  12. Dave in Christian Co
    11:11 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Quick Change is the official half time show of SEC teams when the Cats are in town. They were at UGA last year and at Vandy this year. I still don’t know how they do it.

  13. Eric K
    11:13 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Anybody checking out Gameday? ucla might have 300 fans! Joke of a program! CATS WIN TODAY!! GO CATS!!

  14. CatinTN
    11:23 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Even more fun than Quick Change is watching the audience watch! Hysterically funny!

  15. On the Money
    11:24 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    That is the truth, #11. Well-said!

  16. Cayts
    12:00 pm March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Those jumproping girls are freaking awesome. I saw them at the UK game and at a Louisville game, and they’re just amazing. Also, @#1, I think Catholic bashing went out of style with sheets and hoods. Get a life, loser.

  17. Bleed Blue
    12:45 pm March 2, 2013 Permalink

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